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    yes, maybe, but since we cant issue transports to a specific vehicle it won't make a difference.

    thx anyways

    You can chose which specific vehicle transports if you open the mission the vehicle is attached to, instead of the vehicle itself (click "View mission").

    I have a similar system - some patrol cars with custom names/callsigns under a custom ARR do all the prisoner transports, the other cars clear.

    Perhaps just use a little imagination with the call name. Sure, in reality, not every case of somebody being locked out (or in) is an emergency, but this game is about emergencies so let's just assume that call takers are generating these calls for us as if they are genuine. There are many other minor calls in the game which in real life won't [always] get treated as emergencies.

    In fact, within the UK, the fire service have a much stronger legal position and ability to force entry into a property than the police service do. They are also trained better and with better equipment for it. I know in my local area the fire service attend the majority of this type of call instead of police.


    Currently the game does a great job in showing you which units are nearby to an incident, but only if the units are available (status 1/2).
    Would it be possible to have a "show all vehicles" list/option which lists ALL nearby units, including those free (status 1/2) AND those already dispatched to other calls (status 3)?

    For example if I have a high priority medical call come in, I'd want to see ALL my closest units (regardless of status), sort by distance, and then I can choose to divert the closest ambulance from a less urgent call it's already dispatched on.

    It would make dispatching a lot easier and faster, especially for large dispatch setups, and would be similar to real life dispatching software.

    I know the "follow up" list exists, but the unit distances aren't always accurate and I am talking about a kind of combination of the "follow up" and "all" lists all in one screen, for quicker and easier dispatching.

    Maybe it can be something like the image I've made below.

    Thanks for making a great game.

    I believe the game is set up like this (but I may be wrong):
    If you choose an individual vehicle's graphic, that graphic is visible to you and other players.
    If you choose a graphics pack, all vehicles visible on your map follow that graphics pack - unless a unit has been given its own individual graphic.
    If you click on an ally's vehicle it shows which graphic the ally uses for it - but your own graphics pack would override how it appears to you on the map.

    I believe it's possible to use a graphics pack but also set some or all of your units with individual icons too.

    Hello team and thanks for such a simple but great game.

    This a small issue but should the Hare Coursing mission maybe be changed to a Farm or Heathland POI? It's a bit unrealistic having it spawn in the middle of major cities etc.