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    could someone please advise me on how you make the mission graphics for MC.. Im looking at incorporating the MPDS, FPDS and PPDS of the ProQa systems.

    I am happy for someone to make them for me as ill supply the information :)

    Thank you in Advance

    You have totally totally misread what I have said as not once have I said or implied that you should listen to me not him.

    If you are referring to my comment then you have misread or misinterpreted it.. I am not trying to muscle in on anything by bringing them down. Your comment regarding the birtish and how they "cant work together" comes across as unprofessional and has a xenophobic sense to it.

    All we have done is offer our experience and knowledge to help improve the game.. not muscle our way in

    The update is good although more warning regarding the qualifications are needed.

    I believe your Medical advisor is indeed an ECSW and not a paramedic and is quite junior in their career.
    Some of us have offered our services where we have been in the service a lot longer such as myself @Alctw10 and @Josh2101 to name but a few.

    You can use groups and send specific vehicles one by one, yes. However this can clutter things too.
    Being able to drag and drop a nearby vehicle or divert them from another call without opening it would be brilliant.

    I do this anyway even when using ARR. it takes abit of skill and being quick on the mark but it can be done so I cant see how Drag and drop would work any easier.

    One thing that would be beneficial is when using ARR that you can select vehicles to follow up off ARR and that it only selects vehicles from a certain radius... some of my DSu and specialist units sometimes run over an hour to a call.. which is why i have to do some follow ups and vehicle changes on the go

    If you use seperate command centers for certain services.. like ambulance.. i have found it isnt generating those types of calls... atleast untill i get the infrastructure in place... as i used to run with full hospitals.. now if i grind i fill them but it will take a whole day as i have such a massive area.

    I agree that typing in a vehicle callsign and pressing enter to allocate would be good... could work well eith the ARR when things get a little Complicated and you start juggling specialist vehicles..

    one thing id like is muiltple followups... 1 isnt enough when you have 63 on your stack

    But they do accept other types of patient so having 30 beds is still plausable.

    If you take into account Minors, majors, resus, paeds and some hospitals that have MIU attached... they will have more than 30 beds.

    My local DGH will normaly refer to CDU for ambulance admissions

    This sort of thing is brought up very often. But if you actually think about it, about 10 beds is actually excessive in some situations, 30 beds is definitely enough and very realistic. If you take into consideration patients being discharged or transferred to somewhere else in the hospital from the ED (patients released after an hour) you've got 10 beds per hour or upto 30 when upgraded. This is actually way more than real life, you've got to remember that realistically you'd have patients also going into hospital by their own means, and not by ambulance, meaning really you'd only have space for about 10 ambulance admissions. Furthermore, in situations where patients are major trauma you'd get even less, for example maybe 4 major traumas and the hospital would probably stop all ambulance admissions. Especially in the UK regarding our situation with the NHS, ambulances queuing for beds is very realistic.

    MTC's are geared up to deal with multiple MT+ patients at anyone time. hence why they are MTC's... patients who are MT+ spent very little time in A&E... the criteria is strict and they must be CT'd within a set timeframe and then referred to specialists so they arent hanging about very long compared to your abdo pains, walk ins, ambulance admissions for non life threatening situations.

    Wales has 1 MTC.. based in cardiff.. so any other MT+ patient goes to Liverpool, Stoke on Trent or even QE Birmingham dependent on geography.

    The only priority beds in an A&E is Resus... thats it.. all other beds are first come first serve... no priority is given to ambulances over walk in patients... also sometimes//alot of the time.. ambulance patients are safe and stable enough to sit in the waiting area and be triaged
    as they would as a walk in.

    Whats wrong having the station shared like the hospitals with tax that will save up the trouble on having to build new stations

    I can see everyones stations in my alliance anyway.. but if you select a vehicle to "share" then when someone clicks on it for mutual aid then it will charge them tax... thats how id do it

    Permenant staging sounds a good idea.. we have members up in the highlands of scotland and they cant sent to majors in the south unless they piggy off other majors, but they lost their vehicles for hours and hours.. so permanent staging would be good... vehicle ammount i wouldnt know where to start... we have memebrs who just want basic vehicles and then established members like myself with the specialists... so our rule is max 15 vehicles per player only the first hour then clear after that so that everyone has a chance to attend

    no police station? interesting set up mate, do you plan on putting police in at somepoint or you happy with what you have

    Yes and maybe mutual aid stations can be half the price of normal? And can only be used by other members.
    If you build it you can't use the units in them.

    Say a limit of 3 buildings for each service?

    Will be great for helping new members.

    You might be better off having a something like "mutual aid" or " cross brder assistance" expansion to existing stations as then you dont duplicate stations... only because some alliances like mine only allow certain stations to be duplicated such as HEMS or NPAS

    You could then nominate units that members are able to loan?
    Say you could build an extra station as a 'mutual aid' Station kind of thing and members can borrow from there?

    That is an interesting concept.. I have made stations which are close to other alliance members larger so i can assist them with calls when they share them with the alliance... it would be good to nominate a couple of vehicles for a price that they could use as mutual aid.... Especially when it comes to NPAS and HEMS...

    I cover Wales, so iI have the following services

    Mid and west wales fire :- Complete
    North Wales FRS :- Not complete
    South Wales FRS :- My next project
    Dyfed powys police :- Complete
    North Wales Police :- Just Started
    South Wales Police :- yet to start
    Gwent :- Yet to Start
    Welsh Ambulance Service :- Mostly complete with all 4 HEMS placed.
    NPAS i have 1/2 with Dyfed powys police helicopter Xray99 in its hystorical location.

    All work from 3 control rooms

    Dyfed powys and Mid and west wales currently from 1

    north wales FRS from its own one until established

    Ambulance service from one to allow ease of calls so hospitals dont get filled from Building collapses.

    NameHazardous Area Response Team (HART) Incident Response Unit IRU
    PurposeTechnical Rescue, RRV, Police calls requiring ambulance
    ExpansionAmbulance Station HART

    NameHART USAR/BASU Vehicle
    PurposeMajor incidents, Trench Rescue, Building collapses, Major Fires
    ExpansionAmbulance HART

    NameInland Water Rescue
    PurposeWater Rescue, Trench Rescue
    ExpansionAmbulance Service HART

    NameHART Tactical Response Unit
    PurposePolice Calls, Weopan's with patients, suspect package, Majors
    TrainingAmbulance HART

    NameIntermediate Tier Vehicle ITV/ Urgent Care Services UCS
    PurposeRRV Back yp, Routine Calls, Patient Transfers
    Cost7,000 Credits
    Training Emergency Care assistant
    ExpansionAmbulance Urgent Care

    Name- HEMS RRV
    Service- Ambulance
    Purpose- Attend Calls suitable for HEMS that will allow ambulances to convey.
    Cost- 10000
    How many personel requried- 3
    Training- HEMS
    Building expansion- RRv extension to HEMS
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots- non