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    Afternoon Mr Hopkins. You might remember me from years ago **cough cough** xbox.

    While I'm not active much on this forum. However, I will strictly disagree with you. Surprisingly, as far as assets and development. version is highly better for UK play-style rather then US. But you do you. BASU is something that is highly used and each service may call it different things. Ultimately, the game won't tailor every service.

    For example, my area doesn't have a CARP. Does that mean it SHOULDN'T be in the game... hell no. Same principle with naming stuff.

    Unfortunately, Right from the start of the game. The call's are generated based on station quantity. Granted some stations are more busy then other's. However, even tho it's a good suggestion, I just don't think it could be replicated due to the current game systems.

    I feel this is quite important tbh. From personal experience, the only time I have ever used POI's was back on the old version year's ago when the "check POI" was a thing. Apart from that, I have never used POI's really apart from airport's etc. They are simply too time consuming.

    Granted it will take time to re-design or implement things surrounding POI placements. However, I feel quite a lot of people will benefit from this. But considering I don't use POI's, I don't really get calls spawning randomly IE High rise in middle of a housing estate etc. But not saying it can't happen ofc since i don't use POI's.

    But oh well, Just something to add to a wish-list.

    Is there anyway to keep incident response units separate from the ARV AND DSUS? As i see Arvs and dsu responding to calls despite me keeping them as specialized units.

    Either manually dispatch IRV's or play around with custom vehicle names and ARR's. I personally do send ARV's and DSU to non specialist jobs as they do IRL as at the end of the day they are fully able to do so. Just they cannot do PT in MC. I tend to manually send police units to police incidents as I have a set way of resource allocation. But each person has their own play style of the game, so yeah... Overall just either tinker with ARR's and Custom vehicle names or manually dispatch IRV's.

    Hello all hope everyone doing good.

    Out of curiosity, Has anyone got a ford transit van, similar to this:

    Also great work on that Astra :) Finally have a really nice Astra, Any plans to do the 2017-18 ones?

    Hello all, Just a little suggestion i thought of, Don't know if its been suggested before. But where you have the station Tab List, You can hide vehicles, so it only shows station names. If you have a lot of stations and decide to not view a couple of stations or more, it can be a little bit of a pain to go through and show them.

    Just thought, Since recently we have been having a couple of little minor tweaks to the operational function of MC to make our gameplay a little bit easier on management side, I thought of a "Hide all vehicles" "Show all vehicles" button.

    Just a simple idea...

    Have a great day all :)

    Yeah but it’s a relatable topic Leonida... This is what happens on this forums. Heli’s & planes have been discussed before somewhere on here. There will come a point where there won’t be much 3 service (Police, Fire, Ambo) emergency vehicles to add. That’s where TEC and Other agencies IE S&R, Tow trucks will come in.

    I’ve been having similar experiences, however I do know my RRV’s (Flycars) have been so much help for the 99% aspect as it’s literally saves so much time having a Ambo on scene for a length of time. But saying that, As far as my medical calls, they tend to be cardiac, Hemorages, Fire related medical... I don’t really get nosebleeds, Fevers etc. Ovs I do just not on the scale as others.

    ^ completely agree with rescuenut93, You Don’t want the game to be easy, or else what’s the point of playing the game.

    At the end of the day, it’s not like the building expansions are going up. To buy a bay in a fire station is the same (once I get passed the 10-50k upgrade) it’s always gona be 100k, so it’s not like it goes up... as a person who plays the game as realistic as possible, I find a sense of achievement after spending or upgrading my setup via credits and that’s what pushes me to play more (me personally, the coins I purchased was only for the buildings, not expansion) This game shouldn’t be about flexing how much you earn, I would rather see quality setups, Quite large setups IE I cover 3 counties in the UK, but TACRfan covered practically half of the UK lol.

    But as Rescuenut said, Balance is a thing but, I don’t think there should be a balance on Station price, But maybe if more content was to be added to push people to want to earn and spend credits rather then crying about some Station price (Which has been in the game the whole time practically, well since I started playing it 2-3 years ago anyway)

    To say that I earn a million in 3-4 days is wrong... I don’t grind the game... I do a hell of a lot more admin side for the alliance I’m in then actually playing the game. Everyone has different playing styles, so don’t start commenting on that!

