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    Speaking on behalf of my alliance.
    The Crew Carrier used to tow trailers, at least one of our players set up his boats to be towed by crew carriers but about a month ago he discovered that the boats towed by SUVs and pick-ups no longer were responding. The list of units says "tractive vehicle not available" even though the Crew Carrier is still in the station. This needs fixing.

    The problem is the person who pushed for sheriff's units doesn't understand what sheriff's departments are. Basically the sheriff's units are supervisors in the game and not sheriff's units which are normal patrol cars in real life. They named them wrong.
    They thought they are supervisors over every police Dept not a separate county wide law enforcement that functions like any municipal dept.

    The only way it would work well is if water sources were able to be added by the players. Like as a POI but that also would take a lot of time if it was a city.
    However if each station could be set for a type of area it covers like Urban, Suburban or Rural then the rural stations would have player added water sources because they aren't on every corner usually.

    Since the tank size is now displayed on the Tanker and Pumper Tanker we should be able to change that size. Pumper Tankers are sizes from 1000gal to 5000gal and more and Tankers are from 1200gal usually on up to 5000gal and more.

    Dispatch Centers were added to the game to allow us to have multiple areas built like new. A dispatch center with 1 fire station was supposed to get calls appropriate for 1 fire station. Today one of my dispatch Centers with 2 fire stations and multiple EMS stations got an Industrial fire. I have had this problem multiple times with dispatch Centers I switched stations to from dispatch centers with multiple fire stations but this dispatch center was built first and had stations built assigned to it right from the beginning. This dispatch center is over 100 miles from the closest Aerials I have and 120+ from the closest Command Post. This glitch needs fixing immediately.

    There are Aerial Ladders then you got the Tower Ladders, Now these days both are being used by different department around the world now. There is no difference, They are used to do the same thing, Its what the department decides for them to be used for while being operated.

    [Blocked Image:] Here is a Quantum 75' Aerial ladder. They come in different ratings for both Aerial's and Tower Ladders. It does not matter by their Radio Designation, its what their Manufacturer has to offer.

    A Tower Ladder is a radio designation used by some places to designate an aerial with a Platform on the end of the aerial from others. It is a Platform Aerial/Platform Quint just under a different name. Both types are covered in the game as "Platform Truck" and "Quint"

    They need to add Cardio Vascular Incident (stroke) for the Nuerosurgery. Cardiac Surgery they could make it so a shooting or stabbing sometimes requires it. Urology is a non-emergency care thing, I can't even figure out why that was even programmed in. Although so is a Gynocologist, child birth is obstetrics.

    Creating a unit that is used in real life does not make the game easier. We purchase the trucks our departments use in real life. If someone's department/departments have those trucks they do need them, if their depts do not own them they are not going to buy them.
    As for not knowing what I am talking about, I have researched fire apparatus in this country for 20 years. I know considerably more than a certain person from Portugal.
    And the specialist trucks are not the ones that perform multiple tasks. Most departments in the nation no longer have plain Platforms or Ladders, they have Quints now. There is only one of my future aerials that is not a Quint, same as thousands of other counties. Same with the Rescue Pumper, many, many depts have cut costs or added equipment by replacing two trucks with a Rescue Pumper or replacing a Pumper or Rescue with a Rescue Pumper. Many depts have a Heavy Rescue, Rescue, and Rescue Pumper. Specialist trucks are Mobile Air Units (most depts have a cascade system on another truck), Technical Rescue (collapse and trench rescue), Command Units, HazMat Units. Rescue Pumpers and Quints are not nor have they ever have been special units. Neither are the thousands of Heavy Rescues equipped with a cascade system.

    The people who use the fly cars are the same Paramedics and EMTs that use the ambulances. They don't have extra training though. They carry the same medical equipment as the ambulances, the guy/girl operating it is no better trained than a Paramedic on an ambulance. Therefore should not have better training. EMS courses could be done through the fire academy as EMT courses are conducted by fire training centers and fire departments/EMS agencies.

    Since Pumpers already respond to MVAs, having them become MVAs with Fire wouldn't really do anything. Sounds like a very pointless addition to me, I doubt that they could add a timer to response.

    Yeah, that is one thing that the developer refuses to listen to the players about. I have two Air Units and that is all I ever will have. City of Rochester Protectives Company which is actually an Air/Light/Salvage Truck. And Chili Rescue 4318 which is actually an Air/Light/Rescue. All other cascade systems are in aerials or Heavy Rescues so can't be added.

    Another thing, not a new vehicle but pertaining to a current vehicle. Since it would be way too much to put hydrant
    [UPDATE - 03/03/2018] Removed Diving Team from the original post

    Ok, SUVs are used like any other patrol car, there is no point in adding them as they are used for the same patrol and K-9 duties that Ford Taurus, Dodge Charger, and Chevrolet Caprice patrol/K-9 units are.
    As for the high speed unit, modern Police Interceptor packages have made those vehicles obsolete.
    The Fire and Police Vans would be a worthwhile addition, especially if it was made so people at the scene affected speed of mission completion.

    Ok, why should a fly car require special training? It is just a non-transport vehicle used by an EMS provider.
    Currently I have the following, which serve the following purpose in real life.
    Medic 18: ALS Fly Car, assists surrounding BLS Ambulances by providing advanced care to serious patients.
    Medic 20: ALS Fly Car, assists surrounding BLS Ambulances by providing advanced care to serious patients.
    Medic 28: ALS Fly Car, assists surrounding BLS Ambulances by providing advanced care to serious patients.
    Defib 29: BLS Fly Car, first responder care when the Ambulances are busy.
    Medic 30: Same as Medics 18, 20, and 28
    Medic 31: Same as Medics 18, 20, 28, and 30
    Medic 32: Same as Medics 18, 20, 28, 30, and 31
    Medic 36: Same as Medics 18, 20, 28, 30, 31, and 32
    Defib 37: Same as Defib 29
    Defib 39: Same as Defibs 29 and 37.
    If you want them to add special training for a fly car which is basically the same as an ambulance, then we would need special training for ambulances as well.