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    So in response to the many comments, I will be working on the remainder of the LFB fleet's main vehicles (HLL,BFU,CSU,OSU). Then I will work on some of the basics for both LAS and the Met.
    Next up will be Older LFB Volvo, depending on how easy it is to find a blueprint, it may come first.

    So its been a little while, this time i bring a slightly larger amount than usual of the last few posts.
    London Fire Birgade:
    Mk3 Atego:
    Mk2 Atego:
    Mk2 Atego Rescue:
    Econic TL:
    Mk2 Econic ALP:

    Hope you all enjoy these, with the rest of the LFB Fleet coming soon.

    Got these for you
    Yellow Trim
    Red Trim
    Got more such as the rescue and rural coming soon


    • ALP.png

    Surely there is a system which chooses which station generates a call every minute/30 seconds, so would it then be possible to add a way to change the likelihood of each station generating calls. Maybe have a tag you can assign to a station which will deem how busy it is.
    Urban - Spawns the calls most often.
    Intermediate - In the middle
    Rural - has the least chance to spawn calls. can be used for stations in villages etc.
    This could link in with the possible 'areas' system where you can deem call areas to be rural or urban (To stop high rises happening in villages or field fires in cities), or possibly even be an easier way to implement this, by limiting "rural" calls to stations with the Rural tags and Urban the same.

    *This could be added for MC-US aswell as UK*

    This is just an idea for a Police extension the same as the Ambulance one. My reasoning behind this is that I know a lot of UK players still play MC-US due to their large amount of resources already constructed on their US account, and that many Police stations in smaller towns are now merging with fire stations, housing offices and changing rooms, and space for a few police cars. I see this could work extremely well for players who have rural response areas where police and fire are combined.
    I am also sure that it wouldn't be too uncommon for places in the States to have combined fire and police buildings so it would benefit US players as well.

    Is there any word on this being worked on/implemented in the near future, mainly because im unable to use police for a week or so whilst i have the cells under construction. Not trying to push anyone, but just curious as to a timescale.

    Even if you only get say 5 cells to begin with, the prices of it are incredibly steep, hospital beds are only 19k a slot, and instantly available. 25k and a 7 day wait is a bit excessive. Also wasn't there a Jail/prison building at some point in the past? Or am I just pulling that from thin air?

    Just a question regarding the cells within stations, I was under the understanding that stations came with cells from the start, but with additional slots in the same way the hospitals operate. But upon building a few of my first police stations they don't have any cells off the start. Is this how it is meant to be as i find it very strange that a full sized police station doesn't come with any cells off the start, and at 25,000 per cell, and 7 days long, what is the point of having the station if no prisoners can be stored until 7 days after purchasing it?