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    I got a Alliance Prison with Two Cell spaces already, the issue i got that it doesn't show up for me to transport Prisoners. My nearest Police station is 40KM away as i had to delete a Station nearby.

    What is the range of a Alliance Prison?


    He told me to stop building Alliance Hospitals a week ago as he quotes " don't make money" and you can probably imagine to reply i gave him.

    The real downside is that its just me and him on my Alliance and i do want him to go but i need another member

    Hey Dutch, he is currently in my Alliance and trying it on with me and failing badly which is good . he has been helpful on somethings but i have been also informed from another player that when the player want to join my Alliance it didn't get accepted though i did not see a application but House does have Access to it and i have been suspicions that House seems to deny the invites

    Hey Everyone.

    I have recently just Started a New Alliance called Oceana Emergency Response about 3 weeks ago.

    I am the Founder and Admin Alliance

    I only do have one other member and I am crying out for more.

    My Alliance is US and UK based with so far only covering New York an Denver in the US and majority of the Major Cities in the UK as well as one station in France lol.

    Two Prisons and a Hospitals has already been built in under two weeks which is good.

    My Alliance is welcome to all and I would like you all to fell a warm welcome.

    Please feel free to have a peak.

    Kind Regards