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    I think it would be more logical both in realistic and economic terms to make a special forest fire station with only vehicles of type 3, 5, and 7, indeed that to add an extension to the normal fire station, given that the classic fire stations wooded have no platform truck, hazmat. mcv, I would see these vehicles out of place in a forest station due to the forest fire, also because with the extension it would also generate normal generic fires or homes auto garage factories that have nothing to do with the forest fire, also considering that I believe the most some users have small fire stations, there is no possibility to add the extension since it is only foreseen for normal fire stations, and this would create a new problem and would weigh heavily on the economic budget. My proposal is to remove the Forestry Expansion extension from the normal fire stations, and to add a real and proper forest fire station to make the game more fluid and have more realistic and versatile, I hope it will be taken into consideration.

    ITALIANO Buongiorno a tutti, io e gli altri admin dell'alleanza NORD ITALIA 112 cerchiamo giocatori che presentano un livello di gioco abbastanza ALTO e possibilmente EDIFICI e AUTOMEZZI fatti bene (icone e descrizione possibilmente dettagliate) e veritiere nella realtà nelle zone di Milano Como Varese (anche altre zone ovviamente disponibili) su server americano. Per maggiori ulteriori informazioni potete inviarmi un messaggio a TomasVVF1841.

    Good morning to all, I and the other administrators of the NORD ITALIA 112 alliance are looking for players who have a fairly high level of play and possibly BUILDINGS and VEHICLES done well (icons and description possibly detailed) and truthful in reality in the areas of Milan Como Varese on american server. For more information you can send me a message to TomasVVF1841.

    Is it possible to extend the distance of generation of missions (without the use of POIs) of about 7-8 miles? rather than creating them all on a small radius just near the building. It would make the game more realistic. I apologize for the spelling mistakes

    Hello, is it possible to create the fire brigade helicopter? whether it is required for mountain fires or large-scale forest fires, saving people in inaccessible or extreme areas for example in the sea or mountain SAR) and in support of the EMS helicopter when engaged in other missions or in certain missions where there is a high number of wounded. Moreover, having the helicopter of the Fire Brigade would increase the reality in certain missions. I hope the request is accepted (I apologize for any spelling mistakes).