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    I can confirm numerous conversations with Housesparrow about demoting or removing leaders of alliances because he disagrees with how they run things.

    Including messaging me the other day telling me that he was upset about how alliances ran there missions and joking about my using my admin powers to demote or remove dutchfirefighter from his alliance. Do not give him admin rights.

    update: After 35 days they refunded me what I asked and gave me coins for the inconvenience. It only took 36 days to "resolve" this. Although as far as I understand you will still have the problem if you have the airport expansion with the forestry expansion. They didn't really "solve" the problem but they did refund me so I can stop complaining now :D

    DO NOT add the airport extension to a fire station if you have the forestry expansion! It causes the forestry expansion to not work. I noticed that I was having a problem with my calls two months ago. I was not getting any calls that involved wildfire engines despite be having two active extensions and several added POI. I reached out to support who told me this ( See screenshots) I suggest that you contact them and ask for compensation. By the way this answer took me two months to get. First they told me I was the only one having the problem, then after I annoyed them for days they gave me this half ass answer thats not even in English.

    I still haven't had a single wildfire mission in over two weeks. I could understand if they are less frequent, but zero in two weeks seems odd. Any suggestions on how to improve this? POI and checking my stations to make sure they are active didn't work. I even turned my stations off then back on again and still am getting nothing.

    I dont mind the helicopters having the infinite range, but I DO mind when I have a chopper assigned to a dispatch center in Oregon and get calls in New York that require them. I thought that if you assigned buildings to dispatch centers that it would only generate calls that would apply to those buildings. Am I wrong? My New York Dispatch center does not have an aviation center building attached to it, my Oregon one does. So I shouldn't be getting calls in NY that require a police helicopter, but I am somehow.

    I was getting a ton of wildfire missions, then for the last week I haven't recieved a single one. I thought adding more POI might help, but that didn't seem to do it. I am getting missions like harvester fires in the new POI, but my wildfire units haven't added any miles in a long time. I also double checked to see if I put the building expansion as offline, which I didn't. Is anybody else having this problem?