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    I see how this could work well. Extra units you no longer need once you get the rank to get the Rescue Pumpers and Quints your stations are supposed to have could be given to someone else so they could spend their credits on other things. There are many other things that should be done first.

    For some reason some people don't understand the difference between "Type 2" and "Type 6".
    While those designations are not used in NY I do understand the difference and here is a "Type 2" in yellow 1996 Freightliner FL70/KME 1250/1000 Pumper seating 3, and a "Type 6" in red, 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty XLT/Reading 250/200 Brush Truck. There is a huge difference between the two, while the difference between a Type 1 and Type 2 is only the crew size, the Type 6 is a Pick-up chassis with a small fire body for fighting brush fires. A Type 2 is a structural fire attack truck, the Type 6 while it can fight a structure fire, is basically useless to do so. It handles grass fires, field fires, trash fires. In the game it would be something to handle the smaller calls leaving the Type 1 and Type 2 structural fire trucks free to respond to larger calls.
    Now the Pumper Tanker. The thought process of it will make it easier needs to stop, I have yet to see anyone who plays the game and doesn't recreate the actual departments that they are in the area of. Thus they are not going to purchase trucks that don't exist in their area. Now some in a city might purchase a couple Pumper Tankers because they don't have Tankers for several miles away but it isn't exactly going to make the game easier. The staffing of 3 is wrong though, Pumper Tankers have seating for everything from 2 to 8, 6 maximum is better and then people could have it seat however many the real version does.
    Police Type 2, not sure what you mean with that one.
    Police Command, just make it so you can buy an MCV at a police station as well since many places the fire dept uses the police command vehicle for larger incidents.

    My county has no boats but they have ATVs, those a member or a chief goes to the hall and tows it with their own vehicle. The county I am doing in the game the boats and ATVs are pulled by Brush Trucks, SUVs, Pick-ups, and Squads. One dept tows their two boats to the dock in the on-season with their Interface Pumper.

    From my research it's the opposite but whatever. Anyway, the point is their misnamed "Utility" should not be the only option we should have to tow a boat or any future apparatus that is on a trailer or a trailer. On another thread I posted a list of the variety of units that tow their department's Boats and UTVs. While many were Squads/Utilities which can be represented by the Rescue called "Utility" in the game, the rest are Brush Trucks and Pick-ups/SUVs. And I picked a county where the depts have a higher budget than most others. Other counties you see less Squads/Utilities used as tow vehicles and more Pick-ups/SUVs being used. And then the more rural, poorer depts use a member's pick-up or SUV to tow any trailer they have.

    I would like to see investigators added. See some more sophisticated police calls, and they often are part of warrants as well. Boats are being added, they figured out how to make it work whether by their own minds or from suggestions made by members.

    NY is
    Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Police have red lights with blue facing rear, and sirens.
    POVs owned by fire chiefs have emergency lights and siren as they are an emergency vehicle.
    POVs owned by firefighters have blue lights, no siren
    POVs owned by members of volunteer ambulance corps have green lights, no siren.
    No other vehicles are allowed these lights.
    But your mountain rescue thing, that is an emergency service. In NYS those are firefighters in the departments that are trained for Search & Rescue and in places separate agencies that are still considered emergency services.

    No, in my nation wide research into fire apparatus I have found that most do not. They carry the equipment on the Rescue or Heavy Rescue and tow the boat with another vehicle.

    Heavy Rescues towing boats isn't too common due to their size. Pumpers often tow the trailer and actual utilities (not the Rescues that this game calls utilities). Pick-up trucks/SUVs tow the boats in most depts.
    Some examples of vehicles used to tow trailers where I am building.
    Grass Fire 1026 2002 Ford F-550 Crew Cab Brush Truck.
    Pumper 124 2005 International 4900 4x4/Pierce 1000/500/20 Interface Pumper.
    Squad 1317 BLS Fly Car.
    Rescue 198 Light Rescue.
    Squad 2027 1998 Chevrolet Squad Truck.
    Squad 2037 1994 Dodge Squad Truck.
    Squad 2327 2003 Ford 4WD Utility/Brush Truck.
    Grass Fire 267 Ford F-350 4x4 Brush Truck.
    Squad 2438 Ford F-350 Squad Truck.
    Squad 2916 2017 Chevrolet Pick-up.
    Squad 317 Pick-up.
    Squad 3427 1994 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4WD Suburban SUV.
    Mini Pumper 356 Ford Wildland Mini Pumper.
    Squad 386 2016 Ford F-550 4WD Crew Cab/Pierce Patrol Squad Truck.
    Grass Fire 4416 2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty/Wildfire 100/200 Brush Truck.
    Squad 4616 1989 Ford F-350/2017 West Herr Ford Pick-up.
    Grass Fire 4626 2017 Ford F-350/CET Brush Truck.
    Grass Fire 587 2004 Ford F-350/FD Custom Brush Truck.
    These are just one county but give a good variety of vehicles to tow the boats and eventual ATV/UTV type vehicles. Squad Trucks can be the "Utility" in the game but Pick-ups and SUVs do not carry any of the equipment that the Utility does in the game. Brush Trucks still have yet to be added but they make up a good share of the trucks used for towing trailers.

