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    That is part of the game mechanics of the EMS automatic stand down

    As the mission has no available patients your ambulances will be released

    Then when the mission completes the patient is then spawned into the mission

    I like this system as it adds a bit more depth rather than being able to treat and transport a patient that is trapped before the fire trucks even arrive to free the patient

    Hello guys Im brand new to the game i have about 7 fire stations and need to figure out the way to do personals heres a image thanks in advance


    In the fire station click on the vehicle name, on the next screen lick on the button that says assign staff then assign the minimum staff it says the minimum staff on the vehicle buy screen.

    If it has no minimum just a maximum then the unit needs 1 staff member assigned just to drive the unit

    Then repeat it for each unit

    I know I need more unit spaces on my PD stations

    At current we have 40 spaces and when considered the missions that require 20 patrol cars

    so I definitely would like to see the new expansions bring in additional (locked) spaces, like the water police expansion currently adds 2 spaces for each expansion

    A US marshals expansion for federal police maybe a good one that could lead to some good missions to be added in the future

    And a increase to the current police station limit would be nice to see I believe currently limited to 1,700 stations

    I have put this up to the devs for correction.

    Please let me know if this was fixed.

    Thank you

    They have removed the wildfire trucks and the wildland MCC from the mission

    Still has the Hazmat and MCV required so maybe a good idea for the devs to edit the information in the unit but screen as it is incorrect for the Battalion chief, Hazmat & MCV

    hi guys

    i think the new mission has some thing that need to be looked at
    as for the requirments:

    hazmat at only 10 stations

    3 wildland MCC with no wildland MCC expansions required to spawn

    2 wildland fire trucks also no expansions listed to spawn

    looking to see if we can have the station Specialisation added to the federal police building, his has been implemented already for the expansions at fire and police stations and would like to see it for the federal police building for the ATF and DEA expansions

    If the fire and police stations stayed at the same price then everyone would rather quickly be at the building limits of the game

    I know that it sounds like they get to expensive but honestly my opinion they are still reasonably priced I currently have 884 fire stations and my next large fire station is still only going to cost 2.2 million credits

    The thought is to not have to go back and forth, especially with newer units, or as someone is expanding.

    It is known that a basic patrol car, ambulance and “fire truck only need one person.

    But what is minimum for a Hazmat, or coastal Helicopter?

    To understand the minimum required staff for a unit you are needing to look at the mission requirements not what the unit but screen tells you is the minimum.

    I can tell you that with your hazmat unit don’t put less than 4 trained staff in each hazmat unit. The unit only needs 1 to dispatch but most of the missions that need hazmat work in requiring sets of 4 trained staff, (before someone else tries to correct me I know that there are a few smaller missions that need hazmat staff in sets of 2)

    Swift water is again 4 trained staff in the utility unit and in the heavy rescue + light boat unit as the mission again requires sets of 4 trained staff

    The coastal helicopter will work with the 1 staff member as it is listed but patient Treatment is drastically slower you are always best to fill every unit

    I'm not worried about this.
    I designed the mission to work like this, it does not always have to be directly over the mission that spawns it.

    I had to turn of the follow up missions as every single smoke inhalation caused by (mission name)

    They would never complete the patients would get fully treated and then just sit no transport request for them

    I am trying to get a 2nd game warden truck and it will not allow me to buy that or any other vehicle in that station

    With the police station.

    If you have done the water police expansion this adds 2 unit slots for each of the expansions.

    So your station will look like 3/7

    But those additional unit spaces are only for the patrol boat

    So you won’t see the buy buttons for normal units but at the top there will be a second tab for water police and you will see buy buttons

    If that’s the case you just need to expand the station to have another unit slot and then your all good to buy the unit you want

    You know what, I do remember doing something like that

    If you want to remove that you will need to go to a station that has that same type of vehicle

    Then click on the unit the blue text

    Then at the top on the left you will see the unit type click again on the blue text on the right.

    That will take you to the final page where you can set the colour for the unit select box in the mission dispatch screen

    Why would you spend 50k vs 6k then for the same purpose?

    when the coastal rescue was introduced into the game. The small coastal boat was listed in the blue text box on the unit buy screen as being dual purpose.

    Based on that information and the 50k cost of the small coastal boat we requested that swift water rescue training be added to the coastal academy

    Which our feedback was taken to the devs and they added the swift water rescue training to the coastal academy

    Having seen this I did just send a small coastal boat to a mission that required lightboat, when the small coastal boat arrived at the mission it wasn’t counted as a lightboat.

    So maybe it is something that is going to be looked at are is already known about as I am sure they wouldn’t have added the swift water rescue training to the coastal academy if it wasn’t going to be needed