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    for mass casualty incidents, you have als crews assigned to pick up Alpha & Bravo call types. I’ve had 10 ambulances dispatched to an earthquake with a mix of call types. ALS ambulances will transport A/B patients when they should be attending to C/D/E patients. It would be nice if the correct asset treats the appropriate victim. When they treat the A/B patients, the BLS crew dispatched will require another EMS asset to respond. Also, why can’t a BLS crew have a QRV Medic or Shift captain jump on board to make an ALS crew? It does happen in the real world.

    Also, the maximum number of crew for HEMS is 1. There’s usually 2-3 minimum. 1 pilot and 2 medical crew. Maryland SHP flies medevac with 2 pilots and 1 medical crew. Trained crew members should be able to be assigned across stations. For example, why can’t a deputy who’s been through aviation training be “promoted’ to police aviation? Instead, you have to hire new personnel and pay to train them.