    As long as it is optional since most places do not have fire boats. Personally I would say this should be one of the last things that get added because of how few places they would be used.

    In reply to the "Utilities will pull boats" in this game those are not Pick-ups, SUVs, and Vans. In this game the Utilities are Rescues due to the calls they handle.
    1st Photo is a Rescue. 2007 Chevrolet 3500HD/Polybuilt non-walk-in Rescue that carries extrication tools, rope rescue equipment, fire tools, etc.
    2nd Photo is an actual Utility. 1980's Chevrolet/Reading Utility that carries brush fire equipment, generators, portable pumps, etc and tows it's department's UTV.
    3rd Photo is what I am referring to. A Pick-up Truck that in it's case tows the county's HazMat Trailer. But many depts own an SUV or Pick-up to tow their boat, they don't have a special rescue to tow the boat trailer as that would cost too much money for most dept's budgets. These are just 3 examples of the difference, chosen because the images were small enough to upload.

    A lot of good suggestions already made. An aerial is pretty much standard on water rescues, provides a spot to observe from and at times rescue from. Any person in the water would require transport, although for that matter child birth is a 100% transport call and not all of mine end up transporting. A couple Pumpers, 2 Rescues/Heavy Rescues, Aerial, Chief, Water Rescue/Boat, Ambulances depending on patients. A lot of people suggesting boat fires when I don't think they did Fire Boats, I believe it was just trailer/vehicle based Rescue Boats. Command Vehicle would not be needed on any of them, and certainly not Mobile Air which refills SCBA bottles for interior firefighting at extended fires. Eventually it would be nice if it was updated to have a SUV, Pick-up, or Van that could tow a Rescue Boat for those depts that don't use their Rescue to tow the boat.

    The eggs are to earn the egg collecting award, however we get absolutely nothing for awards making them absolutely pointless. There should be more of a reward or else not have the awards at all, the way it stands they mean nothing.

    I agree the prices should remain the same, 100k per fire station and not increase. It got very annoying on a previous account when I had a huge area covered by police and EMS but it took so long to get the 500-700k for the fire stations. I had an entire county covered by EMS and police and only about a 3rd covered by fire and was working with too few special units because it took me weeks to get enough credits together to build a fire station that had those special units. It's aggravating and is going to drive people away from the game and those people will tell others who won't join because games are supposed to be purely fun, not aggravate you.

    I am not sure what to say to this one. Bee sting would be the best out of the counter suggestions as that's a common call, not everywhere has snakes that bite but people are allergic to bees everywhere. However we already have the allergic reaction call so it would just be a different wording, effectively the same call.

    I believe what you are referring to in regards to a building would be FAST not USAR. Firefighter Assist & Search Team (FAST), completely different. The Interface Pumpers I believe are considered Type 3 or Type 4. Not sure but I know the actual Brush Trucks built on Ford F-150 to F-450, Chevrolet 1500 to 4500 and Dodge Ram 1500 to 4500 are Type 6. The problem with considering Type 2 as Brush Trucks in the game is the game doesn't differentiate in response regulations. So you would get a truck that in real life is only say a 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty XLT/Reading 250/200 Brush Truck responding as say a full blown 1996 Freightliner FL-70 2-door/KME 1250/1000 Pumper.

    That is not always true. Fire Marshalls are not part of American firefighting in many places. In fact there is only a small handful of depts around here and in a few more in the country that even operate that way. In most of the country it's a police investigator, or fire investigator supplied by the county, state, police dept whatever, the fire coordinators, and the fire chiefs that do the fire investigations with any arrests done by actual police officers. Fire Investigation is most times a joint effort of the police and fire aspects of emergency services. Also a Type 2 is not a Brush Truck, a brush truck is actually a Type 6 if you live in an area that uses those type designations, most places don't, they just call them by name. A type 2 is I believe a 2-door Pumper which coincides with the staffing of 3 which is the most an enclosed cab 2-door can have. Fly Cars shouldn't be needed for certain calls because they have 2 purposes in real life.
    1. BLS First Response from a FD or EMS agency to a scene to handle the on scene duties until an ambulance arrives.
    2. Providing a paramedic to a non-Paramedic ambulance for calls that involve cardiac, IVs, respiratory distress, etc.
    The 3rd is not as common but some EMS agencies have a supervisor, chief or line officer that responds to calls with ambulances in the district. USAR we really need some options before they could implement that because Urban Search & Rescue is not used in a rural setting, it's completely different. district boundaries and fire hydrants are the main thing we need right now along with the ability to train employees to different levels of EMS care, whether that be all 6 in NY, or the 5 in other states or 4 whatever.