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    Progress is very slow in terms of building with lots of stations. It’s 1.5mill for each station now. Just figured starting new it would be a bit more interesting than sitting running calls just to save money. Oh well. Guess I’m screwed no matter which way I go. At this rate I’ll likely just stop playing.

    I'm not sure that accounts can be reset but I don't think it can be reset unfortunately (unless someone otherwise says so). I do know that they can be deleted so that people can create a new account.

    That is what I’m thinking as well. With 911-Dispatch there was an account reset option. Of course that game wasn’t nearly as broad I’m terms of options as this game so rank didn’t apply. I have so much invested in the account that I want to keep records of (awards, total points accumulated, rank), but I’m really starting to get bored with my map being full and would just like some different scenery.

    I wonder if deleting houses, equipment, and personnel would achieve what I’m wishing to do. It would be tedious, but if I could go back to zero stations and that in turn resets the building costs I could essentially pick up and move my experience and aforementioned records to another part of the country only losing what I’ve built and not what I’ve earned.

    Might be worth trying this just to prove or disprove my theory to share with others. Worst case scenario is I’d have to start over again. But wow, that would suck!

    I’ve been playing for a year now and have found myself getting bored after having built every emergency service location within 4 surrounding counties where I live south of St Louis, MO. I’m considering moving to NYC and working on FDNY and NYPD, something I did in 911-Dispatch before coming over here.

    I can’t decide if it would be better to start a new account or reset my current account. Part of why I’m not sure which route to go is that I don’t know if account resets are possible, and if they are does the reset completely blank everything and start over as a new account or will it just delete all my work to date but keep building prices at the higher rate. I’d also like to maintain my accumulated points and rank while I stay with my current alliance.

    In a perfect world I’d prefer to blank my building progress, resetting the building costs, and keep my rank of Battalion Chief if it’s possible. Looking for some insight.

    Being a new player of less than a month I've noticed something that doesn't make sense in my mind. My alliance ran a mission tonight that required 6 million gallons of water. Extreme was my first thought. Be we made it happen without issue. I started doing some math in my mind and it didn't add up. Even if every water unit was a tanker carrying 3000 gallons of water it would take 2000 tankers to accomplish that based on carried water alone. So my question is this. How is the needed/supplied water calculated for each mission? I'm just trying to get this concept to fit in my overly insightful mind. Thanks!