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    So I've only got 9 calls at a time. when does it start to pick up in number of calls allowed at one time?

    the formula for calls is the number of fire stations (or whatever you have the most of) +1

    You don't normally get dispatched to hate crimes. They normally come in as assaults or homicides, and the investigators will be the ones to rule whether hate crime charges are applicable. I've never heard of a hate crime unit either, you're welcome to provide information about them. An interesting concept to me was the mounted police units. I think it would be interesting to see those added in the distant future, after some other more important unit types for PD.

    It wasn't overlooked. Missionchief Made the call types more specific. Instead of "structure fire" there are commercial building fires, hi-rise fires, and industrial fires.

    I think this system is a good concept, but it is not going to happen anytime soon. The shsyem would take a while to implement. Personally, i would like to see this be a part of missionchief eventually, as well as training courses that reduce the time incidents take to complete (Fire 1, Hazmat Ops) but things like those are far out in the development timeline

    In the U.S. gas leak is appropriate phrasing for a vapor leak, or a car leaking gasoline. In my area the former are dispatched as gas leaks and the latter as fuel spills. In the context of the game the call upgrade is referring to the car leaking gas.

    @Aether - I figured I could verify them so the game could add them.

    Any POI you add will be registered by the game. The POI check is to validate other players' POIs. A system of "checks and balances" to make sure the locations are correct.

    It depends on the area you're in. If you have a lot of people in the same area as you, you would have more POIs. I'm not sure what the point of checking your own POIs would be; if you placed them why would you have to check to see if they're correct?

    It is preferred to have SWAT sweep a building during any barricaded subject calls, regardless of weapons involved. It is safer for all of the personnel involved. That being said, regular patrol officers don't always wait for SWAT. It just depends on the situation. I don't think SWAT a should be on the initial dispatch for a child abduction; maybe the call should be able to escalate to a barricaded subject call?

    If we can't keep the content related to the topic at hand, the topic will be locked. We are discussing an additional type of parking, and not anything else. If there are any questions about this, you are welcome to PM me.

    So blaze, if an outside parking spot were to implemented what were you thinking the cost would be compared to normal parking?

    Not exactly no an unknown tank spill will not be a chlorine gas accident as chlorine gas will never be stored in a commerical tanker truck it needs a more reinforced steel to handle it or it will be unstable to handle in the first place and second of all this incident would never occur as all tanker trucks and tanker railroad cars by law have to be placarded no matter where in the world you live whether you live in the U.S. which you follow DOT's law or you follow the UN law which applies to the rest of the world.

    Unknown spills are actually very common. Negligence is the cause of many hazmat incidents. In addition, the paperwork may not be available (If the SDS is in the cab of a truck leaking chemical I'm not going to walk up and get it), and the placards may not be visible from either a vapor cloud or the position of the truck. There are ways to figure it out, it just may not be initially available.

    A tiller is not much different from a ladder. Rename your ladder trucks to tillers and you've accomplished your request. Rearmount ladders can be taller than tillers, the only real difference is handling, because the tillerman can help the driver navigate around turns, which makes them useful in cities with tight streets. But since that doesn't matter too much in Missionchief the ladder truck should suffice.

    How many fire stations do you have? The mcv is required after building your 13th (Stated in the vehicle market page). After building my 13th fire station I always need the mcv, before then I never needed it

    A K-9 unit has been suggested many times before, and it's definitely one of the priorities, along with other police units like SWAT and EOD.