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    I know that even though it would benefit me, I would disagree. I have over 300 seats available for training my personnel. That includes every single sector, and I don't even train personnel anymore. Once you hit a larger operation setup, you will have lots of personnel and lots of staff if you ever want to train them. I probraly have not trained for a few months now, and I am doing fine.

    However, my point does not apply to the majority of the players. My advice though is to join an alliance. They most definitely have a great training capacity and I even say to newer players, buy a hospital or expand your operations over buying an academy. Once buying so many academies and classrooms it is a bit of a waste of credits, I don't really regret getting them though so my advice for someone who wishes they could get an academy only does it if you want to spend money to make the game interesting. It's a money splurge is what I am saying. This is why I think reducing the price of this item is unnessasary.

    The finished product should look something like this:

    I usually use 3 pictures but you can use 2 or more. ezgif is definitely a good website to start off with but I use what I think is a to complex system anyways.

    Color in the different stages of lights like shown below and that will create your gif.

    I don't understand the phrase you use WinWin.

    This could be put in with any upcoming update, it would be literally a few lines of code. When somebody builds a clinic, allow them to add a trauma unit or a general internal. If it's a trauma unit you increase the chance of generating a patient transfer. What you laid out is more realistic and probably a stand-alone update. Mine is simple and simply adds a new building that is being used more and more in the real world.

    Unfortunately you did take my words out of context. In your feedback to my post you are adding to trauma center levels just like what i was suggesting just more comprehensively. Because of lack of setting the ER expansion that was also proposed I thought would be a waste. I think it would be hard to add and a trauma update would be far better than a standalone ER. I think the picture of this is misconstrued. My idea of a standalone ER is a medical facility with only one department and that is the emergency room. smaller than a clinic found actually pretty popular in more rural areas. Your idea of the ER is the clinic.

    I myself have seen many standalone ER's especially in smaller cities and rural areas. However, this would be a very wasteful update.

    This is what my statement did say in the full sentence form. By giving only a small fraction of what I said definitely gave the wrong mindset and incorrect information of what I had said. I hope this clears the air though and I do like the idea of having trauma care although I do feel like the more comprehensive update is the way to go.

    Only if you have the unit though.

    Not true. Fire Investigator missions will spawn even when you don't have a fire marshal station or when it is deactivated. For example, Industrial fire sometimes has that requirement. It will spawn whether or not a active fire marshal station is present. My suggestion is to plop fire marshal station down in the heart of your operations so that you can finish those calls.

    It's a pretty complicated thing. Many people are grazing the top of the surface, it sounds good and it is realistic. I myself have seen many standalone ER's especially in smaller cities and rural areas. However, this would be a very wasteful update. I am sure as much as we all like the idea that it would probraly never be used in many peoples' set ups.

    The great debate is ER's or trauma center levels. We could add a "ER" add 5 additional beds to the capacity of any medical facility you expand it to. But who would they treat? People that randomly walk into the hospital?

    A trauma update with the three levels of care would be nice. trauma 1 can be clinics and 2-3 is hospitals. I love the idea of more air med utilization and I would make it so you can unlock 1-2 at a hospital and trauma 1 at a clinic with money but limit trauma 3 level hospitals to the amount of hospitals you have in your operations. The expansions will be a little costly but have to make up for it with air med transports. Maybe charging per km it travels as I know there is a km tracker for the vehicles in this game that may be possible.

    A little much but this is a tree of how I feel like it could work.

    Air Med Station - Clinic or T1 Clinic

    Clinic or T1 Clinic - T2 H

    Clinic or T1 Clinic - T3 H

    Air Med Station - Clinic - T3 H

    Air Med Station - T1 H - T2 H

    Air Med Station - T2 H - T3 H

    Trauma Medical Incident - Any Trauma Facility

    I would say most patients with the trauma need will spawn with the level already posted but once they arrive they can be upgraded so that they will need a land or air transfer to the next facility.

    In my conclusion I would highlight trauma as being the better update for being more extensive and less confusing. Just my ideas and I would definitely like to see this in a future medical facilities update.

    The rundown is, if you have a mission that has either 20 or 25+ patients (I forget which) you will need two trained “EMS Command” personnel on scene. They can arrive in either the EMS chief or the dedicated EMS mobile command vehicle. The difference being is only the EMS Command vehicle has the option to transport patients off the scene with many cool features you can set to your liking.

    The EMS Support as stated will just up the process of the mission.

    There is no feature for the in the vanilia game. There is however extensions you can add an extension for computer to filter out missions you are and are not on. Not sure if you are familiar with LSSM but “Script MKS” is like that but it filters missions and put’s estimated credits tags on missions which I find very useful. The link to the extension is below and you will need to download something called “tampermonkey.”

    Nope that is completely normal. Unattended by the player shows a star like emoji and attended by the player is a person emoji. Not sorted and there is no button to sort them. It’s just to identify which missions you have units on. Not as useful for your own missions more useful to responding to alliance missions. It can be used as a bookmark too to locate your last dispatched mission. More useful when you have hundreds of missions rather than 20 or 50 missions.

    Unfortunately I disagree. There may be a way to fix that by making new vehicle aar categories but as far as confusing other newer players on the type 3’s use would be sufficient to disagree with this idea. I know it may be annoying sometimes but I would keep it how it is. Unlike the motor officer and pd car the type 3 engine and a type one engine have no disadvantages besides the type 3 being a woodland unit. The motor motorcycle cannot transport which is the main reason why it is separated.

    Hello all,

    I have discussed previously I was working on a project. That project is a new graphic design server. I am a current member of Gaming Zone which is a gaming community centered around a variety of games. It is run by my friend Jamie who revamped the server out of Missionchief Graphics. With his consulting and help I have created the server MG. I have learned much from being a ranking official in the peak times of MCGD, so I want to share my knowledge of graphics as well as the experience of graphic design with an active Missionchief community on discord. My goal is to let anyone who wants to join, have an enjoyable experience as a whole community.

    To be more technical, we are recruiting all graphic designers. Graphic requests are open to the public which means members of this community can start requesting vehicle and building graphics. Other than that, I know more is to come with my graphic designing and new graphics to come to everyone. :)

    Link to the discord server:

    Have fun,


    Hello all,

    I wish to make a formal post about my up and coming project soon. All I can say is I am working with a collaborate team at “gaming zone” to provide us with a graphic design server that best suits our community. Gaming zone which is, yes, formally known as MCGD inspired me to be a graphics creator. I have seen how graphics are so amazing in this community and they’re like a slice of butter in a complex burger ^^. Because I see the great potential in, helping people who want graphics to be made but don’t know how to, to answer aspiring graphic creators questions, to provide a base for current graphic creators, or just to talk with an active missionchief discord community, I hope we will be able to deliver a great experience. Being apart of MCGD since it’s peak, I have learned a ton. Fewer mistakes and less drama is the way to go. Have fun all, and I hope to watch a multi-server and multi-alliance group come together. :saint:




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    I can't seem to train the EMS Chief located in my small ambulance station. It only allows me to train people in the fire stations.

    I think to solve you issue, yes you want to train “personnel” in you ambulance station with EMS command from the rescue training center. You cannot train people individually. Once training is done you can assigned the trained crew to the EMS chief.