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    Thank you Win Win. I too an building in California. I have wildland engines but I was thinking of copters and tankers. I will hold off in buying any for now. There seems to be a limit on how many fire plane stations one can build. That's not the case with police aviation stations.

    the Firefighting Plane stations seems very expensive. What is my return in investment on these copters and air tankers? Is it worth it? Aside from Forest fires, what else can they be used for? Large Field fires? Multiple car fires for water supply?

    Just wondering.

    I have the same problem. I do not have any police cars but it calls for a police car. Sometimes it calls for a fire truck, once the fire truck gets there, it calls for a police car.

    I am suggesting that Wildland Engines be housed in small stations. Many Departments in the USA have been buying small wildland engines since the 1960s or before. These were types 5,6 or 7 engines. Many departments are now equipping their stations with large wildland engines due to the Urban Wildland Interface issues and global warming. Many Cities in California like Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles City Fire and Los Angeles County fire are also following this tend of buying large Wildland Engines housed in neighborhood stations. I am suggesting that up to two large and small wildland engines be housed in small stations. For the large Stations, they can house three or more wildland engines, Crew Carrier Hand Crew or Bulldozers.

    Any Wildland unit would require a wildland training course.

    Types 1. 2 and 2 usually carry 500 gallons of water. They can also act as a water shuttle for wild land fire and should be counted like the water tankers as having water carrying capacity. Type 1, 2, and 3 water capacity should aslo be counted for other missions like large field fires, etc.

    Most urban large cities do not use water tankers. Most Water Tankers carries 2000 gallons of water. Most type 1, 2 and 3 type 1 , 2, and 3 engines carries 500 gallons of water. I am suggesting that, instead of having a water tender respond for urban areas, give an option of sending 4 type 1, 2 or 3 pumpers 4 x 500 gallons = one water tanker.

    I have Large Rescue and Fireboats. I setup points of interests. I get a pier fires that calls for a large rescue boat instead of a large fireboat. I never got a single call requiring a Large Fireboat. Haas anybody lese have this issue?

    There should be a way to turn on or off dispatch centers. One may choose to play one area and not the other in the same account.

    Also when one is expanding into another area and a new dispatch center is created for that area, they may not have all the required units built for the new area yet , like HazMat, MCV, BCs, rescues, water tenders, etc They player can chose to turn off the new area and continue to gain credits with the original area until the new area can be put into service with the required units.

    My type 4,5 and 6 engines are not counted as a fire truck for large or small field fires or burning grass or leaves. Why not. These mini pumpers normally respond to these types of fires in the real world but the game does not treat this smaller engines as a fire engine for field, grass and leaves fires.

    These smaller rigs should also count for smoke detector checks.

    Many Fire Department operate a Dock housing a Fireboat and Rescue boats together at the same station. Why not change the Docks to house both rescue and fireboats? You can keep the training ( SWR and Oceanic ) for their assigned boats or they can choose to train the staff for both making them attend both classes.

    Some Fire Departments house Engines, Trucks, Chief's etc at the same station dock as their Fireboat/rescue boat. Why not make the dock station available to house land companies.

    When buying vehicles, there should be an option to exchange or upgrade one vehicle for another. Say Water Tanker to Pumper-Tanker. I accidentally clicked the water tanker instead of pumper tanker. Now I am stuck with a tanker only.

    Thank you for your reply. What is AARR? and how do I customize it?

    How do I build Dispatch Centers? and does these dispatch centers limit the area you are playing? I have one county next to another that I want to build. Then another county far away from teh first two.

    I have a couple of quesstiosn about setting up Statiosn in separate Counties.

    I have one station that is near the County Line. In real life, this staton does not get dispatched over teh County Line. Is there a way to limit this from happening in MissionChief?

    I hope to setup two adjacent counties. In real life, each of the Counties have their own dispatch centers. How do I set this up in MissonChief or is this possible. Once its setup, will my missions be with one county or both counties when dispatching? Or do I need two accounts?

    Lastly, I hope to setup another county far away from my first two counties, when I play, will I need to concentrate on all three counties or just one county?

    Thank you for your help.