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    A cool way to improve, which also has a minor impact on end-of-content players, would be to have events like 50% off vehicles cost in credits. It would really help players on the bottom of the ladder and give them a small boost in growth when they're starting out, possibly leading to more players joining and continuing to play.

    If it also applies to planes then it'll help players higher up the ladder and make it a little more feasible to have airplane squads.

    Screen is open so it continues spawning missions. Before specialization, I'd leave it on for half a day or a day to keep spawning missions, and it would do so every 20 seconds. I tested it without specialization and it works perfectly normal.

    Yup, no option to turn off radio entirely or toggle that way. Deleting radio in the inspector brings my computer so much relief, same with map.

    Even though map has options to remove stuff from view, it would be easier on the system to get rid of it entirely.

    Sometimes our tons of missions lag the screen and computer. Simply being able to toggle map on and off in your settings will greatly reduce the lag people feel and will in turn be a help to the servers. It just makes perfect sense to not force people to load maps.

    Lift the 100 cap on everything in custom missions. I personally don't think generating custom missions with coins is worth it anymore seeing all the patient counts and mission rewards for a lot of the newer missions. Then on top of that, the building costs in coins are now very outdated. If I don't use coins on anything, then I won't be buying coins again. The half-off, does nothing to make me want to spend on buildings, too. So game devs should be helping themselves by helping me spend these coins so I can buy new ones. Thanks!

    Sorry to reopen the thread but I had a relevant question: Are those missions generated like any other mission: random, part of your max mission count and if you have turbo on for mission generation, they have a chance to generate every 20 seconds? Just wondering if adding clinics will give me a ton of income or something extra or be taking the spots of possible ambulance missions since I'm eventually going to reach 6480 stations (36hrs worth of missions on turbo speed)

    Generally, when an MCI is called, there will be other services involved.

    For example, the mass food poisoning incident you're referring to you still have a police response for investigative purposes (might I also remind that actual food poisoning takes 6 hours up to 2 weeks, depending on the bacteria).

    Fire Services tend to also be involved whenever a mass-casualty situation is declared.

    Yup, pretty true. Makes sense that pretty much all high patient incidents have a police presence here in the US, but let's be honest, there's a little leeway on the realism aspect in the game. After all, air ambulance costs tens of thousands to patients and ambulance rides and treatment by hospital costs much much more than $575.

    WOW!! 220 patients!! That's crazy! I'm jealous for sure, but, to be honest, what I mainly want is something that is like maybe even 15 patients but generated by EMS building with only EMS requirements. It kind of sucks that the biggest ambulance station only generated missions are Turbulence injuries, which has been out for an extremely long time as well, and only generates up to 4 patients. I was hoping with the addition of hazmat and these tons of EMS vehicles that there would be some radiation calls that would only be Ambulance station requirements and there'd be a ton more patients. As it is, with only ambulance stations your calls are pretty monotonous and the earnings are laughable. Max you could earn from a mission with only ambulance stations is 2200 I think.

    Or actually, now that I think about it, why not turbulence injury, small, medium, large, major? That'd be nice. (Some planes can hold more than 220 potential patients lol)

    Ambulance generated massive patient missions has been something I've wanted to see for a very very long time. We've got all these tiny ambulance missions. During COVID we were finally given missions that paid a few dollars, which was a massive improvement, now I'm hoping that we can get something rolling with ambulance missions that generate lots of patients and/or missions that require lots of EMS personnel or different vehicles and trainings. When hazmat became a thing, I was hoping that would bring about these types of missions but it's been a very very long time and still nothing. Thank you for your time.

    I'm sure this just goes without saying but the reward and requirements for this Monday mission are very mismatched.

    Requirements for this mission: 3 Ambo Stations ($300,000)

    Actual Requirements: 3 Ambo Stations, 1 Helicopter Station (which doesn't come with the heli), 1 Heli ($1,600,000)

    Rewards: Max 3 patients being transported (~$1500)

    So if a new player were to get 3 ambo stations and not have enough to build and buy a helicopter station, and get stuck with this mission 3 times, with the helicopter requirement getting triggered, they'd have to wait 48hrs for it to clear up. Not only do the requirements not match, but the reward seems very low considering the actual requirement.

    Suggested changes:

    Change the requirements to reflect the actual requirements


    Make a (small), (medium), (large) version where more than 3 people are injured

    Getting a couple hundred expansion levels would be pretty cool. I wish the developers would tease their updates instead of dropping it randomly. It would leave a lot less empty space in between updates. (Like 1 week before the next part of ALS, giving a 1 week heads up. More people will be on that week to prepare for it and/or speculate)