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    There are two settings to check. We have attempted to troubleshoot this as a mod team previously and successfully.

    First, are the buildings assigned to a dispatch center? If so, check in the settings of the dispatch center. Open the dispatch center hit edit then check the box that says: "Create your own coverage area. Stations belonging to this dispatch center are considered for missions in the assigned dispatch center area."

    Secondly, it's important to assign all stations to a dispatch center. If you have two dispatch centers with buildings assigned and build a police station and leave it unassigned then each dispatch center will count the additional PD station in the algorithm.

    If you have questions, please let me know as I experience this same problem.

    I know this idea has been brought up in the past, and on search the last discussion appears to have been from 2018 or 2019. So I figured I would revitalize the topic.

    I think that in the game mechanics now, we have the ability to transport a mass amount of medical patients via mass casualty unit. So why not be able to do the same with PD? I think it's a common concept across the world enough to implement such an idea into the game. I'm not saying like a police bus where you can transport dozens of people, but starting off simple - being able to transport 4-6 arrestees to the station of your selection. I think it would make some of the larger PD calls with more prisoners easier to manage. Open for discussion from both sides of the argument.

    Hello Emergency! I am an Alliance Co-Administrator for U.S. Emergency Services. We have member scattered across the US, and especially in New York and LA! Come join us!


    i am a player from Germany, i tried to start a new game, after playing the german version for a long time. Ist there any activ alliance in Boston oder New England?

    If not, i will move my Fire Station.

    Hello Thobias! I am an Alliance Co-Administrator for U.S. Emergency Services. We'd love for you to join our alliance. We have a lot of member set up in the New York City and Boston areas!

    Is there a way to add a location constraint on the 800 KM? I mapped around 700 KM from one of my stations for an alliance event and I was unable to send any units to it.

    I was just thinking of making a thread for new calls. I would be interested to see some new calls like above implemented, as well as different alarm calls. Now that the calls have the ability to upgrade/downgrade, which is awesome, I think that there should be like residential alarm or commercial alarm. Here's my thought for both:

    Residential Alarm - Probability of upgrading should be around 50-65 - Can become Room Fire, Basement Fire, Chimney Fire, Roof Fire, Garage Fire, Fireplace Fire - Required vehicles for ALARM ONLY: 1 Firetruck, 1 Platform Truck, with the probability of a Battalion Chief at 50. Payout for alarm around 800-1100

    Commercial Alarm - Probability of upgrading should be around 70-85 - Can become Commercial Fire, Container Fire, Roof Fire, Gas Leak, Burning Machine, Industrial Fire, Building Collapse, High Rise Fire - Required for ALARM ONLY: 3 Firetrucks, 2 Platforms, 1 Rescue, 1 Battalion Chief - Payout for Alarm around 2500.

    I have set hundreds of different POIs in my location. I just ranked up to Captain so I would be able to check them and validate them. However, when I go to do so, I only have the option of three, of which I did not even set.
    Screenshots of the 3:,,
    Within the last 24 hours.
    Windows 10
    Chrome / Firefox
    What graphic pack you're using (if applicable to the error).
    Using the Krys NY Rescue v.1.0 small edition
    No errors shown, tried clearing browsing history and cache.

    Thanks! I didn't know if it had to do with the milage on the truck because I figured there may be a script in there

    You haven't accidentally changed the distance the units are filtered on have you? List of buttons that go up to 400km on mission screen

    If you reference my screenshot, I cannot edit that feature either. It's almost as the truck is locked out from everything. I don't mind deleting it, but I don't want to have to buy another one.