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    Water Rescue has huge potential really.

    Would be great to have it added.

    Divers would also be a great addition to the game.

    I know the game is trying to be realistic in what it provides, however given that our emergency services have been majorly cut and had major changes I'd say sticking to realistic expectations for the game is not a good idea.

    The game should be working to provide a good range of services and options avaliable for players to choose if they use them or not.

    Personally I was working to build realistic services in Scotland. This has turned out to be impossible given how the game works. Realistically most of the Scottish Fire Stations are RDS or part time. Yes there are Wholetime stations in most major towns and cities but we are seeing a lot moving to 1 wholetime unit and remainder are either staffed during day and RDS at night or they have moved 2nd units fully to RDS. I have designed my full fire service to provide wholetime cover across all stations.

    Then there is HART we have 3 full time HART bases in Scotland (there are a few part time units dotted around) that's it this given how calls generate is not enough, I've added in so far 8 total HART bases and even this is proving to be insufficient cover.

    Police again these have been cut back in real life to the bare minimum for the game it is simply impossible to play with realistic police set up. I've built on both current and closed police sites and even the current police sites for some do not have any response units in real life. I have also stuck to keeping the same structure to all my police stations which when it comes to specialist units like Armed Response these are limited to a small hand full of units in real life. NPAS in Scotland is 1 helicopter in real life in game though I've got 6 and still need more.

    I don't even cover all of Scotland, I cover Central Belt, Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen and Moray coast is my main area I have islands set ups too.

    So although I play realistic locations that is as far as realism can practically go in the game just now. So addition of rare units only used by a handful of services would not really cause an issue if you want to add them then add them if you don't want them don't add them.

    Bit like CC, HART and NPAS they can all be added and even turned off.

    I have my HEMS off all the time.

    Academies are expensive for players that are relatively new. Also, the cost of adding additional classrooms is almost the same price so it would be expensive or take a long time to do all the extra training that would be required for this.

    That's where alliances come into play they can offer players these courses as well as excellent opportunities to earn more from shared calls.

    My alliance can offer over 1,000 courses each week across all 3 services. We can also accommodate any new courses immediately into our schedule too.

    As to shared calls we have new players earning more than enough each day to build a Academy if they want too.

    I told the devs this needs changing urgently as it should include Wales and Scotland. They have said they will forward what changes I have said need to happen to the correct people so hopefully it’s changed very soon

    Thank you.

    I come to play this to get away from this rubbish.

    To be honest, I can't realy seeing England play many games

    It doesn't matter about that.

    If they want to run an event like this then they should be treating each nation equally.

    So if they want to give coins away based on England they can do the same for Scotland and Wales.

    It was great to see a event for the Euros being announced until I read it.

    Fully focused on England and no mention of the other 2 UK nations, Scotland and Wales who are also taking part in the Euros.

    Does Scotland and Wales not matter anymore.

    We are clear distinct nations within the United Kingdom we are not represented by England.

    Its disrespectful, unequal and discriminatory to have an event for the UK version of the game and just mention England.

    Sounds interesting. Academy's would need to be easier to build if this were to involve training though.

    Academies are easily built, yes expensive but that's where you plan finances for including them.

    I dont think it should need training. Like every 3 police stations a sgt every 5 a inspector

    Training should be required it would be unrealistic to have no training for this. Plus what you have suggested wouldn't really work especially for players with large setups. They would most likely be looking to have multiple of each in each station to help with efficiency.

    Also if the shift system was to come in everyone would be screwed with your suggestion.

    Shift/Watch system would be great to have in game, including making use of RDS and volunteer responses.

    It would make it more of a challange for those that want it however for it to work would need staff hiring changed too.

    I would hate this feature, it will break my whole set up. I would prefer a police mobile command unit or somthing

    If added it would need to be done so that it is triggered by buying a certain unit or by an option in the DC. This would let training take place throughout for people.

    Personally if you want to do ranks go into the staff editor and just add the title or initals after their name. So much easier that way, and much more optional/adjustable.

    This is an option yes but would require not just editing names but creating custom units with custom aarr.

    This could work really well for those who want to go to the level of detail.

    It wouldn't really result in "micro-managing" either.

    Now how to implement is the question, do you make jobs require a trained staff member bit like critical care where vehicle doesn't matter or have them respond only from a command unit like fire officer or ICCU.

    For fire I would have it so we have 4 levels of command officers.

    Level 1, Station commander

    Level 2, Area Commander

    Level 3, Divisional Officer

    Level 4, Deputy Chief Officer.

    Each with training Level 1 just need that, Level 2 would need Level 1 and so on.

    Yes I have missed out a few ranks from what is used in real life but having these 4 would provide a good way forward in game.

    Now with calls you can set it so calls need a set amount of each Commander how that commander gets there is up to how you set up. Personally I'd have all turn up in cars as standard. However they still count if you stick them in a ICCU.

    For police I'd introduce



    With Sergeant training and Inspector training.

    They can be put in any vehicle this can allow players to have a sergeants and inspectors in all areas of their policing line traffic and firearms.

    For medical we are already seeing Command structure there I'd hust work on calls here.

    surprise surprise hates being called out.

