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    They are spam bots. There are more than one, and they use different IPs. We are limited in what we can do here. We'll delete them when they show up but there are not a lot of preventative measures we can take.

    The way I see it is this. If we allowed bulk deposits the effort of the alliance fund would shift to a few of the more experienced players. It is much easier for me to donate a bulk 2 milllion credits than reach that 2 million credits through the 10% contribution. And the alliance admins would be less likely to remove someone who makes donations like that (regardless of whether they admit it or not).

    1. Only units on scene will count toward the needs. Therefore, your engine responding is the only engine needed on that call.

    2. Each member involves receives the total amount.

    Your local set up isn't the end all be all for the game development. The game covers a large area and the team is trying to get as much content as possible to allow the recreation of as many departments as possible. A statement such as "most departments don't use fly cars" is a generalization and unless you have statistics to back it up I don't see the point having said that. I'm not sure what the point of this topic is yet so I'll let you explain before I close it. There is already another fly car topic in suggestions for improvement.

    Nowadays with the scene lighting available on every truck the uses for of a specific unit to do lighting is not as much. Portable scene lighting is much more compact. My department has one and we run it more often for manpower than for lighting. That being said, it is used heavily for DUI checkpoints/roadblocks and fire investigations. Maybe we could add a long-term event called a DUI checkpoint in the future, and then implement an air/light

    I'm going to put my two cents in here.

    Rescue engines are used by a ton of US departments around here because it is a lot easier to fit a little bit of rescue into an engine than to purchase a tandem axle/dedicated rescue truck that may only see several wrecks per year, let alone a technical rescue. Rescue engines around my area normally carry hydraulic tools and cribbing, as well as struts, and airbags. The essentials for vehicle wrecks. They may have some technical rescue equipment, but the main idea is that the crew is trained in performing these tasks. If there is a rank requirement on a rescue-pumper I cannot see it causing any issues in the game. Maybe we could have it unlocked at Staff Captain and require a training course. I don't know, but I don't want to rule it out.

    I actually like the idea, but right now the moderator team consists of four individuals (five if Sebastian is included). I believe looking at our most recent numbers that would mean each moderator would have to process the requests of about 100 players.