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    Shawn and I are the Alliance Admins for the North East Emerg. Services Alliance! We are reviving our alliance after taking an extended break. We are looking for new members to join our group as we cover Lehigh & Northampton Counties in PA, United States. We have over $22,000,000 in Alliance Funds that we are going to be spending in resources to assist our members! If you're interested please send an application to the group!

    Lets have fun!

    Look no Further! Here in the Northeastern Emergency Service Alliance, We cover most of PA and parts of Manhattan! We have members working daily in the game and incidents are always being shared over! We run several Large Custom Missions daily along with Weekly Events to keep the pace going! Members can see anywhere from 50,000 to 300,000 credits daily in our alliance! We are a team, we work together on missions and try to help each other expand as quickly as we can! If you're looking for an active alliance that works at a quick pace! Feel free to put in an application and get started today!! We're ready for you!

    Hey guys! I am adding Forestry units to my graphic packs within my response area. So as of today there is Type 5 & Type 7 Forestry graphics in the game now. Anyone cam use the graphics if they wish. They should show up in the Type 5 and 7 graphics. Type 5's are the brush units which are the pick ups with pumps on them. The Type 7's are the Duce's (Big boys). The game doesn't have any forestry units really in it. So here are some of the Type 5's and 7's I made so far. I have over 100 units I am working on adding to the game. So please be patient as new units will be coming through out the upcoming weeks


    • 24 lights.png
    • 47 Brught Lights.png
    • 99A LIGHTS.png
    • 4843.png
    • 4845.png
    • 99.png
    • 47 Duce.png

    Hey guys/girls

    I am looking to see how I can get my Type 3,5,& 7 engines to stop responding to incidents where I only have Type 1 or 2 engines assigned to on the response regulations. For example. My Residential fire I have my "box" (Response Regulation) set as 3 Engines, 1 Chief, 1 Tower, 1 ALS truck, and 2 police cars.... The issue I am having since the wildland update is this. Instead of my Primary engines that are closer rolling first due, instead it is now pulling the type 3,5, & 7 engines I have which is only limited to certain areas on my game right now as i am working to update a forestry project in my city. But those units are farther than my Type's 1 and 2. How do I get my type 3,5,&7 to ONLY remain committed to the forestry incidents within the game? It looks like the game is registering them all as type 1 engines. what can I do to fix this?

    Appreciate it! I don't mean to keep bringing up the problem! Just replying back to other members about things. Thank you so much for your help though! Appreciate you!

    How many stations do you have? It could be an issue where you can’t get more calls because you hit you cap.

    That makes no sense... Why would there be a cap determining how many calls you get??? That right there makes me just want to stop playing the game and stop spending my money on it. Knowing there is a cap and the more I expand means the slower the game will be??? There's no reason to keep expanding then.... But as of this moment, I have 8 Dispatch Centers (8 Counties in operation). Amongst those 8 counties i have a total of 116 Fire stations, 46 Ambulance stations, 36 Police stations, 14 Hospitals, & 3 Helipads.... There is approximately a total 746 Units in operation within my city at this time. This information was pulled from My statistics from each Dispatch center. I find it baffling there is a cap on the game and if it's reached it slows the speed down. That's something that should be looked at and changed. Especially for members like me that put time into the game. I have several members in my association that have 5x more than I have and claim they have no issues as far as the dispatch time and incidents spawned... They've run the same test I did and they actually have incidents spawning around the 20 second mark. I'm really not trying to go bat s H ! T crazy with this, I just wish it would be fixed is all.

    Vic has explained during high demand the calls slow to take the strain off the server which at this time I believe is being sorted. I personally enjoy the challenge of prices going up as it make the game more fun to play. If people can afford premium accounts then I'm sure they can buy stations using coins.