    My comments were placed in what was supposed to be a staff discord for all your communities. But things change that much your staff don't have a clue where they can post. Reason you have done is to create enough confusion to help you feel like your better than them and keep folk down and confused seen it before and it's done by people who are all about themselves. A good community should not need weekly changes.

    Next you sit there and think what you are doing is how it works in the real world.

    Like I have told you I've extensive experience in online community management and know roughly what works and what doesn't.

    You think your some big guy because you run some online communities, I've seen first hand how you treat people and well its laughable. I'd say you also have trust issues as well.

    Yes I ripped into you but I'm sorry they are your communities and when I have an issue I do not see the point of having to go through several people to raise complaint as said before to you. You either accept that you will get folk contacting you with complaints or you give up hosting. If you do not like or can't handle it or have the time you give it up.


    Yeah the place where if you voice your opinion on changes you get staff perms removed and are issued with a warning for speaking out.

    Place where the main admin don't like being contacted directly and hide behind others and shout chain of command every time some one doesn't use it. Sorry but that has its place and a small online community is not it. All admin should be approachable on issues.

    A community worth avoiding too as they change the rules and way it works on a weekly basis.

    Why not plan out your stations better. And organise recruitment for stations.

    Premium is great to help with this side, just now I do not have it and I am easily managing my new expansion of 10+ stations where staffing is an issue.

    Assign staff to vehicles too.

    I can run a new fire station with 2 RP, 1 CARP, 1 Fire Officer, 1 Heavy Tanker and 1 Hazmat from day 1 by transferring in a Hazmat trained and assigning 1 staff to each unit sending the remainder off for Hazmat training.

    Police start typically with 2 IRV and 1 DSU transferring in 1 officer for that and assigning each tona vehicle

    With ambulance side yes staff would help but by time you are working on ambulance side you should have worked out how to manage staff more.

    I typically get 1 staff sent in to run an ambulance and set recruitment off for the rest. The station will have 5 ambulances and just assign staff to each.

    I'd have it require minimum 5 staff, 1 DCA, 1RRV/GP and 1 OTL with other staff being from any of the med units.

    This way people can add in from any of their med units.

    Other things timer based reward for first on scene that would encourage use of CFR.

    If changing missions there are a lot that need reworked.

    Plus your Cardiac Arrest suggestion is only part of what it would need. These are now typically 2 DCAs, or 1 DCA plus 1 RRV and 1 RRV/OTL/GP/DR/HEMS and in places that run CFR they are there too.

    An arrest gets a big response typically these days rarely would it be left to a DCA and 1 extra.

    Reason for this you would have 1 person on breathing, 2 or 3 rotating for compressions until autoPulse or a LUCAS is set up, 1 person on IV access and managing drug and fluid input and the the most senior on scene monitoring patient, responsible for AED and managing their care typically this would be an Advanced Paramedic or Dr. That's 5 or 6 minimum crew. Any more and they will rotate on compressions team until either they get autoPulse going or the arrest is called life extinct.

    Very rarely these days you are likely to see a DCA work an arrest on their own yes possibly until more resources turn up but to transport the patient with 2 crew would rarely happen. As that would leave 1 person managing the patient on their own for a while and often would not be a positive outcome.

    A friend of mine suffered major heart attack 2 years ago and was classed pre arrest by responding crew, before he was taken to hospital 5 mins away they had another DCA and a RRV with paramedic and doctor on board. Just incase he arrested. During transport he had the doctor and 2 paramedics in back of ambulance. So not even an arrest at time but he had a full arrest response. He didn't arrest then but decided to keep that for when we visited him but that was his style. Now though he is returned to normal after quadruple bypass.

    As to calls that need reworked all the medical ones need revised but again that needs more use of gp and Hospital transfer system added

    Other calls are basic naming changes these are insignificant really, Road Accident I'd say is acceptable general descriptor for any on road incident really. Yes accident has been dropped due to there being no such thing as we are in a blame society now.

    There is mental health calls on US server and it could run on a system like cc or traffic cars and default is off

    How about we just copy the US server then.

    There is a lot more the UK version has that is currently in game and needs made work eg proper RRV system and use of GPs.

    Mental Health is something that would not add to the game and given how it works in the UK it is not a emergency out right.

    Where MH gets a response is if there is self harm happening or at risk of happening. Even then depending entierly on what is going on will not get a emergency response unless there is immediate risk and then it would typically be police and/or a DCA response.

    Adding a dedicated MH unit would not add to the game it would just be a extra feature that has no real progression and would waste development time when they could easily add in better features like implementing RRVs and GPs.

    What is your guy's thoughts on MHU and Mental Heath Car with some calls?

    No as it is not typically an emergency service thing the fact emergency services are dealing with more mental health cases is down to failings in the mental health sector.

    Mental Health cases rarely would get an emergency response on their own. This is typical when self harm/suicide is/has been attempted.

    Yes some trusts and service are trailing the use of mental health cars but this is typically where the mental health out of hours has been cut. It is not seen as a emergency response either and would not be typically dispatched due to a 999 call.

    In game we shouldn't be looking at this as self harm/suicide can be a major trigger for some people and it is not something I feel the game should be doing.