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    just curious as to what you mean within your fourth paragraph in saying “you will need quadruple the units”?

    If you want to run 4 watches like is used by UK fire services in the game you need to have 1 set of vehicles per watch.

    Yes there are a small handful of players doing this and also working using the retained and volunteer systems too.

    If you are committing to running watches from a wholetime station that normally has 2 pumps, 1 specialist unit and and officer you would need to have 8 pumps, 4 specialist units and at 4 officers. Just to run a 4 watch system.

    Personally I do not run watches as it's a major waste of money and spaces.

    Still even if I did I would not be building any building complexes as they are extortionate.

    One member of my alliance is using them and I believe they are now sitting ar 32m for them just to convert the building. Which proves that this idea is all about making money from coins.

    Devs it's time to admit this idea is not something that people feel is appropriate in it's current form. It comes nowhere near what people were referring to when wanting multi-service stations and there is no way you can brand this as close to realistic as it's no where near that.

    You fail to remember that this game can't be 100% realistic. You can't have "watches" and deal with major incidents left right and center. I have the majority of my LAS stations maxed, and I actually still need more stations because they store a hell of alot of ambulances at their stations.

    I accept that it can not be 100% realistic.

    However just now this current idea on complex buildings only favours those players that are not attempting any sort of realism what so ever.

    For those of us trying to play as realistically as possible within the parameters of the game this building complex is not worth the costs involved as it provides no benefits that realistically help.

    For it to be of any use to players it needs to be changed so that the condition of maxed out stations is reduced to stations to level 10 or 15 as that would realistically be more representative of what the majority of players are working too just now.

    In theory you could introduce a watch system using response times in the stations but for that to fully work you quadruple the units needed and that is unrealistic but it is what some are doing and they would benefit from this current complex idea the most and are therefore playing unrealistically due to the number of units they have compared to reality as they have tried to create watches.

    The complex idea is great in principle but an absolute failure in how it's being implemented. Just now I know not many will be bothering with it unless major changes are made. The reduction in price is just a joke and an attempt to make it look better the additional spaces to are not worth it either. It still works our cheaper and more logical to build a new station than build a building complex.

    I don't understand the reason for a fire station to have 39 bay slots, the largest station I have heard of in the U.S. I believe is in Baltimore Maryland with 20 rigs, I know in LA County the largest we have is 15 or 16 rigs at one station and that's Glendale 21 along with some spare apparatus. LE and EMS services I can see with more bay slots to play realistically. as a former FF I have traveled to many departments in the past all over the USA. I spent 2 weeks going over all my photos and notes from my travels as reference.

    This is exactly it there are no stations really where you are going to have 24 garage slots in UK. Yes you have some service HQs that have over 30 units set to them but then majority are officer cars and not all on duty at same time as they are spread over 4 watches.

    I'm just going over a fleet list for Scottish Fire and Rescue, so far not seeing any station that meets the game criteria. So basically if playing realistically you will never meet the criteria.

    I am playing as realistically as the game allows, all stations have same units at them as just now given the nature of how calls spawn it totally unrealistic, is it would be highly unlikely you would see the high numbers of major calls in real life but even with this and my current large station setup I only use 16 bays (4 of which are officer cars and may work them onto a watch system)

    its still a money grab attempt and offers nothing for realistic players.

    Only way to salvage it is knock the buildings being maxed out back to a more realistic number like 10.

    Just now its aimed at players playing unrealistically with several stations next to each other.

    Yes there are places where we are seeing multiple services in one spot but these are not typically huge stations for each service.

    I'm not sold on the idea as firstly it is severely expensive and really shouldn't cost over 1m.

    You should be able to add between 2 and 10 (at least) stations of ANY size not fully developed.

    Remove or extend the 10km distance

    This way players playing in areas that are not as built up can still make use of them.

    Just now I would be limited to where I can use them to 2 areas Glasgow and Edinburgh.

    These could very well work to provide a more realistic divisional setup some places use.

    HEMS needs to increase max staff per unit.

    Also the ratio it is requested needs edited as just now if I have it on most calls need it which is a pain.

    Also to make it realistic to UK it needs to be allowed to cover all ambulance jobs units own with no need for a land crew. This is because in some areas of the UK the helicopter is often the first or only response that can get to the scene.

    Also make it so you can use them for Hospital transfers (clinic to hospital) you actually could add a whole new dimension to that side of things as all over the UK critical care transfers are done almost on a daily basis.

    Yes it spawns needing hems. It's not a big deal for most as by that point they have a hems unit. Even if you don't have one and your in a alliance someone should have one there too.

    It's a known bug but not one that is a priority as it doesn't cause any major game play issues

    Fire based jobs are but you need a good mix of all three services tonget the big paying calls.

    So you can not just play one service.

    Not necessarily true.

    It is common for all services to send senior staff to them even if it looks like they are not needed.

    OTLs would commonly be seen at incidents where there are no casualties along with a DCA and potentially other Ambulance assets like HART/SORT.

    Reasoning behind this is it is a proactive response to a potential major incident and enables ease of communication to ensure that if things do go bad then there is a manager on scene to coordinate a further response and ensure safe working.

    What do you mean first responders for calls? do you have them in your area and state 6 unless needed or just send them to only alliance calls? interested to know cause everybody plays different. :)

    I use first responder units in areas with high numbers of shared alliance calls and send them along to supplement my main income

    I typically send full DCA response so if it says 40 it gets 40 DCA assigned, all my ambulances are critical care trained.