    I think let’s just stick to the topic... Yes I buy coins... Did I need to no, but not only does it benefit me but it also benefits the dev. So it’s like a investment, you get a good setup out of it, and the dev gets some money out of it simple.

    I think tbh as usual when it comes to threads like this, it gets out of hand too easily by people picking at the most minor things. Who cares if you earn half a million in one day, who cares if I earn a million in 3-4 days. We all play the same game just on different levels.

    Opinions is one thing, then being OTT about how I’m doing something wrong if I’m only earning 1 million every 3-4 days. Technically I can earn a million in one day, I choose not to. As I don’t save money as I look at my setups as a project, and when covering 3 parts of the UK (Glos, Avon, Wiltshire and soon to have Somerset) it becomes a project managing those areas.

    Please be considerate to other users, cuz at the end of the day. I don’t care about your setup tbh as it doesn’t directly effect me, but what I do care about is you telling me I’m playing the game wrong if I’m not earning enough or enough as you.

    People just need to be patient with things. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your setup won’t either... (Unless you buy coins)

    Let’s just enjoy the game and get on with our own setups, crying about Station price ain’t gona make it anymore of a priority to look at.

    I wish this topic would just simple lock cuz this is gona drag on forever. I would much more see new vehicles, new calls etc then worry about Station price.

    Moral of the story, It only seems to be the same people causing a fuss over it. Most people have hardly any issue with playing the game and spending 1 million+ On stations. I don’t see the fuss and also it just means you got to play more so you can enjoy the game even more!

    You got to remember, Sebastian takes income via Coin, If station price drops people won’t buy coins resulting in the game not being developed and getting stuff added.

    I think with the station prices, it’s a motivation to get them. Why else would you play the game...

    I have to agree with what the mods have said along With RescueNut93 and Me181, Says in my opinion. They have given a fair comment on the situation, Just don’t make it worse. No point arguing over something that has been brought up in the past.

    (Oh and not to mention - When you do get a large account, Ie I got around 64 fire stations, it’s easy to earn a million in 3-4 days) guess people are not patient enough.

    Even tho the suggested idea is a opinion based suggestion, This thread has taken a little off-topic compared to the suggestion.

    My views are:

    Having a vehicle that does (theoretically speaking) 3 to 4 things at once, will literally make the game too easy, MC is about challenge tbh. As much as different dept have different uses for vehicles, You have to spread the effectiveness across all player bases. Me personally I’m against the squad idea as suggested in this thread.

    Fly cars...... Flycars do actually serve a very good purpose if used correctly, Yes ok there is a few aspects to them that make them useless but if used correctly can be great, My example is, I currently have limited ambulances within my setup in South West UK, As a result sometimes ambulances can take up to 20 minutes to get to a job, Flycars (or RRV’s in the UK) may be able to get on scene within 5-10 minutes, And start treating. I once had a ambulance delay of 25 minutes on my setup and I used flycars and it made it more controllable cuz the ambo would get on scene and pretty much transport only. Which meant that I could send my flycars from medical jobs to medical job, which a ambo would be ages away. My point is, they are NOT! Useless if used correctly.

    We are still recruiting and expanding like rapid fire.

    We do still have our US side, along with a brand new adventure in Australia.

    Everyone is welcome

    Age 13+



    South Yorkshire
    Cornwall and isles of Scilly

    These areas are currently free in our alliance within the United Kingdom, However due to us ever expanding. We cannot guarantee these will be free in the future (for obvious reasons)

    Alliance Server Admin (999FR)
    Director Of Finance
    (Gloucestershire & Avon)

    Is this happening at this time only, or has it been on-going for a while?

    Because there seems to be a server issue currently where calls are not generating nor can I finish calls.

    So I would just patiently wait until a mod says something or the server gets fixed.

    These are mine, mainly tailored to British style compared to US etc. Still developing them as I go.

    On desktop they look better, they were originally designed for desktop then my computer broke.

    With police the “POI” for my AAR, stands for Public Order Incidents. Not based on POI’s in game.


    I do like the investigation style mission idea, Maybe have it on a timed based mission like the concert, where you send units and they are on scene for a set amount of time.

    Search and rescue is another good idea which has popped up many times, look like it may be a good interesting concept to bring to Missionchief.