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    Good Day!

    We at Emergency Services (Scotland) are currently recruiting members to actively participate in providing operational resilience throughout Scotland.

    We have been established since 2019 and are looking to expand our ever growing member base and be part of an exciting team of people who have a varied range of expertise in the real world.

    We have over 150 Hospitals, 14 Prisons and 12 Education centres all running courses on a daily basis to provide you with the training and resources you need to bring your missions to a success.

    We are a friendly alliance and welcome everyone.

    If you have

    • a Registered account (with a name)
    • Have more than 1,000 credits
    • Like to be active in a realistic gameplay

    Then you should join our alliance and help keep the streets of Scotland safe. See you all soon!

    Click the link below to get started;)

    Great bud cheers

    Good Afternoon Folks,

    I'm querying is there a max number of stations you can have? I have 24 Fire stations and trying to build a small station thats costing me 208,000 credits? Is that supposed to happen? Is there a threshold before it costs more>?

    Thanks in advance

    Are the server's down we have sent just about everything to our major mission and it's completed but doesn't seem to be completing and releasing our appliances

    Is it possible to make certain vehicles compulsory for each other, for example make a pump mandatory if to run alongside appliances like an RSU.

    This would be realistic as an MRU would require a pump from its own station to go with it.

    For an easy Fix you could do this by setting it up with an ARR?

    Emergency Services (Scotland)
    (Est. 16/12/2019)

    Welcome to Emergency Services (Scotland)!

    >Recruitment Status: [Open]
    [Requirements To Join]
    > You need at least 5,000 earnings
    > All buildings MUST be named & placed correctly
    > Read through all of our rules and agree to follow them

    Feel free to contact any admin staff for support

    [Why Join us?]
    > We offer an active engaging experience
    > Major Incidents and Storms frequently
    > Provide friendly experienced staff
    > Realistic gameplay

    If you fit the criteria above, click apply and enjoy the experience!

    [Command Structure]
    Alliance Admin - M2FZ
    Alliance Admin - Foxtrot-Two-Zero

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    A dog unit can be a patrol, it’s not an issue, it’s how the game works. The only thing the dog unit can’t do is transport a prisoner

    Precisely the issue, I have an ARR set up for either 1 IRV which it then sends a dog unit when i know it will ask for transport or it sends an ARV which i don't want however the ARR has ARV, IRV, and DSU separate so I don't know why this is an issue.

    There is an issue with ARR. if i have previously set to send 2 police (IRV) to an incident it can send a dog unit or ARV. I am not sure why this happens can this be looked at ?