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    Thanks fornthe reply.

    Greatful for the addition but just feel the education side is a bit messed up. Yeah correct courses ect for the pods (we'll excuse that there are pods missing certain ones as that would screw us even more). I can manage by training PM crews in everything it's just a pain really. Would have been better just to have PM crew drop off pod at scene to be used by the trained staff there, but hey it will do as is. We can work around it.

    If we are working like British crews, the crews the are mobilised on the appliance are normally trained that specialist Pod for example, that’s why HVP crew arriving are the only ones to touch the pod and have dedicated kit as they are trained, same with command support & Hazardous materials. Once on scene officers can normally support with it as they have advanced capabilities but for your standard firefighter unless asked tend to opt out of working with the equipment due to them not being trained in that field.

    Hope that answers your question. Although I do understand your frustration with 3x training and hopefully we can arrange a middle ground that suits all parties.


    I’m discovering more and more missions which just have completely backwards unit requirements. To be honest I think every mission needs to be updated. I understand devs are working hard to advance the game but it’s better to have strong foundations before adding more.

    For example thatched cottage fires require a lot of units, why? Back pain very frequently requires HEMS.

    These are just two missions of the top of my head but there are many more that have ridiculous units requests

    regarding officers at thatched fires they are currently at a realistic level & in most cases can be higher in real life, you’ve got to consider you’ve got 8 pumping appliances + specialist appliances and an incident of that size would of been sectioned into smaller chunks with officers in command officers for monitoring etc. So just to put it into perspective quite a few brigades on reports of a thatched fire automatically add 6 pumping appliances and multiple officers as a pre determined attendance due to such high risk thatched fires can propose with spread, environmental impacts & incident duration.


    just curious as to what you mean within your fourth paragraph in saying “you will need quadruple the units”?

    I typically send full DCA response so if it says 40 it gets 40 DCA assigned, all my ambulances are critical care trained.

    I typically have stand down ems on, so it just cancels what's not needed.

    Don't have any GP, RRV or Fitst Responders in main setup. I use first responders only for going to shared calls.

    What do you mean first responders for calls? do you have them in your area and state 6 unless needed or just send them to only alliance calls? interested to know cause everybody plays different. :)

    Couple things:

    1. When ambulances have treated patients how would it send ambulances to hospital with either right department or enough space?

    2.What about when you've ran out of a required appliance eg Water Tanker or other specials? would it pre-Queue them onto missions or not complete it?

    3.what about completing timed missions?