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    Just wanted to re-present all my links. I currently have 3 "request" graphic packs and 1 Cali pack which everything is already posted on the forum in another post. I will also be linking my request to the google drive which I post all my requests I get from community members in the MC Graphic Design Server.

    I also wanted to say, I am so happy to see people liking my graphics, and honestly, it has mostly been around my request graphic packs:S, feel free to PM me or chat with me to create all your favorite graphics into one real graphic pack. There are definitely some weird ones and if you want to commit to the graphic pack or use it as your main it would probably be better without 2D ones or 3D ones scattered throughout. ;)

    Anyways, here are the links;

    WinWin's Graphic Requests Pack #1

    WinWin's Graphic Requests Pack #2

    WinWin's Graphic Requests Pack #3

    WinWin's Graphics

    Graphic Requests Google Drive…5ST2i6BNzojMw?usp=sharing

    San Francisco Fire

    Baited! Coming soon. 8o

    I would disagree with this idea. The sheriff unit as Gooochy said, does the exact things as a normal police car would do. There is no reason to add a sheriff K-9 unit because it is the same as a police K-9 unit. The K-9 unit is not even specific to any jurisdiction or department. You can name it sheriff K-9 no difference. In Santa Clara, we have two comprised jurisdictions, the county and city police. They don't vary which is why making a "sheriff K-9" is very unessasary. If we did this why don't we make a "Sheriff SWAT," or a "Sheriff Motor Officer."

    You can do so by clicking on their profile and selecting "gift coins" select a package and it will give them coins. It is only on desktop tho, not a feature on mobile.

    Been a while since doing these cut-out graphics but some new ones have dropped. This was a specific request from one of our community members at the design server to do some Lexington and Montgomery appliances. Here are a few of what is being dropped into my second request graphic pack (because I am running out of spots in my first one). These you may have noticed are different, they include the new lighting system and they are animated.

    The straight answer is no. The firefighting heli and planes are only useful for a large custom mission that requires it. The heli does not even carry as much water as a water tanker. Hopefully, there will be a use for them more in the future for large wildland missions but at this point, it's just useful to get to a mission faster than a land vehicle.

    I buy them because I am building my California operations realistically I have not found them useful.

    I "prepare for the worst." In this case, I just have an AAR set up for full requirements of the acid burns and Unknown Tanker Spill (UTS). For the UTS calls there is a way to differentiate. With LSSM or Scripts-MKS I can easily see the payout amount for the mission without going to another screen or with Scripts-MKS I can see at the top of the mission header how much UTS is worth. If it's 4300 it only requires 1 Hazmat and 4 educated personnel. If it is worth 5300 it requires 2 Hazmats with 8 educated personnel. I have an AAR set to just all the requirements of the 5300 mission but you can send Hazmats accordingly by looking at the payout. For acid burns, I just have an AAR to send the units always as there is no way of differentiating the ones that do and do not need extra units.

    Many missions like this one are definitely off-balance. What I have learned is the mod team here does a fantastic job of adding new missions to all MC platforms but that comes with inconsistencies. In my opinion, this mission is not as unbalanced as others including small missions. What I have found however is they don't tend to go back and fix a mission even if it's typos, inconsistent capitalization, or unrealistic unit requirements. I doubt they will just raise the mission payout for this but there are a lot better missions you will find as you keep expanding so it will be more pleasing as the larger missions come in.

    Going to slowly build up a 3D SF graphic pack. Let me know if you are interested, for now, the pack is going to be private but if you want exclusive access I'll share with you a google drive. Anyways, I am also trying a new technique using clearer and larger pictures for my graphics.

    Here is SFFD Engine 35. Enjoy!


    As we can see I have expanded stations like the police stations and ambulance stations. My police station cost me 481k but I expanded it 6 times... On the ambulance station when I expand a small ambulance 6 times for 360k and another 100 for the station it gives me back all 460k. The same goes for a fire station I spent 25 coins on and 360k upgrading the slots but did not receive any of that money back. I can conclude, expanding slots for fire and police stations will not give me back the money I spent on expanding them.

    This was not the case before I 100% know it. I believe it is a bug or the devs really wanted to nerf the system. It cost me quite the hefty fine for this. Even if this was something the devs nerfed I don't think it should have been this discrete.

    Thank you,