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    This happens because of the amount of data being transfered between client and server. It has to then get routing information for all those units, send that data back and update the server with what it's doing too.

    As mentioned if you send it smaller bulks it'll manage better. I'm not sure if the bottleneck is the MC servers or the routing API.

    In the UK no emergency service would go to someone locked out of their car or house. Unless someone was inside was at risk.

    This would be down to the driver/owner calling an automotive locksmith or usually those who have a recovery service would seek help from them.

    Not an emergency, so we don’t deal with it in that way.

    There’s an animal incident in game already but we don’t plan on adding non-emergency resources regarding animals currently.

    Depends if we’re talking maliciously placed device or a WWII unexploded device.

    The former would be a large response. The latter would be 1 car, maybe increased if a cordon needed to be put on. EOD, in the UK, attend from the military but they’re only based in 2-3 locations across the UK.

    We generally go on the basis that world war devices if they’ve not gone off in the last 70+ years, they’re unlikely to go off if left in situ awaiting EOD.

    I know in America it’s a bit different and is a type of unit we have on our list.

    We've not been able to reproduce this error currently. Are all patients definitely being transported? Some might be treated and cleared at scene.

    Those transported appear in the vehicle as Patient: A.Name etc.

    In the UK the military would only get involved in an incident on a national scale. A HAZMAT incident confined to a particular area would sufficiently be managed by Ambulance, Fire and Police through JESIP.

    Once an account it is deleted, all information associated to it is removed.

    If a user specifically asks for their account to be deleted via the application it would be against data legislation in most countries to continue keeping it stored.

    They’re not needed in urban environment reasons which is what a lot of calls are based upon. If you’ve got hydrants you don’t need one.

    We will consider calls it might be needed for in future updates.