    And that's what I use my coins for... I don't use Credits to buy new Stations. But the least they could do is lower station prices "credit wise" to make it easier for members who can't afford to buy the coins. Some of my guys are struggling with that and they don't want to play the game anymore. But Premium members should have top quality when we are paying money to have the top quality. Just my opinion. Cause If I know I'm paying to be a premium member and I'm getting the same speed as members not with premium then I really have no need to keep paying for a premium membership. I'll play without it until the issue is corrected.

    The main thing is the 20sec Spawn rate, Incidents aren't spawned every 20 sec. Like I had mentioned i ran a series of tests and they are spawned anywhere between 34 seconds to 2.5 Minutes... The average call volume I get right now is 4 calls every 5 minutes on that option.... If it was working properly I should see 10-12 calls within the 5 minutes. Which means I am losing out on incidents which means I'm barely making any credits due to the lack of incidents that aren't coming in.... Yet they want to charge out the a$$ for new stations and upgrades. I wish it would be fixed, the game would be more enjoyable

    Anytime brother! Yeah with any issues just to be safe I would report it in the App Support Channel and on here as well. That way someone will get to you right away. I'm always around and can get to you guys quickly. :thumbup:
    Let me know if they get back to you.

    I reached out on the Mission Chief App on mobile. Where on here do I report it too as well?

    @TACRfan I'll leave this off to your expertise. I'm not sure why the 20 second premium feature is not working.
    @Mcdevittd24 My best advice would be to report this again in the App Support Channels. I apologize for the inconvenience you are having. Rest assured this will be fixed.

    Thank you for the quick Reply. I didn't know I could reach out with issues through the app. I thought it was through here! I reached out over the support in the app! Hopefully it works out. Thanks brother!! You're the man!

    Missions do NOT spawn every 20 seconds. I ran a series of tests to prove that it doesn't work. I've posted it several times but doesn't seem to get fixed. The only good thing about the premium is the automatic recruitment. However with the series of tests I did. There is an average of 4 Calls that are dispatched within a 5 Minute time frame, When in reality, there should be at least 10-12 incidents being dispatched within those 5 minutes. Which is also resulting us to lose out in credits. The average dispatch time between incidents range from 30 Seconds to 2 Minutes. The longest wait I've seen between incidents dispatched on the "20 Second Dispatch Option" was 3 minutes. I was told this issue was brought up to the Dev's but nothing has been done yet about it. I would like it to be fixed, But Idk who I need to talk to as far as getting it fixed.

    Didn't think I would get this much feedback here Haha. Honestly it's not much of a big deal to me whether or not they do this. I figured I would just bring something different up for discussion. I do agree that more major updates need to be focused on first before this. But I won't spoil the fun for you guys as some really juicy stuff will be coming up very soon ;)

    I heard of some of the new stuff coming. I'm really excited for it to be released! I get where you are coming from though! I just wish they would push "transfering credits to new players or just in general" to other players giving them Credits to do whatever with. I think that would be an awesome update!

    Why don't we focus on the current updates the Devs are working on at this moment in time and get the current bugs fixed before adding anything new. I think it would be pointless to purchase credits with coins when we can use the coins to purchase whatever we want as it is... I think the biggest thing would be to lower the cost of stations first before anything. For players expanding, $1,000,000 for a new small station is absolutely ridiculous. There is a bunch of things I see right now that can be changed to allow players to better enjoy the game. If the devs lowered the station costs to something more reasonable, I myself would be playing the game much more than I am now. I stopped expanding because it costs so much to do so. I get the devs use this as a tactic to get players to buy more coins, But players will always continue to purchase coins. If anything should change as far as credits. I think and Option to be able to transfer coins to other players would be beneficial. Kind of like how Facebook games are connected online with friend you play with. While playing those games you can send gifts to other players and I think a big thing would be for them to allow Credits to be send over MissionChief to other plays that could use them. Just a thought but that would be a HUGE update I would stand behind!

    Updates! Lehigh Valley Health Network MedEvac Ambulances, Helicopter Along with Pennsylvania State Police Motorcycle & Helicopter.


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