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    Back in October 2021 a few of us came away from a top ten alliance and created UK 999 Response within 3 months we reached the dizzy heights of page 3.

    UK Wide 999 Response believe in treating everyone fairly and are looking for a peacful alliance which is our aim as well as rising up through the ranks of MC

    We would like all members to contribute to the alliance funds but this is optional we offer discounts based on your contributions to the alliance

    A 3% contribution would give you 30% discount

    A 7% contribution would give you 70% discount

    basically you will get 10% discount for every 1% you contribute, if you decide to not contribute then full price will be charged for everything.

    We operate a Discord Server with general chat, help sections and mission announcements along with many other things and we encourage any new member to join

    lastly all we ask is that you have fun and treat each other with respect

    Any Problems or questions give any of us below a shout

    donnigan27091, La-Casa-de-Papel, Skelletor1