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    Afternoon everyone, I’m trying to play fully realistic for the area I cover, setting up Derbyshire at the minute, I’m a little confused by the names of some of the appliances in game, for example I want a DPL (dual purpose ladder) that also have rescue capabilities ie rtc ect ect, I have major rescue pods and prime movers but Derbyshire fire and rescue dosnt have dedicated rescue support units or technical rescue apart from unimogs and rope vans, my question is what unit in game does what I’m looking for as I don’t understand half of them 🤣🤣

    Hello, I’m

    Loving the constant updates and hart updates but I feel there’s a few things I’d like to see abit more of. First off there’s a massive number of chemical shouts for hart teams and not a lot else, it would be nice to have some shouts for extrication ie walker stuck down a bank, remote access jobs as these are 80% of there calls irl, it would also be nice to use the 4x4 light pump more and possible change it’s name to unimog, again getting some rural calls for wild fires animal rescue or remote access to patients.

    Hey guys im new to the forum but not to the game i love playing mc but theres a few things that really bug me and would like to see changed.

    Changes to current content.

    1. Water ladders should be changed to fire appliance or Dual Purpose Ladder with a max crew of 6 you will never get or even fit 9 fire fighters in an pump.
    2. The current missions seem sometimes way off for example. RTC call all you need is one pump, Well police would be sent for traffic control, scene investigation and road closure's, RRV would be dispatched at a minimum too.
    3. Rescue unit this really gets to me but please guys change the name to Technical Rescue Unit haha
    4. Cardiac and Respiratory arrest please make is so you have at least one DCA (ambulance) and one RRV for them as you'd never get one crew running.
    5. Response times, Now i dont know how hard this would be to implement but could we look at making it where cars such as ambulance RRV'S, police and fire cars have a reduced response time compared to a fire engine. This would add so much realism to the game just by this.
    6. Government funding. Currently MC Portrays that emergency services are private and make money by doing jobs, would be great to see each day or week a amount of money based on the area or buildings you have come into your bank as say a government fund or allowance.

    Things to be added. (i have more ideas but these are the main ones)

    Ambulance service contact.
    1. HART Team
    2. Paramedic Team Leader or a manger.
    3. Critical care team (RRV)
    4. Community First Responders
    5. Advance Paramedics

    1. Urban Search & Rescue, This would be used on many calls including the building collapsed one.
    2. Technical Rescue unit and teams
    3. Watch and Station managers
    4. Prime mover
    5. Major Incident Response Units

    1. Roads Policing Team (Traffic cops)
    3. Rural Policing team (with off road vehicles)
    4. Tazer Training to go along with weapon or aggressive behaviour related calls
    5. Counter Terrorist teams.
    6. MOD Bomb despoil team

    Other Services
    1. Mountain Rescue
    2. Cost Guard

    These are only a handful of ideas id like to see come into the game at some point would be nice to have more than one control as well