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    This is the problem with adding even touches of realism. It takes an unrealistic amount of time to implement unless it's something simple that doesn't affect the current system.

    Adding realism can limit how people want to play, which ruins the universal side to the game, this is something the game does so well at.

    I have nothing against combination units, but they have their own threads and discussions. It's rather distracting to be bringing them into discussion here rather than adding on to previous topics.

    If you're playing a realistic rural setup, you're going to have to accept longer times for stuff. It's unfair on other players to be putting so much time into an update that's relatively small

    The constant, 'it's not realistic,' just doesn't cut it anymore. This is primarily a game, as has been mentioned far too many times.

    Again, filtering of calls doesn't bode well for balance.
    We've come up with endless versions of the same change, none of which are really any more helpful that the last. We need to take a step back and potentially look at this from a different perspective. Maybe pushing for more viability of the brush updates that add depth rather than make potentially dangerous modifications to what we already know works.

    So I can finally see somewhat of a consensus. However there are still some sprinkles of random that are thrown in which don't help.
    Keep to the topic of rural stations and we'll get a clear solution.

    If an option were to be selected, then only calls already in game such as little wild fire and power line down would spawn when the rural station option was selected, this bit is clear. I'd run that by the staff team to check the viability. Questions still remain as to the exact specification as different areas will have different breakdown of emergency calls. However a general stereotypical american rural option would probably work well. I'm not a fan of stuff being implemented purely for the focus of realism, it limits progress that the game could be making on topics that increase the depth of the game and realism in one.

    The same for rural Australia. There are certain areas that are simply open land with limited infrastructure - meaning there is no need to have a lot of firefighting vehicles located there (which wouldn't be possible anyway, as you need people to be in the trucks. And there are few people... :P ).
    So if you were to base 1 fire station somewhere, it might start generating calls that need a lot of resources. Like suggested above - the first truck may get there quickly, but then it's a huge waiting game for the remaining units.

    I don't see how this could be exploited, as we simply want it to be more realistic in what calls it generates. Maybe even a little setting on the station edit screen that says 'rural station', which you can tick? :thumbsup: This would then allow the station to only spawn missions with the need for only 1 or two trucks.

    We understand that this is a game, but having a way to more appropriately spawn missions would get the support of a lot of players.

    It would be nice if it were that simple.

    People will have different expectations of how big they want missions to be. Some will want a certain selection of missions, while others will want less or more. Trying to apply realism to games and then expecting all the same rewards doesn't work as the balance will be mucked up.

    If you struggle to get resources from other stations then they are too far away, this is a limit you are imposing on yourself, the game fully allows you to have closer buildings, but you have chosen not to.

    There is always the opportunity for big calls to come in in rural areas, granted they are less likely, but this still has to be taken into account.

    You can always separate off a station by creating it's own coverage area with a dispatch centre. I'd rather see some mechanic that works off this as it's a tried and tested method that prevent's exploitation rather than something which changes the call types in general.

    Right, some ideas, however I'm still going to be harsh them. We're again going down the route of trying to change stuff that just shouldn't be touched unless there is a comprehensive solution to maintain the crucial balance. It needs to be acknowledged that if one could get less or more of one type of call then things would be open to more exploitation.

    The game certainly doesn't replicate the calls anyone gets in their area in real life, this difference between the game and real life has to be accepted, otherwise you are going to be disappointed. I have an idea, take advantage of the challenge that the game brings and enjoy how it forces you to make difficult decisions.

    Using multiple accounts to gain coins is something that isn't worthwhile since the player who was invited must achieve a certain level before coins are awarded, this loss of time outweighs any benefit in coins.

    Again, you're applying rules, that only apply to your area, to the whole game, to benefit your setup. These shouldn't apply to everybody. Keep this in mind when stating these examples.

    I'm not worried about a few credits here, you're suggesting an overhaul to the mission system which isn't in keeping with how the game works, this will affect balance, something that shouldn't be messed with.

    Combination units are their own topic which have been thoroughly discussed.

    There are no new solutions that have been presented here. Only ideas which haven't been thought through. Please stop recycling what you've said before cause it's making less and less sense each time.

    no what i am saying that you can replace that second truck with a rescue. like when you want to select your gender you can pick one or the other and would be for that one unit and only that one unit. I think for the more specialty units. think about this so rl truck companies do extrication's and such right so you should be able to switch the rescue to a truck and vice versa this way the player's who do not have those type of resources can replace them with units that they do have. now sure it could be exploited, but the game is already exploited. So truly i think we should have new units like tender engines and rescue ladders which would help with that one problem. but the being able to edit calls is the thing that should be fixed or at least paying to edit the call or if you have a premium account. This way it will be less likely exploited.

