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    I thought I'd help some people out with a few icons that I haven't really seen here so Hope you enjoy.


    • Joint GMFRS+NWAS.png
    • Humberside police green.png
    • SJA.png
    • NOTSPOLICE.png
    • BTP2.png
    • YAS.png
    • SYP.png
    • WYP.png
    • HUMBERSIDE.png

    ⬇ | Requirements to Join UK EMERGENCY SERVICES | ⬇
    In order to be accepted into the alliance, you'll need the following:

    - You Need to be 13+ to join.
    - AT LEAST one chosen region or area you're running.
    - Ability to commit and help out with alliance events.
    - Must give 10% Alliance funds.
    - Join the Discord for communication via the alliance.

    ⬇ | Benefits to Joining UK EMERGENCY SERVICE | ⬇
    - Free support from our members whatever the incident may be.
    - Untaxed hospitals and prisons, allowing you full access in case you need it.
    - An alliance fund we can use to help you expand and grow.
    ⬇ | FAQ | ⬇

    Q: Is there an age limit?
    A: Yes The age barrier we want is 13+ Though, we kindly ask you to be mature at all times.

    Q: Can multiple people build in the same region?
    A: Yes! Though we advise you not to, we don't want to ruin your hard work on demolishing buildings to be apart of our group.

    Q: Do I have to play realistically?
    A: Yes! You have to play realistically. We have members that play realistically, with the correct stations, but not the correct vehicles. The vehicles we can slip on because every IRL station is restricted but station names and vehicle names have to be some sort realistic.

    Q: Do I have to be apart of the alliance events?
    A: Yes. Our only ask for our members is to participate into our alliance events. In the long run it helps you get money.

    Q: I've just started the game. Can anyone give me any help and advice?
    A: Everyone in the alliance in here to help you. Our high command team is always here if you require any help in-game.

    Q: Am I allowed to join the alliance even though I've just started?
    A: Of course! We welcome new, and old people to the game. We're delighted that you're starting your experience with us!

    Q: Can I be based only in the UK
    A: Unfortunately, Yes we only want our stations to be in the UK since the UK Version of mission chief is out but do follow the rules to buildings etc

    Why not join today? We’re looking for members - just ask in our “waiting induction” area on how to proceed with your stay.

    is there one for android devices or is it on the same game because i cant log into my british acc on the mission chief before