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    Afternoon all,

    My SAR Helicopters won't transport to alliance built hospitals - if i select to transport to them, it instead loads another window within the game and returns to the MC map/missions screen. Rather frustrating so instead I'm not able to make use of the 1000s we have built. Could this be looked into please?

    I can't find any other posts mentioning this.



    I'd like to see Critical Care as an option to train staff at the Fire Stations. Especially given that a lot of them in Wales are dual service. We had Fire - HART Training, so why cant we facilitate having Critical Care staff training under the Fire umbrella too? Equally, in the US I cant run useful Ambulances without turning off Critical Care as most of them run from the Fire Departments. (And before someone tells me this is the UK game, I know but some have expanded over there).

    I am having RRV, GP, Community First Responders, MCU, Ambulance Officers, and Welfare, all stood down.

    Not an issue as I have everything set up to not need the feature switched on now.

    Its also doing it with the ACU for missions that require ICCU or ACU.

    Great ideas boss, I especially like the selling of vehicles as I have about 400 Rescue Pumps I'm having to delete, move across the pond or clogging up stations of mine that could be sold to make some money back.

    Would be great seeing as we are now putting out in excess of 100 courses at the moment with the latest update.

    Hi all,

    Can anyone create these along with Cornwall Air Ambulance & Welsh Air Ambulance please?