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    What is the difference betweek and small and normal station? I know the expansion of a small station adding a bay is 10,000 and a 3rd bay is 50,000 points. up to 6 vehicles? A normal station cost more but does it have more bays built in or do I need to pay for more than one bay?

    I plan on building stations for quints without engines. The way the game is setup, am I stuck with an engine whenever I build a new station? Then I am stuck with a bunch of extra engines? Do I need to have the rank of a Captain to buy a quint?

    Thank you.

    I am totally new that this. I think I am hooked. Do I need to build a fire academy first to conduct the training, then send units to the academy? Building a fire academy is 500,000 credits! I have only built stations and staging areas to temporary deployment of the 2nd Engine in the firehouse so far. This is for extra coverage areas.

    I am new at this game. Just started this week. I just finished building my 10th stations. I was caught off guard when I had to delete a stations so that I buy a Battalion chief, Heavy Rescue, Mobile Air and a Water Tender. My next step is building a 11th Station. Do I need to buy a HazMat? Once I buy it, do I need to "train" the staff? or will it be ready to respond once I buy it?


    I just started playing this game. Starting to build more stations. Right now, I have Stations in Daly City, Brisbane and a couple of other stations setup. Nine stations so fair in a couple of days. Now I have to add equipment liike a Heavy Rescue and Water Tender. Anybody near me that has other stations setup?