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    In my county alone there is way more departments that don’t have a ladder truck then those who do (like most towns have like 1-2, but a few of the towns are are not a unified single fire department but rather 2 or more departments that jointly cover one town. And in my own battalion only 3 departments out of 6 have the 5 trucks in the entire battalion (which covers 4 towns (there’s some weird boarders that were drawn by the membership of the departments as we are all volunteer (well mostly))) Monroe County, NY is where I am from

    Well I will admit that while yes “some” places have these in the US they are rare (good examples are NYC and Philadelphia) (Philly included as an example here) (and they are about as rare as the EMS Engine/Ambulance) but is a good idea that even I myself has brought it up in a small group conversation between myself and others in my Department about a year ago discussing the need of a capability provided by one of our rescues and how to get more use out of a truck we very rarely use, but we agreed that there was still need for said capability and how to increase the chances that it gets on the raid when needed I fell like I am ranting so I will stop there

    Biggest complaint I have is the the small Version of the costal rescue station is a life guard station and the large version is called a coast guard station and the USCG is part of the military and emergency services and unlike the coast guard in the UK is not directly reached by the emergency number (911) depending on the situation they may be notified but not directly dispatched a good example of how contacting the coast guard can be found on a accident that occurred in Philadelphia PA.

    My suggestion to fix this is to rename the small version to lifeguard tower and the large version to Lifeguard Station and renaming the units accordingly (note this is a true statement coming from a IRL Firefighter in NYS)

    First my 2 cents on the US costal rescue update way better implementation on the UK server as the coast guard is as stated by someone else a military branch and unlike in the UK is not reachable by our emergency number (911) As in the UK u can call 999 and ask for the coast guard

    Second hats off to the UK Server devs on doing something better than the US Server devs even thoe the updates came out around the same time And let’s hope they can pull off better airport mechanics

    Third no way FB players are more valued and if that’s true then the devs need to rethink their strategy as FB Players basically can not like suggest things

    Fourth best of luck to the MCUK Forum community as I to I thinking of leaving MC should a CR PT 2 come to the us server not like changing some things as coast guard = Life guard false statement and should not have been large/small station designated name

    to save you time - a rotator is a specialized heavy tow truck - it has a crane able to lift parts of a semi truck - and if the truck has rolled- it can rotate the vehicle to place it on the wheels

    You know that the apparatus mentioned are used by the LAFD and LACoFD USAR teams not as tow trucks right, like really why would I not specifically mention them otherwise (side note they are still used as designed but also for debris removal on building collapse among other things)

    Could add a rotator to this (ie the type of apparatus that LAFD’s Heavy Rescue 3 and LACoFD’s Heavy Rescue 103 are) if ya don’t know what a rotator is look of the units up

    On some of what has been said here would love the Safety Officer has I have started to add them in to my setup (I currently use a Battalion for it) and even a small Volunteer department like mine (small compared to other’s with multiple stations but here at home we are a decent size) we still have one. Also the rehab/ cantien unit is not bad either as they are realistic. (mostly found in large career or Major Cities departments) Lastly I would like to see a Deluge unit (Like the one LACoFD, and Chicago have and the FDNY Satellite unit is the same unit type as them, (TMK (To My Knowledge) and this could be used as a stepping stone for expansion from the foam expansion in more for major fires.

    Upgradeable to level 3 giving you 4 aircraft. No real limit on how many you can build. But at 1.5 mil to build and 1.5 mil per level plus cost of the aircraft (which can be as high as 1.5 mil or as low as 300k)....

    odd as I have 6 aircraft (Level 5)

    So what is the limits numbers for this building


    How many are you allowed to have at X number of buildings/ extensions

    Max level of any one when fully upgraded

    I guess the fact remains that across the many jurisdictions being copied or duplicated throughout this game, there are just as many combinations of apparatus and how they are used or combined for use to meet the needs of that specific jurisdiction and the developers will never be able to recreate all of them. Another example is Tankers.... We have air Tankers and then there are also Tankers available for use and also pumper tankers. If you go with NIMS compliance and what they do in CA (I think) , if you call for a Tanker you are getting something with wings and if it has wheels, it is called a Tender. The County my city operates out of is now using the term Tender. Bottom line is that we take what is available and we adapt modify and overcome

    that is true I currently run a 2 peice Rescue and Air truck for a neighboring department one of their rescues and I would like this to be one truck

    This comes from experience the mission should be changed to have minimum water requirement of 4500 gallons and a heave rescue should be added, and if you don’t believe me google it there’s quite the evidence to back me up out there

    I once asked my cousin who is on Engine 46 in the Bronx which companies Cary extrication equipment and you are correct as all Truck, Squad, and Rescue Companies carry said equipment in NYC