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    If your units are driving on water, something is probably being detected as a road. Im no developer but i dont think thats really something that can be fixed. Because if a mission spawns far enough off a road, your units wont even try to find a proper route

    Hm. It might be resolved in a few days.
    This happened to be a couple days ago where I generated 28 calls. (28 FD) Then It continued to generate 28 calls (29 FD). One day, I the missions did not generate. I was clearing them but they were not generating. But it it got fixed after a refresh. But after a couple days at least for now the whole situation resolved itself.

    I find it kind of annoying how you wait 7 days and spend 100k and rarely get any calls for the expansion.
    I got my first forestry (excuse me if I call it a brush expansion) 4 - 5 weeks ago and I only ever got 2 calls. I thought getting a second brush expansion would increase the brush calls. I got one 2 weeks ago and I haven't gotten another one since.

    I feel like that if you pay and wait for an expansion, you get more frequent expansion calls. Especially SWR at least around where I live they're pretty common.

    (If this is a thread already I havent seen one. Please link it if it does exist.)

    - Non Emergency Medical Transport Van
    - Transports "No Need Patients" & "General Internal"
    - Treats only A patients
    - Used in patient transfer
    - New Mission: Non Emergency Medical Transport
    - From random area in mission generation circle to nearest player owned hospital

    - Specialty Care Transports
    - Quote From East Coast Ambulance & Wheelchair Service: "SCT is typically a hospital-to-hospital transport of a critically injured or ill patient by ground ambulance. For this mode, we deploy our Specialty Care Transport Team of Critical Care Nurses and an advanced life support team. The service is ideal for patients who require a level of service beyond the scope of the EMT-Paramedic."

    - Bariatric Ambulances
    - Quote From East Coast Ambulance & Wheelchair Service: "Our Bariatric service is designed to provide a safe and dignified transportation solution to those whose weight or condition require special needs transport. The ambulances have been customized to allow for the extra wide stretcher and additional personnel when needed. With advanced equipment like the Stryker MX-PRO bariatric cot, we can accommodate patients weighing up to 850 pounds.
    All of the EMTs working on these units are given additional training in bariatric needs, CPR training on a bariatric mannequin, manual handling of the obese patient, risk assessments, and training on all equipment used.

    • Customized ambulances provide comfort to larger individuals
    • Able to transport people up to 850lbs
    • Larger stretcher
    • Additional safety restraints
    • Specially trained crew


    I like to play as realistically as the game lets me but I have an issue where sheriffs dont patrol. Its not a major issue in the slightest but in one of my setups There are a few City Police departments, but there are only County sheriffs, and I usually make my county police drive by my other police departments if more officers are needed.

    I personally wish SWAT wasn't needed for every dangerous call, normally patrol units can eventually sort it out. So I personally think instead for some of the SWAT missions, its a request probability thing. Like: "6 SWAT Personnel Request Probability: 10"

    But, I wouldnt have an issue with this if SWAT SUVs functioned as patrol cars. When I was setting up my patrol routes it the SWAT SUV showed up, so it look like it supposed to or it could be.

    I really feel like there should be more follow up missions, you really only see them when you are new to the game and you are generating small calls.

    Like a shooting can generate an officer down near it, a vehicle pursuit can cause road accidents.

    This also brings more ideas of mission types:
    Stabbing Suspect is the original call, they can also generate a couple stabbings. Or lets say you have a two POIs next to each other: A Hotel Fire can cause a Little Field if the POI is next to it.
    Another example. The main call is a Road Accident, the call generates 2 cars as follow up missions and a unit needs to be sent there to address the scene. Maybe also It generates 2 People that the police needs to take the sides of and take their statements.

    Final example, i would also like instead of missions expanding into officer downs they are generated by the mission and the officer down would be a seperate mission.

    For people that dont know what follow up missions are:
    Its a option in the dispatch center that lets you have one call generate more calls like, A Burning car can cause burning leaves as a separate mission. So the mission would be called: Burning Leaves caused by "Burning Car" adds another level of realism.

    For, me they have to be APNGs as tbolt said, but they don't work on the mobile app. But they work on browsers. That's just for me though. What device do you play on? I might be able to help.

    Emmmmm maybe because irl they do happen and the game is trying to be as realistic as it can be. Please remember this is just a game just because your playing it one way doesn't me everyone else is playing it the same as you.
    Also some of the false alarms do turn into real calls and often expand into bigger paying calls

    I understand that and I personally love playing realistically in MissionChief. But it gets annoying when I need to make credits. That is also the exact reason why I said it should be an option in the Dispatch Center....

    In another thread I made "A New Feature I Feel Like Should Be Added" I basically asked if zoning calls would be possible, the short answer is no. But I have another idea that is like zoning but I don't know if it would work or not. I really want something like zoning and a use to my patrol routes

    The Idea:
    In a Dispatch Center you have an option that says "stations generate each others calls" or something like that. (I image this being an option you can choose per dispatch center) Basically every station can generate a police fire or medical call. Any building in the dispatch center can generate each others calls. I also Imagine stations without dispatch centers only generates its own calls ex. FD only generates FD calls.

    Also on the topic of realism, for all the people that play with BLS ambulances is it possible to get more BLS calls than ALS? From what I know BLS calls happen more often.

    Last Idea, is it possible to have a more realistic dispatching sound? And like a Fire Station Alarm Tone everytime a new call comes in? And another "decision sound?" ex. Transport and Call Expansion

    Why do false alarms exist without an option?

    I get it, you want to make the game as realistic as possible but it can get really annoying when you are trying to make money.

    My ideas of fixing this:

    - Make it an option in the dispatch center like "Realism on / off"
    In an idea this would turn off false alarms until a player re enables it (default off)