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    Also, a side note if anyone can answer. Say I buy 10 stations with coins then I want to continue to buy stations with credits. Will my credit cost stay the same before I bought additional stations with coins or will it increase?

    This isn't meant to be about why the station cost increases after 25 or to change that.
    I'm wondering if I delete station will the cost go down? I currently have about 6 or 7 stations in the city which only house 1 engine. I am currently expanding into the county where there are at least 3+ bays of vehicles at each station. I am thinking of deleting the stations in the city to make expanding into the county easier.

    I was wondering if there was a way to diversify the pool of dispatch calls through player added events? A system where a player can input information into a formula which would in turn go to an admin/moderator who would oversee if appropriate and then add it to the game. I assume it would reduce a lot of stress on the developers and have the potential to have geographically specific events and what not.

    Do you mean like how the POIs are setup, or a process requiring more information? Like differentiating between Canada and the southeast United States.

    This section is meant for Admins and Co Admins to advertise alliances. If you are looking for an alliance I recommend looking through the list and see which one you feel suits your needs. You can also look at the alliance list in-game.

    I like this idea. I remember before I got my second command vehicle I would have almost 10 high priority calls and I would never be able to do them. I do think they should occur less often the the upgraded calls though.

    I like the train crash idea. Using the POI's for train station, rail road crossings, and tram stops. By runway do you mean runway as in an airport?

    The problem with an alliance station list tab is, for larger alliances there would be too many. Sometimes numbers ranging in the thousands. What purpose would it serve aswell?

    I do understand the way the vehicle response radius is due to firetrucks in real life having a limited amount of gas and certain miles per gallon. I would like to be able to take a cross county road trip, not all the time but every once in a while to either California or Texas. These are both outside the 400 KM (~250 miles) vehicle response radius, roughly 1,500 miles to Texas and 3,000 to California. I mainly want this added for the fact it will allow for US based alliances and even some European ones to be able to have more people attend storms further away from the epicenter. This might be able to come with the utility update in the future.

    A few suggestion are (In order of most realistic to happen):
    1. Gas Station - Must be put at around 300-350 KM from the Dispatch center and additional one can be added within the radius. Cost ~ 250K. Gas must also be paid for each trip. Example average diesel price ($2.4 per gallon) x average firetruck fuel level amount (500 gallons) = $1200. Make it somewhere around 5,000 credits.
    2. Fuel Tanker Unit - Can follow the convoy to their location and be able to refuel them if they pulled to the side of the road or something. (This will be the most difficult one to code).
    3. A vehicle add on in which the player purchases a "Enhance Fuel Tank" that increases their response radius. (Not realistic).

    Go to the station where you want to delete your vehicle > Click on the vehicle you want to delete > There should be a red trash can icon in the upper right screen.

    Also the vehicle has to be state 2 (at the station) for you to delete it.

    Or maybe offer like a vehicle as a bonus with coin packages the higher packages get different items maybe even buildings there loads of possibilities

    They do have the quint which is available for 25 coins. With purchasing coins for example: 300 coins for $19.99, this means they can buy 10 stations with it if they choose to do so. Are you suggesting that they will receive a bonus 1 or 2 stations?

    There should be an option where we can sort calls in the level of priority that they take place. Currently it is setup by when they are called in. This should be a settings option requiring the user to go to their dispatch center and select/deselect it. The way it currently is now should remain defaulted, but should be implemented for players with limited vehicles and wanting to take care of high priority calls first.

    Here in the USA, along the coasts and in the Great Lakes we have Emergency Services related aquatic units. I was thinking that there should be some type of aquatic units to the game to add a larger variety of calls while also improving the game play experience.

    Fire Boats - Respond to fire related calls in large bodies of water or assist to calls located within 500 yards of the coast.
    Fire Rescue Boats - To act as some type of aquatic ambulance in large bodies of water or assist to calls located within 500 yards of the coast.
    Police Boats - Respond to police related calls in large bodies of water or assist to calls located within 500 yards of the coast.
    Ferry - Allows a certain number of land vehicles to be transported over large bodies at a faster rate of time. For example if you are located in a place with a lot of islands it will allow mutual aid to travel faster.

    Fire Boat Station - Cost: 150K
    Fire Rescue Boat Station - Cost: 250K
    Police Boat Station - Cost: 150K
    Dock - Cost: 300K