    I typically have stand down ems on, so it just cancels what's not needed.

    Don't have any GP, RRV or Fitst Responders in main setup. I use first responders only for going to shared calls.

    UK Emergency Response are activly looking for new players to join them to continue our expansion across the UK and Ireland.

    We have hospitals and prisons throughout the UK and Ireland all of which are fully expanded and upgraded.

    Our education system provides multiple courses each day and they are all free.

    We have staff avaliable 24/7 to provide advice and support where possible.

    Every day we have an organised Large Mission from the alliance and our members share all large calls with the alliance to let other members join in.

    We will support any player no matter what their play style is.

    If you want to be part of a family community that will support you then

    Head over and join UKER.

    So why build all the Shetlands and Islands when you knew full well the response times, as TACFan has said most players stay clear of non profitable area's. I understand why you have as you want a full Scottish Set up but if you wanted to play realistic then wait thats all im saying. The community ask for larger more profitable calls and when they get added people then complain "My setup can't cope with it" the whole point is you build up to the calls not just expand massively. But no since you think you know all about Scotland ill leave you in your cloud of knowledge and (Un)realistic setup alone till you winge about another issue about a calls effecting your delicate area.

    I've made changes so my island setups do not get large calls.

    Larger more profitable calls are always welcome what I am asking for is a realistic call spawning system that can be set depending on settings in a station as it would make providing realistic station setups more practical. This would benefit all players.

    Fact is just now calls I get do not reflect what would be realistic for area covered so I've adjusted my set up to best serve what I get.

    I had an idea before but honestly it wasnt put to the devs as i didnt want to distract them from working on the content updates as they are taking along time as is.

    My idea was to have a slider in stations that at one end is urban, the other rural, depending on the calls would depend on how far that slider would be moved, there would also be a box that you can tick for industrial. This option would then be in dispatch centres as well with an option that would override the station ones in case the player doesnt want to set one for individual stations.

    What do you think about this? Balancing is something i really want to do and is something i do try my best to make the game as balanced as possible when putting content forward to the devs. Its why for example we dont base anything (mission requirement wise) off London because its just not a realistic place for the UK.

    This would be perfectly fine as can be more tailored to real life.

    would happily help with working out a system as well because it would benefit all.

    I know its a buzz kill to wait but just wait if it takes an hour for Hazmat to arrive it takes and hour, I get islands having little chances for some of the larger calls but irl these calls can happen. The difference is irl in more rural and I mean rural like Scotland the key is not fire power but more education and prevention. I personally have a fully realistic set up with 5 min delays to retained stations and 1 min for full time, for me it makes the game more fun and a challenge instead of having everything arrive withing 5 min.

    An hour is for within mainland on islands it is offen more for units to go from Mainland to Shetland takes 6+ hours.

    Also as my set up has grew I get more large calls than small now so just saying oh wait an hour for it isn't really practical now is it given I would end up with a massive queue of calls waiting on specialist units, and then not generate more calls until I clear some.

    I could go on about your view of how it is in real life here in Scotland but we will leave that there as you obviously do not know about the way it is here.

    it could be managed more by adding in area type system like the POI system where the "POI" is a large radius point (5km say) you can place on rural areas, urban areas, industrial areas ect.

    Other way could be add a station category for when building stations so you can pick a rough type for where it is located. You could easily only have 4 categories as well,

    Urban for stations within cities like Glasgow, London, Manchester ect

    Suburban for smaller towns that can see a mix of calls you could have all calls on this set. (This could be the standard type)

    Rural for stations in small villages and communities would have mostly calls related to that area.

    Industrial this would be good for those areas that have more heavy industry and chemical sites like oil refineries and that near them.

    You then just give each call a main classification priority so all areas could receive any call but would get more of the calls set for that area.

    If "suburban" was used as the main category type and would operate as we have now.

    Great idea but for some of us realistic play is impossible due to where we cover.

    Any changes to add in Wholetime, RDS and Volunteer system as well as watches would need to see massive change to how calls spawn as well.

    Just now I cover a huge area of Scotland with urban, suburban, rural and island communities now in the urban and suburban areas and well the current call system doesn't reflect this as I can get what would be a rural call I'm the centre of Glasgow or I'll get Firearms attacks on remote islands where that would be unlikely (I've mitigated this with use of dispatches)

    I can not play with realistic units at stations due to the nature of the call system as response times for Hazmat, ICCU, ARV and other specialist units would be in excess of an hour for some locations which yes in real life happens but given those locations are extremely unlikely to need a specialist response.

    So until the call spawn system is improved adding a duty system would not really benefit players.

    Would it be a good addition yes, but as Caolan said it needs to be done in a way that can be easily managed I certinally wouldn't like to have to go through every station to sort it out.

    You can do this with the current AARR set up.

    Just as CC as a custom category to units that have Critical Care staff assigned.

    Do not tick the dispatch just as custom class box.

    This way it will dispatch is either it's normal class or can dispatch as CC

    I did use this extensively as I worked to add CC staff to all ambulances.

    Just now I don't use RRV much only have 4 at hems bases and that's it.

    All my ambulances ar double crew with critical care for both.

    I already use prisons as Custody Units for me alliance, always have.

    Prisons in game need an overhaul in how they work. It's a whole side of the game to develop though and one that is not an immediate priority.