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    Yes, Fully understand the extension part completely, But it seems this is a bug, in my screenshots provided you can see that my station has CAFS extension but I am unable to buy any CAFS units, even though it's showing 4 out of 6 vehicles.

    The CAFS extension is purchased / available on the station (hence attached picture of the CAFS part). I've also checked other stations with and without specific extensions and can't buy normal trucks (Pumper or Tanker for example) either.

    Has any one had any problems with not been able to purchase extra vehicles because all the buttons to purchase are grayed out, like there is no space in the station but you do have space.
    I'll attach a couple photo's to show as well. And for full reference I am trying to buy Foam and CAFS Extension Vehicles specifically but I have extended the station as well and still have the same result with normal fire trucks as well. I am wondering if there's a max amount of vehicles you can have total and I just haven't come across that information yet. Also no shortage of money either.