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    Okay let me simplify the IRV ARR for you. Hopefully easier to understand.

    1. Incident Response Vehicle includes the ARV and DSU intentionally.
    2. DSU only dispatches a dog unit
    3. ARV only dispatches ARVs.

    This is exactly the same way the UK police operate. Dog units and armed units can be called to incidents to add officers to the scene. Whilst yes, you wouldn't send a FO to a noise complaint, you make send them to a domestic call if they are the nearest unit and there is a danger to life.

    If you want to get around this then do the following:

    1. Create a custom vehicle category I.e Patrol
    2. Assign your basic IRVs to that category
    3. In ARR, set up your desired responses using the custom category and NOT the IRV category.

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    Just to make you aware that the Row of Garages on Fire call requires a few too many Water Carrier units.

    It currently stands at 20. I'm assuming it was meant to be 1 or 2?

    Hey there.

    Firstly, some great ideas for units but the suggested implementation wouldn't work.

    PSU and Riot Vans are a good addition and could be utilised for timed missions once they get implemented into MCUK. Whether the public order training would be a bit throttling... Thats a tough one.

    Traffic cars, in my opinion, wouldn't work. For starters I believe the architecture behind the game wouldn't be able to support moving missions. The TPAC may require a whole new mechanic (unless it just uses the transport style but I don't believe that would function well). I recall that the speeds are set by the map Devs rather than game Devs.

    Taser training for IRVs is also a bit sticky. It sort of crosses the boundaries that require ARVs. As it stands, ARV missions rely more on the personnel than the vehicle but the vehicle allows the use of a specific AAR for the ARV. A fair idea but possibly too diluting for regular ARVs.

    Personally I would love to see the utilisation of the Public Service units. Riot Vans could also be a seperate entity with a call set.

    PTS is a good idea but how it would be implemented, I'm not sure. It would possibly mean having to use the ALS/BLS codes as per the US version. If they were to introduce it without codes, it would require its own mission set. Which would actually be interesting. Alternatively, they could look at using UK Category codes for dispatching which would also be nice.

    HART would actually be a very good addition. With the specialist training you've suggested, HART teams would be a valuable and balanced asset for serious calls such as the building collapse.

    RRMs may be a little pointless given there would be no change to function. A nice idea but only really useful as extra sauce once they've brought the game up to date.

    OCED is a very good idea. Possibly used for the serious calls or maybe even its own special missions.

    HEMS cars would be a nice touch for when you have an air ambulance call on your doorstep. Could even double up as a OCED.

    Courses to become an APT could result in a reduced time buff. It would give a strong play to put your RRV paramedics on that course.

    Overall, I think these are some great ideas myself.

    Name/Type of Mission: Recycling Plant Fire

    Units Required:
    8 x Pump
    2 x Fire Officer
    1 x Aerial
    1 x HAZMAT (50%)
    1 x Water Carrier (90%)
    1 x RSU

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Landfill Site

    Patients: 0 - 2

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 4900

    Name/Type of Mission: Emergency Bridge Repair

    Units Required:

    2 x IRV
    1 x Aerial

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Bridge

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 900

    Name/Type of Mission: Growhouse Fire

    Units Required:

    4 x IRV
    4 x Pumps
    2 x FO
    1 x HAZMAT
    1 x Aerial Appliance

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 0 - 3

    Prisoners: 1 - 3

    Credit Reward: 4000