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    I like it just a few things:
    -Change 'Hose Tender' to 'Water Tanker' as that is what is officially in the game
    -Add images if you can (I know it may be difficult so that's why I'm saying if you can)
    -Training Center should be separated into 'Fire Academy' and 'Police Academy'
    I really like that you are doing this do help the community as I think it will help new members. Keep up the great work! If there is any way I can be of assistance please let me know.

    Calls don't usually spawn to far from stations, usually about 1-5 minutes for myself. I suggest that POI's might be your best bet, but currently there is no way to change how far calls spawn from a station.

    Ok so this is not cool! Someone decided to go on a little crybaby rant and delete all the content on the Wikia and post there own little hate message .

    I was able to get everything back I believe. Just makes me mad I have no way to lock the pages to keep it from happening again.

    Just in case, copy and paste it every so often to your desktop in case that happens again. I probably will do the same.

    Does anyone use their Utility Truck in this game? If so what call requests the utility??

    I do since I'm doing a fully realistic setup and in my county it's split full time and volunteer. At volunteer stations there are at least 2 utilities per station.

    You see that is the problem. In the States there is not a single city department that I can name (correct me if I'm wrong) that uses brush trucks. It's only for county units.

    P.S. I'm not necessarily against the idea, I'm just trying to play devil's advocate here.

    I don't see the need for an actual brush truck when you can just use the type 2 which really acts as one. It has a personal max as 3 which does imply it is not a standard engine. It is also better than being considered utility trucks. You also have to remember that a brush truck doesn't exist in some places outside of the United States which for players doing realistic setups wouldn't work. Even people in the United States that only stay in cities where there are no brush trucks (as far as I know of).

    There wouldn't be any translation for leitstellenspiel ?

    The point of the different versions and why there are no translations between different games is because German firefighting is completely different from American or English firefighting. It is easier for the developer to create a who new game with units oriented to that area for where it is marketed.

    The whole reason it is type 1 and type 2 is so you can use the type 2 as a sort of smaller fire truck. For example, in the United States it would most commonly be used as a brush truck. However, in the United Kingdom or other places that don't have 'brush' trucks can use the type 2 as a Land Rover 4x4 or some sort. This is what is very beneficial for graphics pack. Using a United States graphics pack could make the type 2 look like a brush truck and a United Kingdom based graphics pack can personalize it to be more of a Land Rover 4x4.

    Like @letsgohope12 had stated I think the fly-cars are your ems supervisors. I don't see a point in having both. Maybe the calls could be changed to require them and/or the unit be changed to dub the title of supervisor and/or fly car. And then with the brush truck I just don't see the point. You have your engines. And to me the type 2 IS a brush truck- what else is the point of it? And I would really like to know actually lol it would be interesting what do y'all use them for? I just think you can use this as the brush truck that's what I've always assumed it for.

    I personally do pretty much what you explained. I have fly-cars as EMS supervisors and EMS Utility Trucks and I use the type 2 as a brush truck. I don't really see a point in adding a brush truck.