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    That would still come under small. I wasn't going to split it any more than small/medium/large as it would just be too complicated for what it's worth. And besides, some of the Code B aircraft are more capable than one Code A.

    Ooooh if only it were so simple. Unfortunately that works for some but not all. For example, Heathrow has no mention of their resourcing. A tweet a while ago that their AFRS put out has callsigns on. As for other airports, research, time and photos are going to be the best tools.

    I actually found something on the Heathrow appliances but it was from 2015 if that helps at all…ndon-Heathrow-Airport.pdf

    Ive already asked but never saw a response, but would it be possible for the home response locations to be listed in the lifeboat college so the units can get the required training?

    Not sure if this is a bug or deliberate but the home response locations don't so up on the lifeboat college even though the coastguard commander is available and needs training

    Not to critique anyone but wouldn’t it make more sense for the ambulance control unit to require hart training and then not to need it for the welfare unit and in missions having the two swap so instead of a mission requiring 2x prv, 2x srv and 1x welfare unit it would need 2x prv, 2x srv and 1x ambulance control unit