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    He is thinking about an option to allow the EMS Engine/Ambulance to transport or just act like a fly car (I am guessing they mean like a BLS Upgradable (IE requires a fly car (or other equivalent unit) or ALS Ambulance to fully treat a patient))

    So with the update to the police stations (that big one with the ten slots for units and jail cells, the k-9 carrier, detection unit, federal and bomb squad) (if I just clumped like a few into one my bad) I have been confused by the use of the federal police units that can be acquired and their practical use in the local/state police force (except the bomb squad that’s self explanatory) but the FBI Investigation Wagon and the FBI surveillance drone if someone could explain their use in the local/state police that would be great

    Um in my department we had (has since been sold) atleast 1 (in my time maybe more from when I was younger as my on senior people have know me since I was like 3) engine with a 10 person max capacity and our current rescue has 10 seats (not a walkthrough FYI) and our tower when we bought in has 8 (since reduced to 6 like our other ladder) (both quints) but one of our neighbors had a straight truck that had room for atleast 6(since replaced by a quint) thinks this is uncommon the FDNY Runs 6 MAN Trucks

    On this it now wants 6 in a rig with both SAR and TR equipment assigned so most of my units that carry them can’t go out unless I drop one of the equipment is this a bug or some new feature

    The only thing that was wrong with the changes to the max capacity was the type 2 being given the same capacity as the type 1 now I am no expert on the difference between the two (mainly cause the only information I have is on specs for the pump tank and hose load) but also cause I don’t believe that a department actually runs a type 2 where I am from, but yes the increased crew capacity should be brought back just don’t increase it off what it is set to currently (ie 6 stays at 6 and not bumped to 10)

    Some thing not really minor (this first one was totally overlooked) and that is the air light truck the mobile air should be able to carry the light tower equipment (four examples LA (City and County) Ventura County and SMFR

    2 add a off road rescue vehicle for EMS stations and expansion (these are used to remove victims from areas that normal ambulances can’t reach and would go great for making some calls more realistic

    3 add a vent fan it’s odd the some servers have gotten this and the US server has not

    If I am not mistaken the welfare unit (UK Server unit) performs the same role as a rehab unit and is able to be purchased at either a HART base or a fire station (HART is Hazardous Area Responce Team and is an ambulance thing) might also be available in ems stations, so it’s feasible I guess to put a rehab unit in

    In my county alone there is way more departments that don’t have a ladder truck then those who do (like most towns have like 1-2, but a few of the towns are are not a unified single fire department but rather 2 or more departments that jointly cover one town. And in my own battalion only 3 departments out of 6 have the 5 trucks in the entire battalion (which covers 4 towns (there’s some weird boarders that were drawn by the membership of the departments as we are all volunteer (well mostly))) Monroe County, NY is where I am from

    Well I will admit that while yes “some” places have these in the US they are rare (good examples are NYC and Philadelphia) (Philly included as an example here) (and they are about as rare as the EMS Engine/Ambulance) but is a good idea that even I myself has brought it up in a small group conversation between myself and others in my Department about a year ago discussing the need of a capability provided by one of our rescues and how to get more use out of a truck we very rarely use, but we agreed that there was still need for said capability and how to increase the chances that it gets on the raid when needed I fell like I am ranting so I will stop there

    Biggest complaint I have is the the small Version of the costal rescue station is a life guard station and the large version is called a coast guard station and the USCG is part of the military and emergency services and unlike the coast guard in the UK is not directly reached by the emergency number (911) depending on the situation they may be notified but not directly dispatched a good example of how contacting the coast guard can be found on a accident that occurred in Philadelphia PA.

    My suggestion to fix this is to rename the small version to lifeguard tower and the large version to Lifeguard Station and renaming the units accordingly (note this is a true statement coming from a IRL Firefighter in NYS)

    First my 2 cents on the US costal rescue update way better implementation on the UK server as the coast guard is as stated by someone else a military branch and unlike in the UK is not reachable by our emergency number (911) As in the UK u can call 999 and ask for the coast guard

    Second hats off to the UK Server devs on doing something better than the US Server devs even thoe the updates came out around the same time And let’s hope they can pull off better airport mechanics

    Third no way FB players are more valued and if that’s true then the devs need to rethink their strategy as FB Players basically can not like suggest things

    Fourth best of luck to the MCUK Forum community as I to I thinking of leaving MC should a CR PT 2 come to the us server not like changing some things as coast guard = Life guard false statement and should not have been large/small station designated name