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    Overhaul of the education system for alliances.

    More central building management to enable adjustments to tax or that to a group of buildings instead of individually having to edit them.

    More realistic patient transport and management system.

    Fix all the silly little errors

    As we come to the end of 2023 we are looking forward to modernise our approach and make a modern and fun community for players to join.

    We are a welcoming community that are looking for new players of all skill sets and levels in game from the newbies to the professionals come and join us.

    There are no restrictions on play style so realistic or not you will be welcome.

    We are launching a new competition system in the alliance too with prizes for the winners.

    If you need any support in game we can provide it, hospitals and prisons built upon request, education provided for free. Advice and guides to get the best out the game.

    Also opportunity to join our staff team.

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    Yes good idea you could also have traffic control vehicles be able to replace some police at fires and mvas

    Traffic Control vehicles?

    Not sure if they are a thing elsewhere in UK but the closest that would have been used here in Scotland would be the old Traffic Warden Officers now stopped after the formation of Police Scotland.

    The Livestock on road call could have 3 or 4 different variants

    First the basic one on a country road only 1 or 2 police cars needed

    Second on a busy road where the requirement includes a traffic car

    Third and Forth are variants of the first two but adding firearms as occasionally they are needed, the HGV Lost load (livestock) call has firearms requirement.

    There are no arrests for any of them and no chance you need fire for these calls.

    These calls could also easily expand to include

    Accident caused by livestock this could include a fire response with 1 fire engine and 1 rescue needed also can include the need for ambulances (easily 1 to 4 would be realistic for patients), this call could easily be scalable to include the need for more of each service and include HART too depending on vehicle(s) involved.

    It could also expand into an Animal Rescue the needs a fire rescue response.

    You then have scope to have the call also evolve into a ambulance call as person(s) could be trampled by animals too. This call could also include a HART response given the risk posed.

    Essentially it's a very basic call that has huge scope to work with but hey we have Devs that can't be bothered to make bespoke calls for the UK server they just C&P from the US server and their responses are totally different.

    This is a fair point, I had had not considered that particular scenario as the I haven't had that myself.

    Although I still think consistency across the server should be considered. All distances should be in the same units across the server (whether that's miles or km).

    Consistency would be a good start.

    There are only 3 countries in the world that are officially non-metric. We shouldn't pander to this kind of mental laziness.

    Such a nice way to put it doesn't take into account people in those countries who may have a disability and would struggle extremely with a change. For some it isn't mental laziness but hey we suffer ignorant people we need to pander to.

    It's not a major issue really.

    It is also can be a very inaccurate measuring system as it uses a direct measure of distance and not the actual road distance. Direct is great for Helicopter and Boats but can be utterly useless for land vehicles.

    I've got several situations where I need to often select a different destination as it is closer by road than the first one suggested. Got one where the closest station is 2 miles away direct but over other side of a river and the actual distance to it is 15 miles. The actual closest by road station is 3 miles away and you need to pass it to go to the other one any way, there are actually 6 stations closer by road.

    As stated they need to be in the appropriate vehicle.

    They are a useless investment as they can do very little.

    You are best building up a ambulance only fleet and using that, it will clear calls quicker and if combined with Ambulance Officer you can eliminate transports too.

    Begining to activate this part of SAR.

    The Missing person calls we need the calls to also spawn at police stations as people go missing in urban areas too.

    Few things I've noticed for Search technicians this kind of makes no sense that it is from SAR stations as realistically police would do this role too especially in urban areas.

    Also the numbers of personnel available in each vehicle needs increased. The SAR 4X4 needs to hold 4 staff and not just 1.

    There is no rope rescue either big part of Mountain, Cave and Lowland Rescue are rope and line rescue teams.

    The SAR4X4 has space for equipment but can't take the drone, is this by design for future development? Really would be good to add the drone to them or make the drone vehicle also cover the 4X4 role and increase staff to 4 (but only hold a single drone).

    Station space needs increased especially if calls need set numbers of personnel to cover them, also as such a crew carrier would be beneficial too.

    Also stipulation that it can be drone or police helicopter is good and realistic but also making use of the SAR helicopter in these calls would be good as they are often tasked to these calls. They don't just do water SAR but cover land too and in some cases may well be the only resource capable of available.

    I don't hold any hope in them bothering to put effort in to making sure missions are appropriate to the server.

    There is no reason for them not to as there are loads of suggestions they can choose from but they just don't seem to care.

    Do the content team still suggest which call for the Devs to pick each week.

    Some of my alliance are now reporting issues in transporting with them.

    The correct screens show but whe. You select where to transport the game seems to stop and the transport request remains even after refreshing.

    Great another update added and guess what it doesn't work as we can not purchase the Large Helicopter that's been released.

    Can the dev team not make sure things are set up before announcing them.

    The problem with policing them at this point is that you might severely diminish several alliances. That might not look good for the game.

    So just let them continue.

    If alliances are using this to prop themselves up that's part of the problems.

    The Devs need to step up their game on disrupting the people using bots.

    There are things they can do to make it harder for the bot to work.

    There are some players on the game literally earning what quite frankly is unavailable amounts each hour without assistance. Some of these players are literally earning roughly the same huge amount each hour no indication of this reducing indicating they have stopped playing.

    I've been watching several recently again and it is clear something is going on.

    Yes, I now play for my own reasons and not too bothered by small scale botting but the current state of it is just unbelievable.