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    What I have done was anyone who joins my alliance and they do not have their own academy I make them Alliance Educator so in that case it allows them to run their own classes

    On some of what has been said here would love the Safety Officer has I have started to add them in to my setup (I currently use a Battalion for it) and even a small Volunteer department like mine (small compared to other’s with multiple stations but here at home we are a decent size) we still have one. Also the rehab/ cantien unit is not bad either as they are realistic. (mostly found in large career or Major Cities departments) Lastly I would like to see a Deluge unit (Like the one LACoFD, and Chicago have and the FDNY Satellite unit is the same unit type as them, (TMK (To My Knowledge) and this could be used as a stepping stone for expansion from the foam expansion in more for major fires.

    I just use a water tender as my Deluge

    I use to have a DC for each channel for LACounty fire like Blue1, Blue5 Blue8 and so on and 4 LASD DC's for the 4 divisions and a DC for my Hospital net. Hospital and Private Ambo Co. I discovered once I got all my stations under 1 DC I generate much larger runs and higher payouts plus it was much easier to maintain all the stations with out bouncing from DC to DC

    ahhh yes I understand that part, my run was actual in a suburbs of Cerritos no airport around. pathing of the run generated was off. sometimes i get fire runs in the ocean lol


    the DEVs had said before they do not want any units connected with death in the game

    as a former FF/EMT for LACounty all my stations are LAC (LACoFD) based. I have all stations including the 10 fire camps, roughly 35 hospitals, all 22 LASD stations, all built in actual locations and correct rigs, about 29 private Ambulance stations (BLS) for actual squad follow-ups. to date

    (Current Rank: Police captain

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    99,156,229 earned Credits)

    and I also had spend roughly $500 in apple gift cards I had received from family over the holidays to buy coins which I only used to buy stations after they had gotten too spendy

    any word if the US servers will get standalone forestry stations (Wildland)? some larger departments have fire camps or forestry stations and it's getting pretty difficult to send units for hazmat, structure fires and trench rescue runs up in the mountains away from all the urban stations

    it varies from agency to agency with letters and number combo's or just numbers, when I was with L.A. County the first number indicates your station identifier and the letter is what type of unit last number is your unit number, for instance 16K52, 16 is Carson station, K is 1 man car and 52 is the unit #52 from that station. And up north another county department in WA state uses 3 digit numbers.