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    With this newest patch, I have found a few issues come up.

    1: Because the wild fire equipment requires an extension, and most of my rural stations are small since they don't have ambulances stationed at the firehouses in the rural area's here in Fl. This is a huge problem since to upgrade them is prohibitively expensive. I strongly recommend that a small change be added to allow these stations to be upgraded with coins.

    2: With the new engines, what in the world are we going to do with all these type two engines.... how about letting us sell equipment at 50% of the retail price. that would be much appreciated.


    Ok, thanks. I put it here because I didn't think a mission style format like I saw in that thread would work. Am I thinking of the wrong thread here?

    I like the idea, and it sounds work able with the current game mechanics. I saw a post a while back about specialty trucks and the response was something along the lines of having things in the game that everybody would/could use. Since my stations are all in Fl, I wouldn't have much need for it and only those in the Western part of the US could really put them to good use. I think that is the only thing that would hold up putting this in.

    I have seen the topic come up often for a mission to deal with the large wild fires that hit the US western states and recently Australia. Instead of a mission, I think it would be better suited as an Alliance event. Think of it as a series of field fires, structure fires. burning vehicles etc. I know there are no tanker planes or helo's but it would give the tankers something to do, you would have a reason to build forestry stations. It would involve countless engines, trucks and tankers to deal with multiple fires in an alliance setting.

    Nov 15, the FB site announced there was a new mission Tanker ship on fire. I meet all the requirements so I am guessing I need to set a POI. Question is where would the POI go. I put cargo port POI's, river POI but nothing so far. Any suggestions?

    Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed lag getting worse and worse. Anybody else notice this. The response time between the game and the server has slowed way down. Sometimes it makes the game unplayable.

    On those early mornings when the coffee is brewing and you dispatch that ambulance to a hospital 25kms away when there is one 1000 ft away. ;( Having the ability to reroute them to the closer hospital would be very helpful. If there is a way now I would be grateful to know how.

    There is one more thing, while researching fire stations in Marion county I came across their billing scheduale for ambulance services. The money we get in game compared to services rendered is short. The reason I say this a simple BLS transfer is 450.00 minimum. Once you get into ALS I and II and Critical Care the price goes to 550 - 1125. Perhaps a boost wouid be in order.

    At the end of the day, removing vehicles should be a rare thing, so having a resell option is a relatively minor thing, if at all necessary.
    Wildfire stuff has been discussed on multiple occasions and is definitely something that I'm sure the moderator team has saved for further thought and progress.

    There are regular updates, sometimes only small, however they are there. This is just a limitation with how the game progresses and has to be accepted.

    I would have to disagree with you Me181, Fire Departments sell their equipment when ever they upgrade, so I believe it would be a useable function. A good example, lets say I have a ladder truck but decided after a week or so that a QUINT would really work better. I sell the truck and buy the quint.

    I am not sure what you were trying to say about the updates, I didn't mention them because they were not the subject of my last section.

    First I want to say how much I enjoy this game, and how addictive I find it. After playing it for a couple of weeks these thoughts came to mind;

    Put a function to resell you apparatus if you want to upgrade instead of destroying it. This should also include buildings. To keep the abuse to a minimum, only have a resale value of 50% of the market price. Makes more sense than what we have now.

    This has been talked about before but having "wild fires" in the rural area's that require "brush" and "grass" trucks would be great. The addition of alliance major forrest fires would be good too.

    In the rural area's here in FL it is not unusal to have "life flights" available. The game seems to limit you to 4 helo's. Having the number of life flight helo's tied to number of stations or if a way could be found area supported by the player. An alternative would be joining an alliance gives you an aditional helo.

    Have the ability to "fly" SWAT teams to Alliance events. (G-7's for the win) :D

    Lastly, I know that this "free" game has to make money or there would be no reason for somebody to design and update it. I only have 1 issue with spending coins and that is transferring personal around local stations and transfering personal because you moved a truck. It doesn't bother me to spend coins when I move people to different fire departments or counties, but if I am moving people from one side of town to another, or paying to go back and get the crew of the transfered hazmat truck, that I take a small issue with.

    Thanks for this part of the Forum :) and keep up the great work.

    I think it would better to keep the focus on the trucks, one day we can push for air tankers. The rural fire departments here in FL almost all have one or more brush trucks. it would be nice to add for those players that have large rural area's.