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    My only concern with Helipads is that it would likely also need HEMS missions as well, and whilst Im not entirely opposed to this, I do quite like not having to worry about my HEMS capacity. At the moment they are an entirely optional unit, helpful and great for RP, but could be completely ignored if you wanted too. I have enough issues with not having enough NPAS units at times at the moment. If/when we get the ambulance update, and HEMS because more valuable, then it might be a nice addition, but im fairly certain all hospitals with MTC have a helipad out of necessity and so I'd just consider it bundled with that. Though I wouldnt be opposed to them not being able to transport to a clinic

    Quick question, with the Crew Carriers, specifically those from HART/Ambulance Stations, do they treat multiple patients at time, or do they just class as a single unit? and if not, what is their functionality in game at the moment?

    A pediatric speacialist hospital could be a cool addition, if we had the addition of missions that needed it, but the rest of the speacialisations is already in game, but I think what we more need is a UK overhall of hospital departments as what we've got is just a copy of the departments found in the US version, wouldnt be major changes, but enough, like having a "major trauma department"

    this is exactly what ive just posted up myself! Also i think having say 40 beds for the hospital is pretty lousy considering some hospital have in excess of 1000 beds at their sites so maybe they should increase the hospitals bed sizes to what ever the player wants say like have a limit of 2000- just a thought

    My interpretation of current hospitals we have in game is not the entire hospital but rather just the A&E/Trauma centre for the hospital, which is why we have only 40 beds and a patient "clears" every hour, I think of them moving to an actual ward. That being said, I am struggling a lot at the moment with hospital capacity and have been building a lot more to manage the demand. I think an overhaul is in the works at some point, with mentions of some improvements with wise to ambulances and stuff as well, but I think its a long way down the line.

    Thank you, It might just be my set up, I've got 15 life boat stations and 3 heli hangars but only 8 Coastguard stations, so prehaps I dont have my set up balanced right. I do think I need expand my coastguard stations more, prehaps that will help it calm down by getting more of the other types of SAR missions instead

    I've recently expanded to the point where I can get the the "Evactuation from Cruise liner MAJOR" missions and their spawn rate seems to be a bit insane. I don't know if its just my set up or just bad RNG but i've currently got 7 instances of the mission and had to hard expand a third air base to bring myself up to 6 Helis just to try and handle it. Just seems this Major missions has an unusally high spawn rate compared to most major missions, and feels to be about 1/4 RNLI Missions.

    Anyone else noticing this? Or is it just bad luck?

    With the addition of rope rescue teams. Could it be a good idea to give old missions like the "stuck climber" mission a new variant requiring a rope rescue team to be deployed?

    Also, and I can’t remember if it’s in the UK game yet but there is gas alarm missions in the US game using the same system to simulate things like ammonia and chlorine leaks

    We have Chlorine leak mission, but not gas alarm yet, at least not that i've ever seen

    A small question i've been wondering. We have different modifiers on certain missions, like "Fast roads" usually needing traffic, "Person reported" usually meaning there will be a patient. Etc. etc. But what does "Fire Alarm Systems" mean within the context of the game. Is it just RP or does it actually change the mission in someway?

    As it currently stands, ARRs are sorted Alphabetically in each column, but sometimes this isn't ideal. It would be great to have some kind of override for the alphabetical sorting so that you can apply a custom order. The best way from a user perspective could be to add a "sorting override option" which allowed you to just enter a value and the alphabetical order would use the override value, i.e "H" to apply the ordering in the column

    Additionally, it would be good if you could add spacers between ARR items vertically, so you could have ARRs sorted into groups vertically as well. That would increase the effeciency of the ARR system, without needing a large number of ARR categories

    Getting some issues with the Medivac from vessel missions. I'l dispatch an ALB to it, the mission won't trigger requring a CG heli but the ALB wont transport the patient, despite treating it too 100% and canceling and then resending the ALB to force a mission update and instead I need to dispatch a CG Heli to transport the patient

    So, I have gone in and separated my law enforcement from everything, including the Fire Marshal's Office. When I make up my run cards, I click the law enforcement but don't click the Warden's or the Fire Marshal's yet when I click to send law enforcement, it will automatically send a warden or fire marshal, even though their station isn't checked off. Is there something that I am doing wrong or is it just going to send the closest law enforcement unit, whether I want that one or not? Thanks again for all your help, this is a great game!!

    I think this is probably wrong thread and possibly even the wrong forums as you are on the UK version of the Forums. That being said, my best guess is that what ever unit you are dispatching can be fulfilled by any of those units and so will just dispatch the closest. On the UK version, and I assume the US version too, there is an option under the the Vehicle edit to create your "Own Vehicle Category" and below that is a tick box to only dispatch that unit as that custom category. I'd set up all the units you are having issues with with custom categories and that option selected and then create ARRs using the custom categories. Hopefully then it will only dispatch what you want when you want it. I have this with a few unit types on the UK version

    At the current moment in time, Only large buildings can be combined with other large buildings, and small buildings can only be combined with small buildings. It would be good if you could add a small buildings to at least a large building complex. That way I could have 2 large police stations and either 2 small ambulance stations or 1 small ambo and 1 small fire station combined together in a complex

    There is a way around this, build a police station and buy the cells and then attach that building to the existing police station with a building complex, pretty pricey but it works.

    Yeah, I've started doing that, but that still means maybe 4 maxed out police stations + complexi-fying them to get the max. Im in a solo alliance, so i've also put down Prisons in the right locations for now as well

    I'm assuming the UK version also has the paramedic supervisor? I just use that on most ambulance calls now and let it auto transport.

    Yep, got ambulance officers that can do that

    Using LSSM allows you to quickly go through transport requests and send them as required, it eliminates a lot of additional clicks like "Go to next transport request", so you can go through them quickly.

    Another option is to use EMS Chiefs with auto-transport capability who will auto-transport paramedic vehicles as required.

    Thank you, LSSM is awesome, I was wondering if something like this exists and it has other features that I've always wanted to MC. And yep, that deals with my issue nicely

    Disregard that, just hadn't realized you needed to send ambulances to the handoffs which should've been obvious, isn't entirely clear though because it displays as the mission is being dealt with and doesn't say that it does require an ambulance... still a stupid mistake on my end

    I think that they have said that change is coming. Though sometimes it can bug and the patient isnt transfered from the ILB to the Ambulance, but you can then just cancel the ILB and patients will get transfered. Definetly some polishing needed for that bit of the update