    Summary of this:
    Oh look, there's a problem, let's make it worse.

    How is the game exploited already then? Give some examples. (Not including people cramming stations unrealistically, as that's perfectly within their rights)

    I don't agree with swapping tools on a job either. If a a Mobile Air vehicle turns up when a water tanker is required, it's not going to be so good. I appreciate it may not reasonable to have a water tanker in every situation, like if a hydrant may be right next to the scene, but then a bit of imagination can be used.

    I find your statement illogical. I want the game to be fun and realistic now the game will never be that way yes i have fun sometimes then i get stupid calls like medical emergencies on crane in the middle of nowhere. Before i hit 5 million the game was very frustrating because i only have one rescue in my department so i had to get a second one and then i would have three of those and two partial building collapse. Now back when there was no Rescue engines and Quints the game was a challenge and i think i had something like 5-7 utilites and rescues for 25 stations. Now you might play different then i do which I'm guessing you do you might play unrealistic or what ever you do, but I like to attempt to play fairly realistic. I have gotten people to build around my weak areas and give me MA for calls. I know we could argue about this all day. all I really wanted was some balance for calls so if i don't have the truck i could switch it to having a extra rescue in place or if i didn't have the Water tanker replace that with another engine. pretty much having a switch thing that you can only change that one thing ether you can have that truck or add another rescue

    Funnily enough, you find it illogical, but yet we agree that a game is different to real life.

    Enabling the swapping out of vehicles would be a massive opportunity for those who want to exploit the game, to do so. You'd be able to send only one type of resource to the scene and complete each and every call, all in the name of 'realism.'

    The game has to be balanced for everyone as there is a competitive aspect. Don't expect the game to be revolving around you setup.

    So you dont understand the concept of rural departments if i need three trucks in the middle of nowhere first truck is 5 minutes out second is 15 and third is 25 and in RL there might be one truck that responds. Now if you Look at Marion County in TN (which is over 824 sq miles) they only have three truck companies in the entire county so this is challenge of this game to make it realistic.

    I fully understand the concept of rural departments. However I also understand the concept of a game...

    the game is not fun when you have to wait for rigs to come from across the city because you dont want to have unrealistic stations. Now what i see it as is ether we need to figure out a solution so people can play realistic or just give us more trucks that can handle these calls with out having to put in more trucks at a station.

    I find fault in every thing that's just been stated.

    The game is fun, it's not fun for yourself as your limiting how you play. This is a problem for you to sort out, not the game. I suggest you either accept you're not going to be able to reign in the points as much while keeping a 'realistic capacity' or reset your own limits.

    So the exploitation of this *facepalm* the problem with the game is that you get these stupid calls in the middle of nowhere and then you have to wait 45 minutes for your first arriving truck company so exploiting i would not see a problem with it because you can just put every unit at every station and handle all these calls with one station which would result in exploiting the game again.

    If this is happening to you, I think you may have stations too close together, this may be the anti-cheat function telling you to spread your stations out.

    Failing that, you've exaggerated wildly and there's no problem at all.

    I seen the Mathematical equation that had a Log2 formula in it. I was interested in looking over it again to see if I could see and project cost of my stations as I grow

    Your formula:
    normal station = 100 000+(200 000×log2(count of stations − 22))
    small station: half of above

    This can be done using this equation, a google scientific calculator would do just fine for that purpose.

    We do definitely need more options with staging areas. To deleted them, set them for more than 24 hours so we don't need to refresh it (controversial) and to set it for less than 24 hours.

    Deleting as an option would be useful, as I've been corrected to the number of staging areas on limit, it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

    I have a feeling this is one of those areas which has been covered to such an extent it has already been planned in. I do want to see trailers, but in a capacity that allows them to be renamed and labelled to allow for the pods and articulated lorries to be workable.

    I do think we have to be aware of the potential game play impact. It would change how calls would be spawning and where, this could be exploited and the 'competitive' side to this ruined.

    As long as balance was maintained perfectly, then I'd show more support.

    ALS ability has been added so it will treat a patient up to 90%, and potentially discharge on scene.

    Heavy rescue ability is added, this represents some EMS agencies running vehicles like these which have an added rescue capability.

    That's the summary of this unit. Unsure as to how one is confused, as you've basically stated everything it does.