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    Morvran you are a legend thank you. You do have to create an AAR and assign to category for it to actually show up on the board. No idea why I didn’t think of it.

    Hi everyone.

    Not sure if I’m missing something but can you set more than 4 custom AAR tabs? I’ve made a new one for S&R update but can’t seem to get it to display on my AAR. No matter what numbers I set it to I still only get the 4 tabs I’ve previously made. Pictures attached. If anyone can help I would appreciate it 😊

    Hi Sorry I’ve just seen this on the board. I am all good and still going on MC.

    No problem at all whenever you have the time and I really appreciate you taking your time to do them. I’m enjoying all of the graphics you’re putting up. Sounds like you definitely have your hands full.

    Don’t let anyone put you down from making graphics. Always looking forward to seeing what more you’ve made. They are fantastic 🙏🏻

    I think it’s a mixed situation, All of my Fire stations, Hospitals, Police stations and ambulance stations are in realistic locations, HART and Aviation as mentioned above hasn’t helped me at all. Originally I had all HART locations as they are in real life and pretty much all Aviation but it became hard to work with on the call distances. My setup covers the entire U.K. and a lot of Ireland and get a lot of large incidents so had to improvise abit and add extra HART stations across the U.K., Fire officers I have at most stations and a lot of home locations due to the amount required when playing. I tried to keep the vehicle setup realistic to which didn’t last long as it was impossible to make call demand.

    Just depends how realistic you want to play the game.

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    If you dont have POIs, and don't have it selected to use other peoples, there are a lot of missions you wont be able to spawn at all. It does make a big difference to the game, but ultimately, unless you care about the POI specific missions, it doesn't matter.

    See: and look at the "place" column, this shows all the POIs required for each mission. If the mission is green, you can spawn it, grey you cannot.

    Thanks Scotty. I have just checked and all my possible missions are ‘green’. That’s what I don’t really understand, Every single mission that’s on that list I get without any POIs set.

    I’ve never really got POIs. My setup is way to big to add them in. I’d be sat here for months doing it. But it doesn’t seem to have any affect on my missions. I get plenty of large scale missions and variety of all. Does it really make a difference??

    If there was a "wow" reaction, I'd have clicked it. That setup is insane :O

    Thanks 🙏🏻. It’s mental with new updates, takes forever to get onto of them and by the time I finally get things sorted another comes out so keeps me busy.

    Started September 2019. As you can imagine it’s hard to manage when new updates come out. Thinking it’ll take me at least 6-8 weeks to get on top of the recent police one. Only just finished the PM update.

    All locations apart from training centres are completely accurate-many hours of Google searching.


    Fire Stations- 519

    Police Stations- 147

    Police Aviation- 23

    Ambulance Stations- 127

    HEMS- 21

    Hospitals- 99

    HART Bases- 20

    Fire Training- 3

    Ambulance Training- 3

    Police Training- 16

    Ambulances- 2213

    OTL- 284

    PRV- 126

    SRV- 124

    Ambo Officer- 118

    HEMS- 63

    Welfare- 58

    ATV- 40

    Ambo Control- 40

    CBRN- 40

    RRV- 26

    IRV- 2043

    DSU- 304

    ARV- 239

    Traffic- 164

    Armed Traffic- 151

    Pol Helis- 23

    Water ladder- 1029

    Fire Officer- 655

    PM- 409

    Hazmat- 327

    RSU- 312

    Aerial- 308

    WrC- 190

    BASU- 149

    ICCU- 139

    Rescue Pump- 116

    Bulk Foam- 101

    L4P- 100

    HVP- 96

    Welfare- 52

    OSU- 51

    Rescue- 50

    Command- 49

    Water- 48

    Haz Pod- 48

    BASU Pod- 47

    Misting- 46

    Heavy Tanker- 31

    CARP- 31

    Ambulance (in fire stations)- 25

    OTL- 4

    Thank you for your replies. Just getting an idea if there is a standardised response to particular incidents and how it works. I’ve never understood it.

    Hi. This is not completely MissionChief related so admins please delete if not allowed.

    I’m curious to know what the US response to incidents are.

    In the U.K. say a building fire for example maybe something like make pumps 4 plus Ariel so 4 Engines and an Ariel would be sent and so on. What is the equivalent in the US? can anyone help?