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    I think it all depends on your local department SOPs. If there is limited access you may end up treating a controlled burn like a backburn. For our department we had a brush truck doing most of the work, with an engine and a utility there for manpower, and a tanker. We were burning roughly 3 acres

    The maintenance building could be made to deter the cost of maintenance on vehicles. So instead of every 3000, with the maintenance building, it would be every 4000 miles persay.

    Sounds like a good idea, might be more of an annoyance to people with 50+ stations.

    Wow, yea that is VERY resource intense. We don't even send that much in real life....

    Lol, I can assure you my area doesn't send 3 patrol cars, a fire engine, and two ambulances to stand by at every soccer game. A little intense, but hopefully the payout would be good.

    I would just think of it as civilian support agencies, like public works, electric/gas/water companies, etc.

    An alternative to having a new building could be just having a check box in Fire/Police/Ambulance Station's settings to say whether or not calls should be spawned for it.

    Well in real life fires would still happen around the area. Imo you shouldn't throw your reserve station in the middle of nowhere; make sure there are stations around to cover that area.

    I have a reserve command vehicle that I exclude from my run cards, so if I need it I check if off manually. The fire station with status 6 vehicles is a good method for now. I'll discuss the idea with the other moderators.

    My first and second due can normally get on scene in under 2 minutes. Larger incidents can take up to 10 to mobilize my command vehicles and stuff. State police response times have been around 20 minutes

    Rescue engines would definitely be a step in the right direction. A lot of departments use them in the U.S. even if they don't refer to them as rescue engines. Some departments around here just keep them as engines on the CAD

    Normally for building fires we release all of our units around the same time, except for maybe the first arriving engine to help the fire marshalls. I would rather the controlled burn be more like a soccer game in that it is a long term event that pays well and uses a couple of engines. Where I am controlled burns take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on the size.

    I would just pay attention to who you're sending to the staging area. If there is a major call I'd rather delay them going 3 states over then delay my response by 10 minutes.

    Additional police units have been suggested a lot, and now with the EMS flycar being out I would assume police will be the next for vehicles.

    Very descriptive.

    Although "bomb units and terrorist threat with armed response" sounds interesting, with no other police units except for patrol cars it would be bland. When more police vehicles are added this will probably be added to "the list". If the call is added I think it would be interesting to have a required staging area for any FD/EMS units that the call required (One within a 5 mile radius or so)