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    Unless something is bugged, the tiller trailer is useless.
    I'm having to get both the trailer and a Semi cab just to do the same thing as a platform, except with the rest of the update I can make add equipment to make the platform more versatile. The platform, like everything else I can see, can hold 10 equipment (only Heavy Rescue Equipment). The tiller can currently hold 0.

    The tiller should be able to hold some, preferably 20, equipment. The two pieces of equipment it should be able to hold, at a minimum, are Fire Hose (so it can be made into a Quint), and Heavy Rescue Equipment (so it is on par with both a Platform and a Quint). While kind of on this topic, Fire hose should include 250-300 gallons of water. The hose is useless unless you have something on the truck. I don't know of any hydrants that will get you enough pressure to run hose off of for any offensive fire attack.

    Another issue is, while the equipment itself helps, currently Search and Rescue, and Technical Rescue can't be put on the same truck. The issue created is if I wanted 1 truck to be a single-purpose USAR rig I can't. This can be alleviated in two ways I can think of. The first, allow Heavy Rescues to hold 20 equipment.
    The second is "custom" fire apparatus. This would be something where we could select options (each costing both money and "space") so we could have the above USAR rig, an Energy Generator and Light tower on the same rig (possibly with Mobile air to make a Light & Air unit). Certain items could block another, such as I can't have both a light tower and an aerial device. Besides being locked out of options by selecting another, we would also have the "space" limitations to limit us.
    Some of the options available could be, Water tank & hose, Aerial Device, any of the added equipment options, anything else people think of that makes sense.

    I am aware he only wants the maximum increased, the minimum also can be 1 person on almost all units so there would be no reason to change it. I am just saying it is unlikely to have the maximum increased.

    is what was said about a previous comment (by me) about increasing it shortly after it was initially reversed.

    Here is an example of what I talked about with the issues it created.

    They tried increasing the personnel limits in the past.

    Type 1 6>10
    Quint 6>10
    Rescue Engine 6>10
    Heavy Rescue 4>6
    Platform 3>6
    (These are the ones I remember as best as I can, it has been a while).

    This created the issues brought up here.

    Personally, I staff all of my apparatus with the max amount and assign people to it... If all of my platform trucks suddenly had 6, I would either make the max personnel 3 or I would have to hire over 60 people to fill those spots.

    People had their vehicles set up to hold the maximum amount of personnel, this created the issue where, without people changing it, their staffing got increased on all apparatus they did not previously reduce it on.

    Most high patient calls require all three of Police, Fire and EMS.

    If you have all of them I would recommend looking through the "Possible Missions" tab to see what POI's are required to spawn the mission and adding them.

    So as i got Hazmat trained staff in ALS Ambo's, do they need to be in haz Ambo's or leave them in normal one?

    I believe they will still count as trained personnel in a regular ambulance, however if they are in a hazmat ambo then the vehicle will count toward the required number for a mission

    Back towards the beginning of July crew sizes were increased as follows (from what I remember)
    Engines from 6>10
    Rescues 4>6

    Trucks 3>6
    Rescue Engines/Quints 6>10

    I understand that they were removed due to people having issues with how they were implemented (Vehicle crews). If there was a way for them to be re-implemented so that pre-existing apparatus wouldn't be affected by default there shouldn't be as many issues.

    On the specific unit you need to add an "Own Vehicle Category" (At the bottom of the vehicle edit screen) and check the box below that says "Only dispatch vehicle as own class". Then you need to go into your ARR's and create one for the new unit name (at the bottom of the list).

    The EMS academy can train individuals in HazMat (for HazMat Ambulance); Tactical Medic (for tactical ambulance); EMS Mobile Command (Needed for larger missions, don't remember the patient count; ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus (for EMS Fire Engine/Ambulance); and Truck Driver's license (Needed for semi to tow large MCI Trailers which require their own expansion). These same classes are able to be taught at a Fire Academy, but can only be used to teach personnel at fire stations.

    Clinics act the same as hospitals except that they can't get all the same expansions, are limited to only 10 patients max and have 2 pre-built bays for any unit you can get at an ambulance station. The patient transfer mission will automatically have the sent ambulance take the patient to the nearest hospital.

    The EMS Rescue is a fly-car/Heavy Rescue so it can't transport patients on its own. The Tactical/Hazmat ambulances, and EMS Engine/Ambulance are great in that they give more versatility to the unit, however at least with the first two they don't get dispatched as part of an ALS ARR which can make them tricky. They also can leave you short-staffed on scene as they also could for the other half of their unit as well.

    EMS Mobile Command isn't needed anymore. When it first came out it acted in a similar manner as Fire Command vehicles. Now you can just give the same training to EMS Chief personnel to get the same result.

    Yes, regular patrol cars are still good to keep in my opinion since they are 1/3 the cost.

    It can, however it depends on what the scene requires. Some scenes require a certain number of personnel with certain trainings, it doesn't matter what unit they are on as long as they are on scene.

    The Fire Crew Carrier will speed up mission completion since the more personnel on scene speeds it up somewhat.

    EMS Additions to fire stations count as ambulance stations for both mission spawning and MCI/EMS Support numbers (Able to get 1 of each every 20 EMS stations).

    Yes, but speaking from an IRL perspective, say you get to that call and it turns out to be an actual fire or CO/gas problem. A truck or rescue company alone is not capable of fighting fires, CO maybe, but if it's a gas leak even then you'll need a suppression vehicle to be prepared to extinguish a fire should one ignite. If the truck is a quint then sure, but other than that in real life most departments send a single if not double engine response to smoke and CO detector activations.

    While true, the vast majority of the time if something beyond an alarm is going on it will get paged as such. I have been on/heard of more calls coming in as structure fires/gas leaks that were not than I have alarms being a fire/leak.

    The other thing about the hazmat ambulances is that if you use ARR's they don't get selected for ALS, only hazmat units (same for Tactical ambos being for patrol cars but not ALS).

    This would be awesome as to what Faolan said. The bigger or well funded agencies might have individual trucks to pull trailers but from the research I've done, that's usually brush or command units for the small agencies

    Along these lines I would also like to see a Heavy Rescue/Mobile Air unit.