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    If you can't afford it, then save up for it or chose something else,.

    The situation of large boats at the moment can be compared to the that of the police helicopters not too long ago, you have to be patient while missions are added and updated to accommodate the new resources, you should not be expecting a lower price because of this.

    BTW, alliances are brilliant things, don't blame them for a decreased income.

    Ah, the sound of being unprepared. Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a fun idea.
    The developer has sort of half fixed the initial problem of needing new trained staff, you can 'pre-train' them and then move them using the transfer personnel feature (recently added).
    Also, you can almost instantly do this already using coins, i.e. the finish now button on a normal course.

    Just out of curiosity, how does everyone make their animated graphics?

    Personally I use RWpaint to do everything, including editing and animating.

    (This may be helpful for those looking to make their own graphics)

    Indeed it is, each region generally has it's own Ambulance Service (separate from the fire services), e.g. Yorkshire Ambulance Service, lots of private ambulance services have also jumped into the market of event medical cover and also taking on NHS contracts for an area. So pretty much every ambulance in my set-up is in an ambulance station rather than merged with fire stations.

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

    Just a point, it isn't a 'problem' having to pay more when you have 25+ stations, at this number of stations you will be earning much more. Changing the pricing system would be unfair and unnecessary.

    New idea for the Ambulance/Hospital side:
    - New Burns unit to hospital
    - New missions for ambulances:

    • 1st Degree burn, minor with very little chance of transport ~10%
    • 2nd Degree burn, 50%+ chance of transport
    • 3rd Degree burn, 100% chance of transport
    • Residential/Room/Basement Fire and most of the others could have the speciality requirement for a burns unit added. (Although most casualties come from smoke inhalation)

    (Some special things could be added in for Halloween aswell)

    Yes, transport to a hospital with the correct department gets you 575, transport on it's own is 500 and discharge at site is 250. If your hospitals fill up quickly though, build more and increase their capacity, I don't particularly see any problem with this workaround within the game mechanics to replicate this real life problem.

    It's a difficult topic this, as the vagueness of some of the incident descriptions means that's it's difficult to prioritise. I personally don't mind there being one response for all, minus the timed events. Different department and country response regulations means it's also difficult to implement with regard to everyone.

    I don't like this idea of 'sacrificing' things just so we can add a unit. If the unit won't be added now then we'll have to wait until a more appropriate time. I use the Quint and rescue engine quite a lot, it is key part of my fleet. I don't want them to be limited at the expense of another unit.

    I personally don't see a need to have these units for myself, however they are a good part of quite a few fire departments so I'd definitely consider adding them with limitations.

    if they are worried about the "game" becoming to easy all they have to do is extend call times. Example: make a 3 minuet call 6 minutes.

    The other point raised here is a longer response/call times. I do not agree that they should be changed significantly, it is a game and has to be fun and engaging, waiting a full hour for a large fire to be put out is not my idea of fun, sorry. (I make an assumption there, and I'm sure that that's not what most of you are pushing for.)

    Remember this is a game, please treat it as so up to some extent.

    I was wondering whether the option for APNG can be added like so; it really bugs me that the option to turn off the flickering of lighted and non-lighted images is still not present. (For single units only, not in graphics packs)

    Quite a specific thing, could we just have a new call as mental health crisis, i'd agree with you on the requirements of 1 ambo and police

    I personally can't see how this would be useful. Why would you want to add notes to an incident, which wouldn't be saved when the incident was closed and nobody else would be able to see them? For role play purposes use another screen or pen and paper.