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    I don’t understand why I keep getting calls where I need an inland water boat when I don’t have anybody trained in that.

    is it calls for the ILB? This is a In-shore Life Boat.

    I've not fully ventured into this update yet, but will be adding a few other parts this week.

    If you have bought the in land boat and trailer then you may have calls for that and that needs staff trained in lifeguard training so could be this.

    First of thanks for the update I was wondering if someone could explain to me why evacuation of a cruise ship or vessel needs a ILB not a ALB.

    This is a known bug I believe, there are several calls where the ALB should be able to cover the ILB especially now as the newer ALBs have a small daughter boat they can launch.

    Will a flood rescue unit work as a inland rescue boat

    Hopefully, but believe that going to be added to in part 2. Don't think it currently has any calls.

    As the game has developed we now have 4 different services all with educational needs.

    This is not too bad for smaller players that are developing but there comes a point where managing educational requirements can be a bit of a challenge.

    We now really need a way to manage the education side more both for individual players but also for alliances (like I posted before).

    Individually we need a system where we can see quickly what each station has in them, yes we can see this via the staff screen but it doesn't provide a quick summary of the numbers educated.

    It would also be great if there was a way to send staff from a station directly to education courses without the need to open a school. The school would obviously be built.

    Also a way where we can send staff off on multiple courses that run consecutively for example, I train my public order in both L1 and L2 (also for the Firearms Carrier they get L1, L2 and Firearms) it would be good to just be able to send them off once and once the first course completes the next automatically starts.

    As to Alliance education systems we now need a way to assist alliances to schedule courses more efficiently. Some alliances have quite extensive education provision now and are using 100s of rooms each day. So a way to help us schedule things would be welcomed across all versions of the game.

    Small changes to make the education systems more user friendly and easy to manage for larger players.

    I was wanting to send one to an alliance.mebers shared call to help out and didn't get the option.

    I've then and went and looked to see if I could send to one of my Lifeboat calls and nope.

    What's the story with the Helicopters.

    I've built 3 stations, added hangers, got the Helis, trained staff, switched them on, added them to AARR and everything they are not showing to dispatch in either my AARR or my unit list.

    Dose anyone know why the coastguard helicopter can transport straight from the scene the lifeboat has to take it a shore first and why the critical care personnel on board the helicopter don’t work have I missed something.

    Also can the coastguard helicopter be used as HEMS


    First the heli will transport from scene to hospital direct as they do that in real life anyway.

    A lifeboat can not go from scene to hospital they need to go to shore and transfer the patient to the care of the ambulance service for onwards transport to hospital.

    There is an issue around the CC element of calls just now as part of this update, so would take it this is part of that issue.

    Could the Spawn area have 1km and 2km added would make it a little better for some. I'm just thinking more for the narrower parts of firths and river mouths. 5km has lots of land covered in some places.

    Not a major problem for me more a bit annoying.

    There's whole alliances who regularly bot, have been temporarily suspended by the devs, and returned to the same behaviour. Reporting any botting to the devs is like pulling teeth, they want "proof" yet what proof can you reasonably gather besides their earnings, but it seems that isn't enough most of the time. Only way to get botters banned seemingly is to get them to admit it.

    I sent full proof in to the Devs including admissions of doing it by 3 players.

    What did the Devs do? Absolutely nothing not even a reply.

    The Devs don't care about it.

    Gave up worrying about it.

    Trying to have as realistic a setup as possible, but struggling with finding how fire officers are distributed. I'm guessing normally they'd just ride the main fire engine and not go in a separate vehicle.

    How have others distributed them? 1-2 per station or do they tend to be located only at main stations? I'm currently set up in Dorset so it's D&W fire.

    Thanks in advance

    Realism with units is not really possible in game. It will significantly slow your progress.

    Also the Fire Officer role in game is definitely one of the most unrealistic parts just now given that there are several fire officer ranks and all dispatched depending on incident, some are based at stations, some at area HQ some places it's from home. The game makes no reference to fire officer ranks just now and you will find you are probably best having several at each station to cover your calls.

    Personally I play realistic locations only for Fire, Police and Ambulance. For HART and both aviation's I have no choice but play totally unrealistic given the limited number of these.

    All my stations are being set up with the exact same unit structure, this is a lot easier to manage and ensure you are not delayed or restricted in play.

    I would love to be able to be more realistic in the setup but unfortunately the game doesn't lend it's self to that.

    At what level within the alliance is Alliance Staff pitched at and what perms does this function / not allow? TACRfan

    It is a role open to all in an alliance and has no actual perms with it from what we have seen.

    It is more a marker for people that are on the alliance staff team. For us these are mostly people that advise others.

    As you have brought this thread back up.

    TACRfan any update if they are going to provide a way to secure original alliances?

    one of many small fixes to improve the quality of the game.

    There is a quality update being made believe mods here suggested a good bit of stuff that we all came up with.

    Unsure what devs are doing with it.

    We have been seeing massive issues with lag and performance making the game unplayable for some.

    Yes it's a double credit event but seriously if the devs are going to offer these events across multiple platforms at once then they should be ensuring their servers can cope with the demands placed on them.

    I am due to renew premium again and this plus other commitment issues from the devs has me seriously considering not renewing.

    Maybe next time offer the double credits on different days for each server.

    Not a surprise really, the devs do not and have never really cared about the UK version.

    We have reported numerous issues with features not working as they should and other bugs. Still most have not been resolved. This has been in going for a long time.

    New content releases that the content team on this forum make are always altered and added in a way that it is often makes the new content not as great as proposed there are often issues with how the content works.

    They are saying about control room services only. I'm sure other versions of the game already include second tier services that would not be dispatched directly to emergency calls.

    What could be a nice idea is a vote, like a head admin role.

    1 person has this role.
    If 60 days passes while they are offline they can be removed.

    But they have to be voted in by the admins.

    It is probably the only way it could be done really.

    Just don't expect it to happen.

    Any update on getting the owner role for alliances pre october 2021?

    They won't have any record of "ownership" its not as bad for both UKCES or UKER we know ownership even after it has changed we can likely prove that to them. However others I believe ownership became a bit of a revolving door situation.

    Still a solution is needed.

    Quite simply the call just feels like repetition as already have a Seizure call, yep prolonged seizures are different and I get that but just feel that its poor for what we could have.

    Would make more sense to group small calls together and have 3 or 4 released together.

    Similar to how calls that are of the same style come in a group.

    I just feel it is a poor call.