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    Hello all,

    I have discussed previously I was working on a project. That project is a new graphic design server. I am a current member of Gaming Zone which is a gaming community centered around a variety of games. It is run by my friend Jamie who revamped the server out of Missionchief Graphics. With his consulting and help I have created the server MG. I have learned much from being a ranking official in the peak times of MCGD, so I want to share my knowledge of graphics as well as the experience of graphic design with an active Missionchief community on discord. My goal is to let anyone who wants to join, have an enjoyable experience as a whole community.

    To be more technical, we are recruiting all graphic designers. Graphic requests are open to the public which means members of this community can start requesting vehicle and building graphics. Other than that, I know more is to come with my graphic designing and new graphics to come to everyone. :)

    Link to the discord server:

    Have fun,


    Hello all,

    I wish to make a formal post about my up and coming project soon. All I can say is I am working with a collaborate team at “gaming zone” to provide us with a graphic design server that best suits our community. Gaming zone which is, yes, formally known as MCGD inspired me to be a graphics creator. I have seen how graphics are so amazing in this community and they’re like a slice of butter in a complex burger ^^. Because I see the great potential in, helping people who want graphics to be made but don’t know how to, to answer aspiring graphic creators questions, to provide a base for current graphic creators, or just to talk with an active missionchief discord community, I hope we will be able to deliver a great experience. Being apart of MCGD since it’s peak, I have learned a ton. Fewer mistakes and less drama is the way to go. Have fun all, and I hope to watch a multi-server and multi-alliance group come together. :saint:




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    I can't seem to train the EMS Chief located in my small ambulance station. It only allows me to train people in the fire stations.

    I think to solve you issue, yes you want to train “personnel” in you ambulance station with EMS command from the rescue training center. You cannot train people individually. Once training is done you can assigned the trained crew to the EMS chief.

    To that 165k price tag is why I never expand fire stations for EMS. You may know after you reach the 25 station mark your fire stations will go up in price. Mine cost 853 thousand per small fire station. If I wanted to make it a large fire station it would cost me another 853k and time to wait for the expansion and additional cost to let’s say I have 1 fire engine and 1 ladder truck, then I would be paying for a 100k slot expansion. By having another station I can eliminate that and make it reserved for only EMS. It is also way cheaper than expanding a fire station to EMS.

    I build a fully realistic California operation. When doing that even if a fire station has one ALS ambulance I will put a small ambulance station right next to the fire station. Putting individual EMS stations will definitely benefit you in the long run and be a much better investment.

    FreshRawrr I want to apologize, to correct my findings yes the “ALS rescue ambulance” will not be sent with a ALS AAR. In fact it won’t be sent with any medical AAR. I highly doubt it’s a bug but more of something the devs did not add in. It will still dispatch as a rescue but not a medical unit which doesn’t make sense. My apologizes but I hope the clarification suits well to the issue.

    Yea I always thought 1 day was quite a bit of time. Idk. I don’t think any of these topics are of enough significance to change the system for the devs. As I have said previously I do have tips and tricks to best managing personnel which is why I don’t think there is a widespread need to change the system. Pretty much learn and master it as you go.

    Not sure what the second part of that meant but if you wait a few weeks all your stations will have lots of personnel and just train from there. I really don’t find need to transfer unless I am waiting for training to complete or more personnel for my new stations.

    I agree. Honestly, before purchasing premium I did have some struggle in managing my hundreds of stations. It’s definitely not impossible but it would take time to manually hire personnel from just a handful. If you do hire from a a select few stations it should not be to big of a problem.

    My suggestion for if you don’t have premium and auto-hire, is to recruit from your first 10-20 stations in all three departments (PD,FD, and EMS) and hire at new stations you place until you are satisfied with the amount of personnel there. Just keep a watch on those stations, and train from the stations with many personnel and then transfer.

    I don’t believe it is the transferring of personnel I do agree it is the recruitment phase that is most likely lacking for many people.

    Name/Type of Mission: Bear Spotting

    Units Required:

    1 Game Warden

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Forest, Hill, Park Forest

    Patients: 0-1

    Prisoners: 0-1

    Credit Reward: 680

    Name/Type of Mission: Sideshow (Small)

    Units Required:

    1 Engine

    3 Patrol Cars

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0-4

    Prisoners: 0-2

    Credit Reward: 1250

    Can expand to:

    Sideshow (Medium) and Sideshow (Large).

    Name/Type of Mission: Sideshow (Medium)

    Units Required:

    2 Engines

    6 Patrol Cars

    1 K-9

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0-4

    Prisoners: 0-6

    Credit Reward: 4500

    Can expand to: Sideshow (Large)

    Name/Type of Mission: Sideshow (Large)

    Units Required:

    2 Engines

    12 Patrol Cars

    2 K-9

    1 Police Helicopter

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): none

    Patients: 0-6

    Prisoners: 0-14

    Credit Reward: 8000

    To provide some information on a “sideshow,” they are pretty common in California but obviously happen around the nation. It is where groups of vehicles get together and drift, do donuts and drive recklessly in a public area.

    There is quite the bit of stories of large sideshows which is why I would really like this added in the game. I have heard of 1000+ car sideshows too...

    I understand the “issue.” During my tests it does not always send the closest ambulance to the call. Not sure why but yes eventually maybe after 2 or 3 more clicks the AAR will detect and send the ALS rescue ambulance.

    No it’s not a bug. The ALS Rescue ambulance will be dispatched if you have either or both a HRV AAR or ALS ambulance AAR. I have tested it and if I press my rescue or ALS AAR both will include the ALS rescue. There is no need for an AAR for this vehicle because it falls under two categories already in the AAR.

    The EMS Command Unit is still required for high patient calls. I am not sure what the amount is but with a 46 patient call I do need 2 EMS command personnel. I have also heard the command unit will transport patients automatically. The thing I question is what the incident support unit does.

    It would be nice if you could set close, medium, or far mission spawning for individual dispatch centers. I know for my Yosemite build I would prefer missions to spawn farther apart and farther from my stations. And in NY or San Jose I would want the close range which would be what the game is currently set at. The far setting would be closer to the anti-cheat call spawner. It’s your choice what you want it to be at and anyone can use this feature. :)

    No updates yet. We are waiting for EMS part 2 that will finish off our medical section for the time being. If I were to take my guess give it another month or something and they’ll release it in the summertime. However, that would be the best case scenario. Currently we don’t have any idea about what is going to be in the update and a rough date.

    Exactly! ;( We really hope the devs add a “paramedic engine” with the ability to carry ALS personnel to treat patients in part 2 of the EMS update.

    The engine/ambulance is a fire engine but has a extended cab to also hold a ambulance cabin to carry patients. Fun concept but I don’t think I’ll ever use it.

    Then what’s the point? You can pay 2 coins to complete a mission anyways. If I am dissecting your idea right, to finish the mission using your voting system by all admins one admin will pay another 10 coins to cancel the mission? I believe the idea is to complex to solve an issue that can be resolved in other ways. You can pay 2 coins and still get the full payout or wait 48 hours. I don’t think something like a voting system would ever be implemented into the game in the first place. Hope you understand the realms of what I am saying.