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    So in the edit vehicle option you can apply a custom ARR category, so for my quint's I put the ARR category of CARP for all of them. This means I know that a Quint has been selected when I hit that button instead of a platform ladder.

    Don't worry,too early in the morning for me to break out the special sarcasm gun.

    Each agency has its own set of policies and regulations. For example, a smoke investigation of a residence is an automatic full structure response at my agency. The current requirements for that is a Battalion Chief and 1 engine. Per our policy we would send 1 BC, 3 engines, 1 water tender, and 1 light and air. As someone who's new to dispatching, it would be nice to be able to make the mission requirements line up with my agency's policy.

    So, there is a major problem with such a suggestion which has been brought up before.

    This is a game with a competitive aspect to it, it is therefore important to maintain balance within the mission requirements.

    Ok, this one's gone on for too long now.

    I believe I understand where you're both coming from.

    On the one hand it is a game rule that you're not allowed multiple accounts in any case.

    However, it is there to prevent exploitation of the game, particularly features such as the coin reward for players invited. So if a player isn't taking advantage in this case, then there's very little need for the player to be sanctioned, it is unlikely that they'll therefore be banned, which was something that was mentioned in the aforementioned thread.

    Not sure TBH, pretty much all fire appliances here have some ability to tow. Certainly in an emergency situations. The ability to tow or remove a vehicle from a scene is left to non-emergency services.

    To make a suggestion about the argument of multiple uses and setups perhaps there could be a checklist of what the player can click off on for their satisfaction. If possible.

    But just like you said. Please no negative comments about more important things. This could definitely be useful.

    Sounds good, personally I can't contribute anything more than suggested above, some wider opinions on the topic would be welcome

    It's nice to see some new contributions to the forum.

    The general statement that addresses most points is,they've been or they're being addressed. I'd look back in the forum to find out more behind each thing you've suggested.

    The problem with adding this much depth particularly for personal ranks is that it would actually be taking away realism from players that don't have these assets in their setup. It conflicts with the rather simple nature of the game and makes it much more difficult for those to progress easily. You can complicate things naturally in the game by sticking to realistic vehicle allocations and such, but these limitation shouldn't be applied to how others play the game.

    Combination units and PD supervisors have their own thread.

    This is quite an in depth suggestion, one which works fairly well from a game perspective. However, there are so many setups and different ways this type of unit would want to be interpreted that I suspect it may draw flak.

    I don't really like the idea that it is limited to how it operates as it must be transporting 'material' back to a depot and the limited use worldwide, however, the fact it's an optional extra in both respects and highly requested does give it positive points. It's difficult for anyone, including me, to take a negative stance against this suggestion in it's current form, from my understanding as well, it's fairly implementable.

    Someone is going to use the argument that there are more important things, please don't, there are better uses of our time.

    You wouldn't have been able to buy the helicopter if the limit had been in place, it doesn't affect training.
    Check the naming of the station in question, and just to confirm, it is a police helicopter station isn't it?

    Being able to create a "Post" or hold point with a single point patrol route would satisfy this. When I first began the game, I hoped this was possible but soon learned the patrol route required multiple points to function.

    The idea of hospital delays when inundated would also be an interesting topic. Here locally my units usually drop off in about 20-30 minutes but when its busy I can have units delayed for 2-4 hours waiting to drop off a patient.

    In our case, we're ahead of the game in that respect as we don't allow queues to form, the hospital just closes. I'd take that as being one step ahead of the game.

    Hi all,

    Not sure if the same in US, but over here once a vehicle has left the ambulance station (hub), they will go their first emergency call and transport if neccesary to a hospital or care centre. From there, the ambulance will wait at the hospital for its next call. Would it be possible to get an option to allow this to happen in game? Unless there is a way to do it already


    Here, we don't wait at hospital, only unless there's a specified standby point that the unit will wait at. Vehicles will generally return to station as that's where all facilities for crew are, rather than at hospital. I'd like to see a patrol option with only one point selectable, so it acts like a standby point.

    Interesting opinions,

    The logic behind the use of a platform truck is fact that all 3 missions involve some unsafe working at height, while not appropriate in all situations, there are easily circumstances with each three missions where the presence of a platform truck could be required. This is why all 3 missions should retain the chance of requiring a platform truck.

    The missions are kept deliberately vague so they're open to interpretation, I would treat these in the same way. Funnily enough, this helps reduce the chance of players claiming they don't fit with their setup, but nothing is perfect.

    I do like the idea of separating out the missions slightly, however, I still find it appropriate to use platform trucks in all of these situations.

    It's also worth noting that the missions can start for players with only 3 stations, putting in all the recommendations will only make them accessible for those with 4. While not much of a difference, it can limit the depth a player has early on in the game.

    I'd change these to this to reflect the need in any of the situations:

    1. Damaged roof - make the requirements 1 engine, 50% chance of platform truck
    2. Unsafe cladding - make the requirements 2 engines, 50% chance of platform truck
    3. Unsafe scaffolding - make the requirements 1 engine, 50% chance of requiring heavy rescue, 50% chance of platform truck

    On the note of claimed overuse of platform trucks, I'd suggest more missions that add to other areas rather than taking away what already has been worked for.