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    It's very difficult to play this game using realistic vehicle placement because the call generation is not realistic - there aren't many cities that have a hospital fire, bridge collapse, major building collapse, tanker spill all in the space of a few minutes!
    Many players start off with the intention of sticking to realistic vehicle placement but unless you're in a particularly dense city or you have a busy alliance backing to assist you or you turn the call rate right down in the settings it doesn't work.
    Many players, myself included, instead stick to real life station placement but the vehicles at each station do not match real life.

    Yeah it's common. I've had it a lot too. We have a heap of beginners guides and content within the forum area of our alliance and people just create temporary accounts to get into the alliance and copy it all word for word to put in their own forums. Some of it took many hours to put together.
    Frustrating but not much you can do. Just take it as a compliment, they wouldn't copy it if it was no good.

    I underatand what you mean by being avaible but maybe only avaible units are displayed.

    No I mean how do you know the owner of those vehicles is actually going to be playing the game at the time and dispatching the units?

    For example, say you have an area where there are 4 hazmat trucks but they are all owned by 1 member who isn't online when the alliance mission with hazmat trucks is created? Or they are having a week off the game? - or a bigger example, say there are ~30 fire trucks in an area but they are owned by 4 members and only 1 of the members is highly active in the game and the other 3 only log on once a week or so..

    I'm just saying having a list of vehicles on it's own it's that helpful for planning alliance missions because you don't know which of the vehicles are realistically going to be sent to the call.

    Not a bad idea but the problem is that even if the members have x number of each unit that doesn't mean they will be available for or be dispatched to alliance missions and events.
    Better than no clue at all I guess but I question how helpful it will be in practice.

    I've reported several bugs/errors in the game (some over 6 months ago), yet still none of them have been corrected. A bit disappointing... I get they like to add new content, but you need to fix other things before moving on. I feel as if someone on the team could simply spend ONE day going through the list, they could fix most of the errors... Just a few code edits here and there, and the end result would please us all.

    Completely agree.
    You really don't have to look far at all to see lots of small but annoying bugs and things wrong in the game. All of which have been raised many times here and keep popping up every now and then.The developers are clearly focused on rolling the game out (23 versions now I think it is?) and adding new content, which is a great thing but they seem to have the mindset that "80% done is done".
    I'd much rather they just took some time and focused on bug fixes and small edits that have been building up, some for over a year now.

    I agree with @SemperDeadly it shouldn't be added.
    The confusion comes from the naming "Small" and "Large". If you think of a station that has the wildland abilities as having to be large then yes it makes sense that it should be added to small stations because a lot (even most?) of them would only be small.
    However all expansions are, and I think should remain, a higher adaptation of the game. Something that comes later and should cost more via the purchase of a "large" fire station.

    To fix up the confusion why not just change the stations names to "Basic fire station" and "Advanced fire station"? - Or similar. Something that doesn't refer to their size which is where the confusion is coming from.

    Otherwise what about ambulance extensions? - as @SemperDeadly suggested. Are we going to make them available at "small" stations too? There are tons of stations around with ambulances and only a couple of fire trucks. What about ARFF? Many of them (in fact most) have only a few tenders.

    It is ridiculous to think that you should get a transfer or reimbursement for coins or credits that you have spent in a different version of the game. You have already spent it - it buys you entertainment and you have already collected, you don't get to spend it twice.

    If you have been paying to go to a gym on the other side of your town/city and the same company opens a gym near your house you don't say well how about a $500 credit for the $500 that I have spent at your other gym do you?

    At best you could request any remaining unspent value at the old gym be transferred to the new one close by but @TACRfan has already mentioned that may be considered by the developers - that is if you have unspent coins that you paid real money for in a different version.
    It's not realistic or fair to expect any more than that.

    I agree, the game is far too easy with combo units. In Australia in real life we have Hazmat Pumpers (fire truck + Hazmat) but we have decided not to add it to the AU game as it would make it even easier than it already is. There needs to be at least a small challenge.

    Just use the mobile browser on your phone. I gave up on the app a long time ago. The browser is quicker and you get the benefit of all of the animated graphics working properly too.

    It's a very short term problem. We went through the exact same thing when the Police content pack dropped on the AU server. Without warning players everywhere were getting K9 and SWAT calls that they needed training to complete so everything was at a standstill until staff could be trained. It was a pain for about 5-7 days but honestly after that it was smooth sailing again, especially if you are in a big alliance with a lot of help around. It's different if you are a solo player or in a small alliance.

    Fortunately we deliberately kept enough in our alliance funds to buy two police academies for the alliance straight away (because we knew it would come at some point). Some members paid coins to finish the courses early too which sped it up.

    It'll be a non-issue in a couple of weeks - just be thankful they are pumping out some sizeable game updates after we went so. long. with nothing at all!

    There has been a fair bit of discussion lately about how the forest/wildfire missions are very rare to generate. That to me sounds as if they control the percentage chance of a mission appearing, therefore the frequency of earthquake missions need to be reduced dramatically.

    There is no such thing as a setting for the percentage chance of a mission appearing. I know people have been saying there is, they can wish for it all they want but it doesn't exist, at least when Sebastian sold the game and the new developers have confirmed recently that the call generation logic still works in exactly the same way.

    The reason there are so many earthquake calls is that any fire station can spawn them (so far greater odds of an appropriate station being randomly selected) and that there are 4 different earthquake calls (small, medium, large, major) - that already gives it 4x more chances than any other call being selected to generate.
    The reason why there are so few forestry calls is because first a station with a forestry expansion has to be randomly selected to spawn the next call and then, out of the total available fire missions (yes including the 4 earthquake ones), a specific forestry mission needs to be randomly selected.

    They should be a large scale mission that an alliance can run once every so often. Like a storm. Not a regular occurring mission

    I agree this would be a lot better, they could still keep the 4 different earthquake calls and mix them in with a few other appropriate missions (e.g. unsafe scaffolding) and have them generate in an event area like a storm. This also means it can be used in more targeted areas.

    Either that reduce the number of earthquake calls in circulation, just having 1 or 2 at the most would reduce the spawn rate of earthquake calls a lot.

    Meanwhile, the only way to increase frequency of forestry calls is to increase the proportion of your stations that have the forestry expansion therefore increasing the likelihood of a forestry mission being selected.

    Yep exactly, or even a "problem member" just creating another game account - you would add them back into your alliance or another admin would add them into their alliance without even realising.
    That's why there is no point managing the individuals, just focus on managing the behaviour.

    I have all quints and rescue engines so to get around this I just take a fire truck off the ARR for each ladder/rescue for that call.

    For example, if a call needs 2 ladders and 5 fire trucks then I just set the ARR to be 2 ladders and 3 fire trucks.

    Or if a call needs 1 ladder, 2 rescues and 6 fire trucks then I set the ARR to 1 ladder, 2 rescues and 3 fire trucks.

    That call is spawned at a POI: Tram stop, Train station & Hospital so I would check that the underlying POI hasn't been deleted, either your own or an alliance member's.
    You can always place additional POIs to see if it will regenerate.

    It seems that the issue is that you are based in the UK but playing the US version of the game. The requirements are likely fine from a US point of view (8 water tankers is not unrealistic for a very large Australian bush fire either). Instead of trying to change the whole US version to fit the requirements of what you're trying to achieve (i.e. UK methodology) it might be a good time to consider switching to the UK version?
    Painful to start again, definitely (I did it from US to AU) but at least the requirements won't frustrate you.

    Yes I know what you're saying and I agree with you there should be a way to upgrade from a small station to a large station with coins.
    I just don't agree with allowing any extensions on small stations.