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    Name- Dive & Marine Unit
    Service- Police
    Purpose- Underwater search, policing waterways and providing support
    Cost- 15000
    How many personel requried- 6
    Training- marine and scuba
    Building expansion- none
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots- 0

    Name- Police Incident Van/Mobile Office/Comand Point
    Service- Police
    Purpose- required for any major incidents ect
    Cost- 10000
    How many personel requried- minimum 2 min 4 max
    Training- command
    Building expansion- none
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots- 0

    I along with everyone else get you are volunteers, now what this has to do with genuine complaints about the game and to be perfectly honest it seems your stock defence oh we are volunteers don't have a go at us. As far as I can see you are administrators and moderators for the official game forum so are part of the staff team for the game.

    You report stuff directly to the devs when it happens great well done your doing your job. You obviously do mind that it appears on here or you wouldn't close posts only reason they get closed is people are sick of the same rubbish from the staff saying stuff is being done and as well as going on about being volunteers. That is why they end up being a petty squabble as people are sick fed up of hearing all these promises and nothing actually being done. Back in January/February the promise was the server was fixed and now we are working on updates. Well the server still lags badly and crashes at times, we have had one update in that time but even that was messed up and clearly released before it should have been. Now before you say oh but you demand regular updates, no we want stuff that works and it is possible to release updates in stages if they are planned and it would not take any more time than doing one great big update like is going on. Clearly though no one wants to do small stages of updates that can be easily problem solved when they go live unlike a huge update the potential problems increase and will be harder to pin down and resolve. Personally all I want to see is progress and we aren't seeing any of that.

    I'm sorry but your attitude over people buying coins for the game is just wrong, many purchased coins for the game as things did look good and we were confident of the things being said by the team now though this it is clear that those that have purchased coins and put money into this game aren't seeing it invested in the game as there is no progress. Your basically having a go at people investing in the game. You also say making in game purchase isn't the same as buying the game, what do you mean by that? Is that admission "oh it's a free game what do you expect", way i see along with others the money paid for any purchase for the game is to help with it, that may be for server upkeep or space but essentially the money raised in this game surely must be going towards it somehow or are you saying that we don't have a right to complain due to it being in game purchases. I made my coin purchase when the game was slightly more stable so that's why I purchased them, others made purchases at same time. That a problem or were we supposed to have a crystal ball and predict the future that the game wouldn't improve.

    My comments about updates are valid whether you like it or not. We have been promised many things and none of it has happened, when we say anything about that we are shot down for speaking out. I know what updates have been worked on and what's been promised both on this forum and by other game staff. As I said earlier releasing updates can be done two main ways, one a large update that has everything and will see nothing being done for months (what is being doing) this has higher risk of things to go wrong and also has people questioning what's happening or the second build the update in smaller stages even split it into two this would take same amount of time to make and would make it easier to manage if there are any issues once it goes live plus it let's people see work is being done and not just leaving them to rely on what's being said and it looking like nothing is being done. There are several updates being worked on I know that too don't try treat people like they don't know what's going on.

    Great compensation what 5 coins like before, oh that we need to collect one each day. So isn't really compensation more a give away done up to look like compensation.

    Finally last bit on it as I said earlier as this is the official game forum you are seen as staff whether you volunteer or not is irrelevant to the situation you are as far as I can tell are staff, you have a direct line of contact with the devs and other game staff and they may not be providing you with updates that's not an issue for us. If you don't like being seen as game staff and having people direct complaints at you then why volunteer?

    We have communicated the issues to the developers and they located the issue and fixed it accordingly.

    Not being funny but this issue should not be happening, it's a constant issue each week we are experiencing some sort of outage to the game, that can be it stalling like it has done twice in past 24 hours.

    We see the game crash on a weekly basis.

    It lags severely at times.

    Now we have had "upgrades" of servers but clearly not been much of an upgrade.

    This game must be seeing a lot of financial income from sale of coins I know myself i have bought coins and know several other players who have purchased a lot more than me (talking £100s) yet we see very little investment. We are promised upgrades but when we ask about them get fobbed off with some utter rubbish excuse. Yes we understand things take time but given the progress on other versions it is clear the UK version is being left to last now that may be due to us getting different features but I no longer buy this excuse that it will be majorly different from other versions. How about roll out some of the basics first instead of keeping it all to one great big update which may cause more issues, releasing in stages makes more sense as it is smaller parts that can be loaded and ensure they work, instead of one big set of changes where a lot can go wrong.

    It's clear we have had updates this week and clear that these updates have played a part in this downtime if not it's a mega coincidence.

    I now fully expect to be told I'm complaining just for the sake of it and that I would complain about anything as you have done in the past here but I expect things to work as expected not crash out and freeze or lag.

    Clearly though issue fixed seems to be the end of debate on here as the moderation staff don't want to keep seeing this sort of thing appear well simple solution to that fix the game once and for all and stop this patch up job stuff. Get onto a server that can handle the demands of the game(s) and start providing content updates.

    I know some of you have made a few great graphic packs, I'm needing help to make a set of mission ones. I don't have the tech to do it easily these days.

    I have an idea in mind.

    Small icons 30px x 30px

    Preferably circles or circle with a point at bottom.

    Each icon would have letter and number to denote type of call and colour coded for service and priority of call. Also would have a way to denote call status. This is something I have worked out.

    The bottom quarter of the circle (either pie slice or straight across)

    This area would show call status by colours 3 needed.

    Green - response good call clearing
    Yellow - en route
    Red - Alert/call changed

    The other 3 quarters of circle would include text for type of call but also have back ground colour relating to type of call.

    This would be

    Fire outline colour dark red

    Black background, text MAJ
    Red background, text G1
    Orange background, text G2
    Yellow background, text G3
    Bright Green background, text G4

    Police outline colour blue

    Red background, text IMP
    Orange background, text HP
    Yellow background, text NP
    Bright Green background, text LP

    Ambulance outline colour green

    Red background, text C1
    Orange background, text C2
    Yellow background, text C3
    Bright Green background, text C4
    Blue background, text PT

    I know it's a big ask to get someone to take time doing this but i just don't have time or the facility tondongood graphics anymore.

    If anyone can help it would be great, thanks.

    Would be good to have, faster turnover of calls and would mean more units required too to avoid running out of them

    Didn't stop them with the HEMS update.

    They have released that before the major up date they have been working on for it.

    No different to releasing a small basic airport update.

    in playing uk game but all I have done is ask members to let us know what they have.

    It let's us se what there is out there we know most players locations but in the next census I'll be adding that.

    It has also been a good tool to see if any players need some extra advice and help.

    Air support staff can not be sent to normal stations yet.

    Also make sure to recruit staff at stations that's the only reason you will get that message at a medical station just now as there is no training required for medical at this time.

    If it was fire or police you could easily have the correct staffing level but not the correct training.

    its back up and running now, just seems to be down every so often for a couple of mins

    I think this is the issue you get with a internet net based game

    Sorry but this is not the issue you should be getting with a internet based game plenty of other internet based games out there with even more users than this one don't have this issue.

    Some of us have paid for credits, premium accounts ect and expect it to work. This isn't the first set of issues with the game either.