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    While thinking up the calls for my other topic I had the idea of a setting at the dispatch center to change the region. The region would be a dropdown and would affect the probability of certain calls (preset options to avoid exploitation). But there would be options such as city, rural area, heavily wooded, etc. this would allow the player to receive more accurate calls for their area. Ex: City setting reduces number of tractor fires, increases the number of car fires.

    That sounds great! I'm still going to put the unit requirements in when I come home. Maybe mine will get picked! Also thanks for working on the translations more. It was really confusing at first to see "cancel" instead of "back alarm"

    I'm on my phone right now, so I'll just be listing some additional fire calls that could be implemented. When I get home I'll add the unit requirements and POIs

    House fire
    Commercial structure fire
    Hi-Rise fire
    Fire alarm*
    Small fuel spill
    Large fuel spill
    Hazardous material leak
    Large wildfire
    Carbon monoxide alarm
    Appliance fire
    Smoke investigation
    Helicopter landing
    MVA with entrapment
    MVA with fire
    High angle rescue
    Elevator rescue
    Brush fire
    Forest fire
    Debris cleanup from an accident

    Stroke (CVA)
    Sick person
    Difficulty breathing
    Chest pain
    MVA with injuries (No FD needed)
    Emotional disorder
    Suicide attempt
    Abdominal pain
    Drug overdose
    Syncope (Fainting)
    Anaphylactic shock (Severe allergic reaction)

    *Fire alarm would be a unique call where it is most often false alarms, but will sometimes change into other calls when the first unit arrives (ex: house fire)

    Will add more later

    I feel like there needs to be an ARFF update before an airport POI would be worthwhile. Crash tenders would be a good addition for airport settings

    I'd just like to add a note since John mentioned K9. I think that if a K9 should added, it should be able to function as either a regular patrol or a K9 (similar to the quint)