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    If you want to be super safe, check what you're allowed to do with each of the images you use. Although for personal use, people don't generally mind.

    Our allliances recruit style have been stealed as well a long time ago -and now on.
    But well, they only steal what is worth to steal :)

    You're recruitment style? Are you being serious?

    It's not your property, therefore it can't be stolen.

    I would personally like to see deaths become a feature. Suggested above as an 'optional feature' is the way to go, however.

    The way to determine the chance of patients passing away would be the time it takes the ems unit to arrive on scene, from the moment it is dispatched I think :thumbup: That eliminates any issues with people having missions spawn overnight etc, and who then come on and find 40 deceased people... Ultimately, I don't believe the optional inclusion of deaths would have any lasting negative effects.

    TBH, I still don't fine the that the best solution here considering there are some serious questions around the use of the term death.

    A point award system that rewards the quicker response and transport times would be much better without the requirement for patients to die.

    There was suggestion of a similar thing a while ago, the problem with this one specifically is that there is far too much micro management.
    I would expect crews on scene to be able to decide when it is appropriate to recognize life extinct.

    It is also worth noting, resuscitation is reserved for cardiac arrests, not just unresponsive patients.

    I'd rather that the current simpler system remains until a comprehensive and appropriate alternative which is implementable is found.

    It's difficult with the traffic units, some areas let normal patrol cars take all traffic duties.

    The other two would be nice, there's some sort of update mentioned a while ago along these lines, I'd like to see how they pan out when the time suits.

    I'd agree with most, but there are issues you need to be aware of.

    Pumper/Tanker - It's a combination unit, so some serious justification to Sebastian has to be given, although I think it's time we were due anew one.

    Brush Truck - I'd rather see the whole Rural firefighting/Wildfire thing brought in with this appropriately alongside this when it happens.

    Fly cars - I don't actually agree here. While 2 spaces is ok, not having the extension is really inappropriate, there has to be some support at a fire station for the separate equipment any EMS vehicle carries.

    Hope this helps

    It would be nice, but add complications to calling in a helicopter process, I'd trust that the in game pilots would determine the correct place to land.

    Yes and No. Let players have the option to add a slot for Command units at Dispatch Centers.

    Hmm, this was brought up a while ago, it wasn't liked for the fact that it over blew the purpose of the dispatch centre in game. A separate building in this circumstance would be preferable.

    Is there a way of stopping calls for an area I am barely even active in? Like I have a small area in Florida that I used to operate in heavily and now I have very few stations there and only do minor calls down there yet I still get major incidents in that area at times that I feel those calls should generate in my heavily populated area in New Jersey and I can't even do those calls in the smaller area due to lack of units required for it.

    Like in the picture shown I have fewer stations down here but can get quite a few major calls down there that have to sit because I don't have the necessary units to complete them.

    If you set aside a dispatch centre and then set own area coverage just for that area, it should limit your calls to only what's available there.

    There isn’t the option to assign as a Quint, the game obviously assigns it as a ladder or an engine but it seems to pick engine over ladder which is opposite to what I wanted. If I make a new class to use it as a ladder I may as well have just got a ladder.

    There is if you correctly use the custom vehicle groups options. You have to go into each quint unit and type the category that you want it to be a part of. Then select your custom group as the ARR category.

    Something that you may find helpful just as a temporary measure, is again with the LSS-Manager which now allows you to filter out full or inappropriate healthcare facilities.Helps flick through the transport requests much more quickly.

    Although that said, the exact suggestion above would definitely be an improvement to the game.

    My understanding from the forums (which may be out of date but I don't see any sort of documentation where I could find a concrete answer to this) is that an HEMS should be selected when an ambulance is part of a response and the HEMS is the closest. This doesn't seem to be working for me.

    I have an "alarm" response with a single Ambulance, and I would like the HEMS to be selected when it is the closest ambulance and available

    I'd suggest making use of the new alarm and response regulations update.

    Give your HEMS the same custom category name as the ambulances and then make a new ARR button using that category.

    At the end of the day, removing vehicles should be a rare thing, so having a resell option is a relatively minor thing, if at all necessary.

    Wildfire stuff has been discussed on multiple occasions and is definitely something that I'm sure the moderator team has saved for further thought and progress.

    There are regular updates, sometimes only small, however they are there. This is just a limitation with how the game progresses and has to be accepted.