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    Hello everyone,

    I have deiced to take a crack at designing my own PulsePoint inspired graphic pack. I have spent hours going through multiple agencies on PulsePoint, just to get a better understanding of which icon is used for each call. I am however adding custom icons for the PD missions, as well as the holiday missions.

    Please feel free to let me know if you guys see any issues, or have any ideas to improve these.

    Thanks in advance,

    Cal Fire is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for members who want to join a realistic alliance and have a lot of fun.

    Why choose Cal Fire? I'm glad you asked... Everyone in the alliance strives to be as realistic as possible with stations, resources, mutual aid and large scale missions, including campaign fires based off of real world incidents. Not to mention, we are one of the most active alliances on Mission Chief!!!

    Our alliance is primarily based in California but is open to members all over the world. We do ask that you place your stations and resources at realistic locations so as to provide a realistic alliance and community.

    Alliance Rules:

    -Have fun!
    -Treat ALL members with respect.
    -There SHALL NOT be any harassment of any kind including but not limited to religion, race, etc.
    -No Drama.
    -Use common sense.
    -We ask that you only build real world stations and locations, as to keep the alliance as realistic as possible.
    -Please include a city or jurisdiction name when naming your stations, so as to make them easily identifiable to the alliance.
    -Do not create large scale alliance missions if there are no resources to handle the call within a reasonable distance.
    -If you are inactive you may get kicked. You can reapply at any time.
    -If you wish to play in California, we recommend you use the 3-letter fire department identifier. If you wish to participate in the alliance strike teams and task forces for state deployments, the 3-letter identifiers will be required for all equipment.