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    Not sure if I've missed the question / answer already but I've had a look and couldn't see it.

    Can the CG Helicopter be used for HEMS incidents? To transport patients that are not CG-related incidents.


    I have only been on Mission Chief for about a week but given how addicted I've become, I thought I'd post a few suggestions / ideas I have that I personally think might improve the experience.

    Please find these below:

    • Allow 'Post In Alliance Chat' to be ticked by default.

      • We recently did our first Storm Event and we managed it entirely via the chat windows per incident and making sure 'Post In Alliance Chat' was ticked. However, this needed us to remember to tick it each time. I think it'd be a cool optional feature (Perhaps a setting in Dispatch Center and on the alliance itself to prevent spam if the alliance owner doesn't want it) to be able to have it post to alliance chat by default all the time.
    • Staging Area Units List

      • I'm not certain if we've missed it but I think it would be beneficial, especially for big events, to allow the owner of the staging area (or actually, the entire alliance) to see what units are at said staging area. At the moment we can see the quantity a player has there but no other details on. This would help with incident management.
    • Don't Resource Job

      • There has been a few jobs in the alliance that people have said they wouldn't want to resource (I.e. a Nosebleed) when they have a lot on. I think it'd be a cool feature to be able to essentially 'Reject' a job and of course incur a loss of credits for refusing it. For realism purposes this could be thought as "111 have advised they go to A+E instead".
    • Allow Fire Officers to be Trained

      • Disclaimer: I'm not a Firefighter in real life so I'm not sure if what I'm about to say is realistic. But at the moment I'm sending officer vehicles to fires with two pumps to complete it, but I think it'd be a good option to allow people to be trained as officers and put onto a pump to reduce having to dispatch individual vehicles to a two pump fire.
      • I am not sure if a Watch Manager responds in a small vehicle each time but I've certainly seen them on Pumps at some point. Having it as an option to train people would mean you can roleplay having certain types of officers such as WM, AM, etc.

    As a brief extra, I think it'd be good if there's a better way to distinguished who has spoken in Alliance chat by maybe color coding all players or something. My alliance only has 5 people but when we had a storm going on, it was hard to determine who the person giving instructions (Gold Commander) was.

    Just a few ideas I've had whilst playing, not sure how complex any of these would be or the viability but I'd be interested to know what others think of these. These are also based on how I play / my experiences so far so I may be well off in terms of expectations.

    If some of these exist then I'd appreciate been pointed to in the right direction as I've not been able to find much to help me with these.

    Hope this helps! :)